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Gabe is a YouTube boy. He has many fans and is known by many stars but is not signed to a record label. However, his famous cousin Justin Bieber is. Gabe was surfing YouTube one day when he stumbled across a band called 'Cimorelli'. The band consisted of 6 sisters from Malibu, California. The girls names are Christina, Katherine, Lisa, Amy, Lauren, and Dani. He instantly was attracted to one of those stunning girls. So he comes up with a plan to... Why don't you read to find out?


22. Chapter 22


*Gabe's POV*

   Just my freaking luck. I say no creepy van is going to pull up.. and one dose. Lauren has fear written on her face. I wrap my arm tightly around her waist, to show her she's safe. But that doesn't work. She's still frightened.

   The passenger window rolls down. I looked into the old white-rusted van. I saw three men in their probably late 50's. They all had black outfits on and the driver had a beard. The other two had tattoos galore. These guys don't look very friendly...

"Hey kids.. where are you two heading this late at night.." The guy in the passenger seat asked with a smirk on.

   I didn't answer. I just walked quicker with Lauren, trying to ignore the guy and his two pals. 

"Hey! Kids! i was talking to you two!" He hollered, the car picking up paste catching up to us.

   Lauren looked at me with scared eyes. I just tightened my grip on her and continued to walk.

"That's It. You two get into the van now. If you run, I'll shoot you." The man said pointing a gun at Lauren and I.

   I stopped walking with Lauren, and looked at the man. He had an evil grin on. I then looked at Lauren who has tears coming from her eyes. I looked back at the man. I told Lauren i would never let anyone hurt her. I promised her that she would be safe. And I'm going to do as i said. God, please don't let Lauren or i lose our life for what I'm about to do.

   I was still starring at the guy. Hopefully i still remember the self defense moves my dad tough me when i was a kid. With one swift move I yanked the gun out of the man's hands, took the bullets out, and threw the gun back into their car. I grabbed Lauren's hand and ran. We ran down the road with one place in my mind.. the police man who sits at the stop sign two roads down.

"Hey! Get back here!" the guy with the now empty gun yelled.

   The three men got out of their van and ran after us. I slipped the bullets into my jeans pocket and continued to run. Just before we turned the corner, a spark flew on the sign and a ding noise sounded. That could only mean one thing. They had another gun...

   Lauren screamed and i squeezed her hand.

"Laur. We will be fine. Just keep running. There's a cop at the next corner. Just run!" I said.
"But I'm scared Gabe! I knew we shouldn't have went walking! Or where ever you were taking me!" She argued.
"Your safe with-" She cut me off.
"I'm not safe Gabe! They are shooting at us!" Right as she said that, a bullet flew past my head.
"We are safe Laur. They might be shooting at us, but at least we aren't in a car with them heading who knows where. Look. The cop is right up ahead." I said pointing to the cop car sitting at the stop sign at the end of the road.
"Ok." She sighed.

   We kept running. I could hear the men yelling behind us. I also heard their gun shooting. Then i felt a sharp pain in my shoulder. Oh no. They shot me didn't they. I heard Lauren scream. She dropped and grabbed her leg. I don't care if my shoulder is hurt or not. I picked up Lauren and ran to the cop car. Finally, we reached the cop. The men stopped running after Lauren and I when they saw the cop car. They turned and fled scene. The police man saw Lauren and I and he exited his car. 

"Gabe! What are you doing out Late at night! And what happened to you and this girl!?" He asked.
"Wait how do you- oh it's you Jeremy. These guys tried to kidnap Lauren and I. They pointed a gun at us but i took it and got the bullets out, then threw the gun back at them. We ran away but they had another gun and chased us. The three men shot Lauren in the leg. Jeremy please help us! I promised her i wouldn't let anyone hurt her! Please Jeremy!" I begged.
"I'll help you. Get in the car and Gabe... your shot to, you know that?"
"Yea i know. I just need Lauren to be ok." I looked at Lauren. She was bleeding pretty bad. 
"Ok. Get in the car I'll drive you two to the hospital."
"Thanks Jeremy." I climbed into the back of the police car and placed Lauren next to me. 

   He started up the car and started to drive.

"Hey Gabe, You said you got the bullets out of one of the guns. Can you hand me the bullets please." Jeremy said reaching to the back of the car with one hand.

