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Gabe is a YouTube boy. He has many fans and is known by many stars but is not signed to a record label. However, his famous cousin Justin Bieber is. Gabe was surfing YouTube one day when he stumbled across a band called 'Cimorelli'. The band consisted of 6 sisters from Malibu, California. The girls names are Christina, Katherine, Lisa, Amy, Lauren, and Dani. He instantly was attracted to one of those stunning girls. So he comes up with a plan to... Why don't you read to find out?


20. Chapter 20

*Gabe's P.O.V*

   Justin and I walked down the steps. Who could be at the door that allows me to come out of my room? Justin opened the door and there stood in front of us, the most amazing and beautiful girls on the whole planet.

"Lauren!?" I yelled pulling her into a big hug.
"Gabe! I missed you so much!" She said hugging me back.
"I missed you too!"
"Lisa!" Justin said hugging Lisa.
"What are you girls doing here?" I asked Lauren.
"Well we were on the news, as you boys know. We were near your house and Lauren really wanted to see Gabe, so here we are!" Lisa said.
"Oh. Where are the others?" I asked.
"Their in the mini van." Lauren answered.
"How long will you girls be here?" Justin asked.
"Until Friday! We have a whole week to be together!" Lisa exclaimed.(A/N: Just to Let you know.. In the story it was Saturday. So they actually have 7 day's with each other.... or maybe more....)
"Thats Great! We can all hangout tomorrow!" Justin said.
   I looked down at the ground.
"Whats wrong Gabe?" Lauren asked concerned.
"I can't hang out with you guys."
"Why not?" She asked with a hint of sadness.
"Because he got grounded for a month. He even got his phone taken away." Justin told them.
"How did he get grounded..?" Lisa asked.
"Justin and I kinda got into a fight and then i yelled at my mom. So she got angry, took my phone and grounded me." I answered still looking at the ground.
"Oh.." was all Lauren said.
"I'll talk to my aunt for you." Justin said.
"Nah. I'll talk to her." I responded.
"Boys, Why don't you ask the girls to stay for dinner." Aunt Pattie said.
"Oh yea. Do you girls want to stay?" Justin asked.
"Sure. I'll go get the rest of them." Lisa answered walking away.
"Ok. Oh, come in Lauren." Justin said.
"Thanks." she smiled.

   Lauren walked into the house and I grabbed her hand. I pulled her to the couch and made her sit on my lap.

"I can sit next to you, you know." She said.
"I know. But i want you to sit on my lap." I smiled.
"Fine." She smiled back.
"GABRIEL AUSTIN BIEBER! COME HERE NOW!" My mom yelled from upstairs.
   Justin and Lauren looked at me with big eyes.
"Oh what did i do now..." I mumbled pushing Lauren off of my lap and standing up.
"Dude what did you do?" Justin asked.
"I don't know!" I said walking up the steps. "Mother, where are you!"
"My room!"
"Coming." I said while walking down the hall.

   I walked into my moms room to find her on my phone.
"Yes mom?"
"Who's Lauren?"
"Shes my girlfriend. We've been together for 5 months now."
"How come you never told me about her?"
"I did tell you... i think? When you called me and told me that Justin and I had to come home."
"Oh.. well i don't remember."
"Wait. Why are you even reading my text messages!?"
"Because I'm your mother and I bought you this phone." She answered.
"Mom! How would you like it if i snooped on your phone?!"
"You would be grounded until you go off to collage."
"Ok... never mind. Oh um.. Lauren and her sisters are here right now and are staying for dinner. Pattie told me and Justin to tell you."
"Oh ok. I'll be down in a few."
"Ok and Um mom? I'm sorry for yelling at you... I was just upset." I said looking down.
"It's ok son. I know you get hurt easily now that your-" I cut her off.
"PLEASE! Don't say it!"
"Oh sorry.."
"It's ok. Um.. and can I hang out with Lauren and Her sisters this week. I know I'm grounded but i really want to spend time with my girlfriend."
"You can take your phone back."
"What?" I asked.
"You can take your phone back. I'm un-grounding you." She answered tossing my Iphone to me.
"Really!? Thanks Mom!" I said running out of her bedroom and down the stairs.

   I ran to Lauren and kissed her cheek.

"Gabe! What happened?" Lauren asked.
"I'm not grounded anymore! And Look! I got my phone back!" I exclaimed jumping like a little kid.
"Whoa Gabe. I haven't seen you this happy since you got that superman costume!" Justin Laughed.
"Oh C'mon! I was only 5!" I said.

   Everyone was laughing.

"Don't worry Gabe. Your My superman." Lauren smirked while putting her arms around my neck.
   I smiled at her then leaned in for a kiss. She accepted and a flash went off.
"AWW! The Love Birds are at it again!" Lisa and Dani yelled with their cameras out.
"When did you all come in?" I asked.
"When you ran down the steps." Christina answered.
"Yep." She laughed.

