Give Me Love

Narry fanfiction.


1. In 2012

as i opened my eyes i gazed around the light bedroom, the sun streaming through the open windows as i turned over and saw the empty side of the bed lying next to me.
"hello?" i called out, turning over and burying my head in the pillow as i tugged the duvet cover over my body.
"morning gorgeous" a deep voice called out to me as i turned my head back over and smiled up at him as he bent down and kissed my lips softly.
"mmm morning to you too" i grinned at him as he pulled on some clothes and did his hair messily in the mirror. "any plans for today?" i asked him as i sat up in bed, pulling my hair up into a messy bun.
"i have some meeting today with management, its meant to last for hours so i'll be gone a while" he explained to me as i rolled my eyes at him, climbing out of bed in only my underwear and pulling over one of his hoodies.
"i thought you were done with all that crap?" i asked him, walking over and wrapping my arms round his waist as i gazed up into his eyes.
"it wont be for long, i promise" as he kissed my lips and scooted out of the bedroom, thundering down the stairs and out the door whilst screaming "bye!" to everyone in the house. i laughed and walked out of the bedroom, seeing daisy climbing up into the attic, searching for something.
"what on earth are you doing?" i asked, laughing at her as he turned on the light and pulled down a load of boxes.
"im sorting out the attic" she mumbled, throwing a large box full of pictures and old junk onto the floor.
"hey, be careful that-" i muttered as i bent down slowly, looking at the items in the box as i sat down and pulled out a picture, looking at it as i remembered that day clearly.
"mum, what are you looking at?" daisy asked me as she walked down the ladder and kneeled down next to me, peering over my shoulder at the picture in my hands.
"is that you?" she asked, pointing to the girl in the picture, with her head down as she pushed through a crowd of people.
"yep, that was me twenty years ago" i stuttered out, holding the picture in my hand as memories came flooding back to me. "i dont think you understand how difficult of a year that was for your fathers band" i told her, staring down at the boy in the picture next to me, his head down as he gripped tightly onto my hand.
"what happened?" daisy asked me as she sat more comfortably in front of me.

twenty years earlier (2012) -

we walked outside of the hotel, hand in hand as swarms of thousands of paps flew over to us, shoving cameras in our faces as security guided us towards the car.
"you ok?" niall asked me as he squeezed my hand tightly. i nodded, my heart racing as flashes of cameras flew at my eyes, fans and people from the media screaming or names as we walked towards the car. my hand was slipping out of nialls as people crowded round as, the street was flooded with people wanting to get a glimpse of the new couple that the world had been waiting for since 2010. we got pushed into the car a few yards away from us as i fell into nialls arms.
"that was scary" i sighed, resting my head on his shoulder as he kissed the top of my head softly with his lips, his hand rubbing my thigh softly.
"i know it was babe. once the media and fans get used to us it will chill down." niall smiled at me as banging started against the windows of the car, cameras and fans yelling our names as niall ordered the driver to start the car and drive away. the engine rumbled as it drove forward, people running in front of it as crazed fans tried to jump on top of the car.
"holy shit!" i screamed, jumping at the noise of a screaming girl on the car.
"drive faster!" niall ordered as the drive pushed hard on the pedal, scooting down the road as the fans and media dispersed.
"maybe it was a bad idea, y'know, going public" i stuttered to niall as i turned around, looking out the back window at the occasional fan running towards the car, trying to keep up.
"babe, we kept it a secret for nearly four months, im glad we came out to the world. i hated sneaking around" he told me, directing the driver where to go and which hotel to turn up at.
"maybe you should tweet to the fans, telling them to be careful" i told him, nodding towards his phone as he brought it out of his pocket. niall nodded and logged onto twitter, skimming through his thousands of mentions, mostly people asking him to follow them and the others about me and him. he sent a quick tweet out and immediately logged out before his mentions exploded.
"fifteen million followers. thats crazy." i laughed, catching a glimpse of his profile as he nodded and grinned.
"just a bit" he smiled at me.
"so whos gonna be at the hotel already?" i asked him, peering out the window at the city as the car slowed down in the traffic.
"just harry and liam for now. the others are arriving in the evening" niall smiled at me as i nodded, a little frustration arising in me.
"h-harry will be there?" i asked him, raising an eyebrow at him as he nodded slowly.
"my band mate and best friend? yes he will be there. why do you not like him or something?" niall asked as he shuffled away from me a bit, leaning against the door to the car.
"its not like i dont like him, we just dont see eye-to-eye. i think hes a bit...big headed" i shrugged, telling niall the nice version of what i thought of harry. truth was, i didnt like him at all. he was a complete twat in my eyes, always messing around with some girl and constantly getting mean less tattoo and buying ridiculously expensive items, just because he could. but i knew deep down he was a lovely guy, just fame took over him a bit.
"you should know him well enough by now to know hes not like that" niall smiled at me as the car started moving again. we reached the hotel, seeing a few fans outside but not as many as the other location. the doors opened the car as screams erupted, girls started to swarm us, asking for pictures and autographs. i took a few pictures and received twitter names from girls as i stuffed them in my pocket.
"y/n, take care of niall, please" one girl said to me who looked the same age as me. i smiled at her and nodded as he walked over to the girl, hugging her as he kissed her sweetly on the cheeks, causing her to screamed loudly.
"she will, dont worry" niall grinned as he led me into the hotel, waving to the girls with security blocking them off from going in. we walked in the lobby as my eyes widened, looking around the lobby at the chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. it looked like en expensive place. and then i saw him in the corner, standing at the bar with liam as he held a bottle of coke in his hand. niall walked towards them, holding my hand as liam hugged me tight; harrys eyes staying glued to me as he smirked softly to himself, taking a sip of out of his bottle, wrapping his lips round it as it popped slightly when it came out of his mouth. i ignored him and turned my attention back to niall and liam, joining in their conversation of the crazed fans before. but whilst i was talking to them, one boy stayed silent throughout the conversation with very little input and kept his eyes staring at me subtly

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