   I pulled out the 6 bullets from my pocket and placed them into Officer Jeremy's hand. He pulled over and looked at the bullets.

"It looks like they belong to a revolver. Is that the gun that they faced at you two?" Jeremy asked.
"Yea.." i answered looking at Lauren.

   Lauren groaned. Her eyes were shut and she looked like a ghost. God please let my baby be ok, please...

"Jeremy.. can we head to the hospital now. Lauren is bleeding bad and shes pale, really pale." I said, worry filling my eyes.

   Jeremy looked back at Lauren and I.

"Take off your shirt and tie it around her wound. It stops it from bleeding so bad." He said starting to drive, picking up speed ever minuet.

   I did as he said. Tying my shirt around Lauren's leg her eyes opened just enough for me to see.

"Gabe..." She said in the most quietest voice.
"Yes?! What is it!? Are you ok!?" I asked her with full concern dripping in my voice.
"I'm.. I'm.. fine. Just... Just know that... that i love you..." She replied in that quiet voice and closed her eyes.
"What! No! Lauren! Wake up! Stay with me please! Please Lauren! I can't lose another loved one! I can't lose you! Wake up! Please!" i balled my eyes out.
"Jeremy! Help me! Please! Get us to the hospital fast! Please!" Tears pouring out of my eyes.

   Jeremy didn't say a thing. He turned on his sirens and started speeding down the road. Every car on the road pulled over to the side. I grabbed Laurens hand and cried. I couldn't really feel the pain of the bullet in my shoulder until now. I didn't let go of Lauren's hand though.


*In the hospital room*
Gabe's P.O.V

   I woke with my shoulder in a big cast. The cast tied around my waist and went up around my right arm, covering my whole back and of coarse my right shoulder. I looked around the white room trying to remember where i was.

   I saw Mrs.Cimorelli, Lauren's sisters, Aunt.Pattie, My mom, and Justin all in my room. Lisa was on her phone, tears slowly creeping down her face. Justin stood by her, trying to comfort her with small tears coming from his eyes as well. Dani and Amy were crying their eyes out. Christina and Katherine were hugging Dani and Amy, crying them selves too. Mrs.Cimorelli, Aunt.Pattie, and My moms' faces were expressionless.

   I groaned to get their attention and pressed the button that makes the bed sit up. They all ran to me. Justin and My mom on either side of me.

"Your up!"
"Are you ok?"
"How are you feeling?"
"What happened to you?!"
"I knew it was a bad idea for you two to go outside at that time at night!"

   Were all the questions and words being thrown around. I tried to find my voice, but i couldn't. So i just raised my uncased arm in the air and they all fell silent. My voice finally came and i spoke.

"Where's Lauren? Is she ok? what happened?"

   Everyone looked down at their hands. No one bothered to look me in the eyes. Why are they.... NO! NO NO NO! LAUREN HAS TO BE ALIVE! SHE HAS TO!


   My heart monitor started to beep really fast. Doctors and nurses rushed in. The nurses held my arm and legs down. I tried to fight them off but i failed. I kept screaming Lauren's name. Well that is until the doctor injected something into me. My eyes suddenly got heavy. Everything went black..



   Again i woke up. Dani and Amy were sleeping on two of the chairs in the room. Their cheeks red and stained with dry tears. Justin and Lisa were sitting on one of the couches. Her head resting on his shoulder. Christina and Katherine were talking to their mom, my mom, and Justin's mom over in one of the corners. 

   I didn't know what to do. So i called Christina's name.

"Christina..." I spoke with a weak voice. Man, What did the doctors inject in me!?!

   Everyone's eyes fell on me. Or at least everyone that was awake. I motioned Christina to come over to me. She did as i motioned. Chrissy knelt down on the right side of my bed, still looking at me. I brushed my bangs out of my face and looked her in the eyes.

"Christina... i need you to be honest to me.... tell me the truth with what I'm about to ask..." I spoke once again, in a weak voice.
"Is Lauren alive or..... dead..." I asked, some tears coming to my eyes.

   Christina looked down. She didn't look me in the eyes when she spoke.

"She's alive but barely grasping onto life. The doctors said she lost to much blood. They don't think they can save her.."