   My mom walked down the steps.
"Ah, so these girls must be the amazingly beautiful Cimorelli girls that the boys keep telling me about." My mother smiled at them while walking over to me.
"Aw mom! You weren't supposed to tell them that!" I complained.
"I know i wasn't. That's why i said it." My mom replied pinching my cheeks.
"Mooooooooom!" I wined.
"Do want some bread with that wine." My mom asked sarcastically.
"No.." I said looking at the ground.
"Hahahaha. Gabe just got told!" Dani laughed.
"Oh whatever." I smiled at her.
   Aunt Pattie walked out of the kitchen. My mom walked over to her.
"So Gabe and Justin. Are you boys going to introduce us?" They both asked.
"Oh yea. Mom, Aunt Jessie (Gabe's Mom), this is Christina, the oldest of the band."  Justin said pointing to Chrissy. Christina smiled and made a small wave.
"And That's Katherine, second oldest." I pointed to Kath. Katherine did the same as Chrissy.
"This is my Love Bug, Lisa." Justin said kissing Lisa's cheek and hugging her from the side. Lisa blushed then smiled at our parents.
"Then the little munchkin over there is Amy." I smiled evilly at her because she hates when i call her that.
"I told you not to call me that!" She complained but then smiled and waved at our mothers.
"And that's-" Justin started but i cut him off.
"NO! I want to introduce her since shes MY Girlfriend!" I said.
   He just stared at me.
"This is Lauren, The amazingly beautiful girl i talk about." I smiled at Lauren, kissed her forehead, then put my arm around her waist.
   Her face turned bright red but she smiled and did a little wave at our mothers.
"Ok since Gabe had a little outburst, I guess I'll introduce the last girl. Mom, Aunt, Thats Dani. The energy ball of the band." Justin pointed to Dani.
   Dani Smiled at them and waved.
"Nice to meet you girls! Will you all please stay for dinner?" Pattie asked.
"Nice to meet you too! And Of course! We would love to stay!" Christian answered.
"Ok. Well me and Jess will start cooking. You kids go have fun. We will call you when it's done." Pattie said walking into the kitchen. My mom right behind her.
"Ok. Thanks mom. So.. What do you Gals' want to do?" Justin asked the girls.
"Uh.. I don't know..." They all said.
"Hey why don't we go to the Park." I offered.
"Yea!" Dani and Lauren yelled, jumping around.
"Haha ok. Calm down though." I said, wrapping my arms around Lauren's waist from behind, attempting to hold her down.
"Gabe! Let me go!" She yelled trying to get away.
"I think I said this before but, I'll never let you go Laur." I said while lifting her up and spinning her around.
"Aww!" Justin and Lauren's sisters said in unison.
"Ok Ok fine. Can you at least put me down so i can kiss you?" She asked.
"Yep." I responded placing her on the ground, closing my eyes, and puckering my lips.
"You'll never get me alive copper!" Lauren yelled.

   I opened my eyes to see Lauren running out the front door.

"Hey! Get back here!" I yelled.

   I ran out the front door after her. Damn She's fast. She's already at the end of the road. I ran after her.

"Lauren! Your in Big trouble!" I yelled, catching up to her.
"No!" She yelled back.
"Lauren! At least slow down!"
"Never!" She laughed back.
"Fine. Two can play at that game." I mumbled running faster.

   She turned another corner and i followed in pursuit. I reached my hands out and grabbed her waist. 

"Ha! I got you!" I yelled picking her up off the ground.
"No! Put me down!" She said while laughing.
"Never, love." I answered.

   I turned her around in the air so she would be facing me. I lowed her a little and she wrapped her legs around my waist. She placed her hands on my cheeks. I looked into her eyes and she did the same. I then looked down at her lips. I leaned in and she did the same. Our lips collided. Sparks few like nothing before. Why was this kiss different from the others? I don't know... But i do know one thing. Lauren is the one for me.

   After about a minuet, we pulled away. She put her forehead against mine and smiled. I smiled back.

"I missed that." I said breaking the silence.
"It's only been a week, but i missed it too." Lauren answered looking me in the eyes.

   I pecked her lips and set her down. 

"Let's head to the park before they start to wounder." I said grabbing her hand and walking down the road.

   We waked to the park in silence. A comfortable silence. Oh, it felt good to see my baby again. I love you, Lauren <3.



(So... NEW CHAPTER!!!!!! YAYAYAYAYAY! Ah who am i kidding. Most of you won't care... Um.. i also wrote a new story. So uh.. Check out 'Trying To Forget The Past' for me please. Thanks. Your all awesome. Oh and, Don't be afraid to comment! I won't bite! Later.














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