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Gabe is a YouTube boy. He has many fans and is known by many stars but is not signed to a record label. However, his famous cousin Justin Bieber is. Gabe was surfing YouTube one day when he stumbled across a band called 'Cimorelli'. The band consisted of 6 sisters from Malibu, California. The girls names are Christina, Katherine, Lisa, Amy, Lauren, and Dani. He instantly was attracted to one of those stunning girls. So he comes up with a plan to... Why don't you read to find out?


6. Chapter 6

Gabe's POV

   The taxi dropped us off at a car dealership. We asked the taxi driver to drop us off here so we could rent a car. Weird huh? A 16 year old driving? Well he almost has his license so he can drive. We rented a black Esclade and drove away. We arrived at Cimorelli's house an hour later. Justin got out of the car and knocked on the door. Lisa opened it.

Lisa:"OMG! your Justin Bieber!" the rest of the girls came running up to the door. I saw Lauren standing next to Dani.

Justin:"Haha I know. So a little birdy told me that you girls wanted to meet me and that you girls are huge Beliebers." he said smiling to them.

Dani:"Yea we are HUGE beliebers. Who was the person who told you?"
Justin:"My cousin Gabe Bieber over there. He's kinda shy so he stays in one place most of the time. But he was the one who told me about you girls."

Amy:"How did he find us?"

Justin:"Thats something you girls have to ask him." He leaned in and whispered, "Btw he has a crush on one of yous. A hint is that he is 14."

   Everyone stared a Lauren.


Dani:"It's obvious that it's you."


Justin:"Yea he likes you. Oh and all of you girls are very pretty."

   All of the Cimorelli girls went speechless.

   I started to get bored in the car so i got out. I stood in front of the car door.

Me:"Umm.. i'm going for a walk. Anyone want to come?" I said shyly.

   Everyone stared at me.

Lauren:"I'll go."

   Lauren walked through everyone and joined me. We started to walk away. When we turned the corner she asked, "Where are we going?"

   I smiled and said, "Hey i might of just came here but i know a lot of California. I'm walking to the park. If you want to follow me..."


   We turned a few corners to get to the park. When we finally arrived the sun was setting. We stopped walking in front of a lake.

Lauren:"It's beautiful isn't it."


  Lauren stared out at the water. I looked at her. Wow. She's more beautiful in person.


Lauren:"Yes Gabe?"

Me:"Can you tell me about yourself?"

Lauren:"Sure. I like to hang out with friends and family. I like to skate board.. but i can't so any fancy tricks. I like to play sports and of course, I like to sing.I also love the beach. Now it's your turn to tell me bout you."

Me:"Ok. Well I'm Gabe as you know. I'm Justin Bieber's cousin. Me and him have a youtube channel that we both sing on. I once guest stared in one of his songs. I like to play basketball, anything with being out doors period. I really like anything to do with outside. I like to sk8 board, and yes i can do fancy tricks.... and that's it."

   Lauren smiled at me. "You should teach me some tricks on the skate board." she said

Me:"Well maybe i will" i said smiling back.

   It became really dark.

Me:"Maybe we should go back to your house?"
Lauren:"Yea. Thats a good idea."

   We headed back to Laurens house. When we got there we talked to everyone. Then it became super late and we all went to sleep.Justin and I slept in a spare room. 













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