   I looked at my hands. Sadness and anger all going through my body. Why can't the doctors save her!? Is it cause they think it's her time to go? Well it's not her time. She has a future ahead of her! She has a life that needs to be lived! God, if your going to take anyone tonight... take me. I'm not signed to a record label. I don't have as many fans as Cimorelli dose. So take me. Her sisters need her. When if i die, only 3 people would be sad. But Justin would get over it. He has his beliebers that will help him through. So take me. I looked back up at Christina.

"Thanks for being honest with me."
"Your welcome." She said looking back at me. "Now get some rest."

   I nodded my head and closed my eyes. I was out like a light.



   Everything was white. I couldn't see anything and their was no sign of life. But i asked out anyway.

"Hello? Is anyone their?" I asked.

   Nothing. No one answered. So i spoke once again.

"Hello! Can someone help me get home?"

   Again, nothing. I started to get annoyed. Where am I?

"Gabe." a voice called.

   I didn't recognize the voice. I looked around but still couldn't see anyone.

"Gabe." It spoke again.

   I turned around. I saw someone flying towards me. As it got closer and closer i noticed who it was. It was the angle i was named after. Angle Gabriel. He stood in front of me and smiled. I didn't know what to do. So i stood their frozen. He spoke after about a minuet of silence.

"Gabe. Lauren will be fine. God's looking after her. She will be safe."

   I just looked at him. What dose he mean Lauren is safe. Dose... dose he mean Lauren is... is dead? Or.. that she is going to live? Before I could say anything, he vanished.


~End Dream~

   I shot up in the hospital bed, panting and sweating. Everyone came running towards me. No tears in sight on their face.

"Are you ok?" Justin asked.

   I shook my head no. I ran my free hand through my hair.

"Whats wrong?" He asked again.
"My... My garden angle came to me in my dream..." I stared at the wall in front of me.

   Everyone's eyes were on me.

"Who... who's your angle?" My mom asked, eying Pattie.

   I looked at Christina and her family.

"You all should know. It's the Angle Gabriel.. he... he said-"

   I couldn't finish. Doctors came running into the room.

"It's Lauren! She's awake! She's alive!" The doctors yelled with happiness.

   Wait... she was in comma? So.. i didn't really know the whole thing... whatever. SHE'S AWAKE!

"What!" everyone yells excited.
"She's alive!" They said again.

   Everyone looked at me with tears of happiness running down their face. I teared up too. My girlfriend... my one and only is alive. She's safe. Thank you Angle Gabriel and thank you God.

"Can.. we go see her. Including me?" i asked the doctors.
"Sure. Let us just unhook you from the monitor. You can go home today, by the way." The doctors said while taking all the cords out of my skin.
"Ok. Thanks. But I'm not leaving until Lauren can leave." I responded climbing out of the hospital bed.
"Well then we can move Lauren and you to a bigger room with two beds." One doctor offered.
"That will be great. Thanks." I smiled.

   I didn't notice but everyone else already went to visit Lauren. Thanks for waiting Justin.

"Oh wait. Where's Lauren's room?" I asked.
"When you walk out, turn left. She's the 6th room down." Another doctor answered.

   I walked out the door in this horrible cast. I did as the doctor told me and i found Lauren's room. When I walked in, everyone's eyes were on me. Lauren smiled at me. I smiled back. Everyone backed away from Lauren's bed so i could walk up next to her. I walked up. With my free hand, i brushed Lauren's hair out of her face.

"Can... can you all leave me alone with Gabe for a few minutes?" Lauren spoke in a weak voice.
"Sure. Come on guys. Let's get something to eat from the food court." Katherine answered walking out the door.

   Everyone followed her out. I looked back at Lauren. She looked at me. She then pressed the button that makes the bed sit up.

"Are you ok?" I asked her.
"Yea. You?"
"I'm good.. I'm so sorry Laur. I didn't mean for this to happen." I looked her in the eye's.
"It's ok Gabe."
"No it's not.... I... we almost lost you. You almost died Lauren. You almost died because of me. You don't deserve me. You deserve someone better. I don't deserve to be alive." I looked down at my  hands. Tears slowly started to fall from my eyes.
"That's not true Gabe. I want you and only you." She grabbed my hand.
"It is true. You almost died because of me! I should just go so i don't hurt you anymore..."

   I turned to walk away but Lauren pulled on my good arm. I turned back around to face her. She motioned my to come closer, so i did. When i was in reach, she grabbed my face and pulled me in for a kiss. I accepted and kissed back. She wrapped her arms around my neck and i placed my hand on her hip. But a camera noise ruined to kiss. We pulled away. Lauren ignored the noise and asked,


   This reminded me of when we had dinner at my house the other night. Which reminds me.... What day is it and how long were we out?


   She smiled at me and i smiled back. Then she looked past me, pointed, and started to blush. I turned around and saw our family standing their. Lisa, Justin, Dani, My... MOM, and Amy all had cameras or had their phones out taking pictures. Oh what stalkers... haha. But you gotta love them :).

"You know Gabe.. Lynne is right. You two are probably one of the cutest couples I've ever seen." My mom smiled at Lauren and I.

   I just smiled back then blushed. Did they watch us kiss? I thought Kath took them to all get food from the cafeteria? Katherine smiled evilly at me, probably knowing what I'm thinking. 

"Just because I seem like the most polite sister of all us girls, doesn't mean i can be sneaky as well." Katherine spoke with that evil smile.

   I laughed and Lauren giggled.

"Ok fine. I give you credits for that one, but mark my word. All of you will pay one day." I smirked."Oh and what day is it? How long were we out?"
"It's Friday. Lauren was battleing Life and death for almost 5 days and the stuff they injected in you knocked you out cold for a few days." Justin answered.
"Oh... So you girls have to start the tour today.... How is Lauren going to do the tour?"
"We have to postpone the tour because of what happened. Lauren probably won't be able to walk for a month so yea..." Christina said.
"I'm sorry.. i didn't mean for this to happen. It's all my fault." I shook my head looking at the ground.
"Hey.. what did i say. It's not your fault." Lauren said squeezing my hand.
"It's fine Gabe. You didn't do anything wrong. At least you two didn't get into the car with those creeps." Lisa spoke.
"Ok... oh Lauren! We are going to share a room here!" I turned and looked at her.
"Really? When are they moving me?" She replied.
"I don't know...."
"I'll ask a doctor...." Justin said, not sounding to thrilled.

   We all laughed at his.... laziness. A few minutes later, he walked in with a doctor. The doctor started to speak.

"Alright. Let's unhook Ms.Lauren so we can put you two in a different room."

   The doctor waked over to the monitors and unhooked them all. A nurse walked in with crutches and handed them to the doctor.

"Gabriel can you help me get Lauren out of the bed? Since you only have one arm, all you have to do is let her lean on you. Ok?" That doctor said.
"Sure. But can Dani help too? Because someone is gonna have to hold Lauren up." I responded.
"Yes. She can help."

   I looked at Dani. She handed the camera to Christina and walked over to us. I extended my arm out to Lauren. She took my hand. Dani wrapped her arm around Lauren's waist. We both pulled and she finally stood up. The leg that got shot was in a big blue cast. I smiled because blue was one of her favorite colors. The doctor handed Lauren her crutches. Why doesn't he just get a wheel chair for her? Wouldn't that be easier?

   Anyway, we started to walk out of the room. He lead us to a much bigger hospital room. There were two beds, side by side, about a 35in. flat screen on the wall in front of the beds, a bathroom of coarse, chairs/couches, and other hospitable things. 

"Alright. You two go lay down and um... I'll come check on you two later." He smiled and walked out of the door. Dani and I helped Lauren onto her bed. I thanked Dani and climbed into my own bed. Dani smiled and walked out of the door. I closed my eyes to try and sleep, when I felt someone tap my stomach. I opened my eyes to see Lauren smiling at me. I smiled back. Since her bed was on the left side of me, i could hold her hand. But instead i put my arm around her and pulled her close to me. She put her head on my chest. We stayed silent for a while.

"I love you Gabe. I just want you to know that." She spoke breaking the comfortably silence between us.

   I started to rub her back.

"I love you too Lauren." was the last word i said before we both slipped off into dreamland.




   So... pretty filled up chapter. This one was long to me so yea. Hope you all like this update! And don't be afraid to comment! I always love to read what you all have to say! Well um... next update when my brain calms down and when i write the next chapter. Bye!

Oh and I won't be able to write tomorrow. I'm going to a concert so yea. Bye now!






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