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Gabe is a YouTube boy. He has many fans and is known by many stars but is not signed to a record label. However, his famous cousin Justin Bieber is. Gabe was surfing YouTube one day when he stumbled across a band called 'Cimorelli'. The band consisted of 6 sisters from Malibu, California. The girls names are Christina, Katherine, Lisa, Amy, Lauren, and Dani. He instantly was attracted to one of those stunning girls. So he comes up with a plan to... Why don't you read to find out?


19. Chapter 19

*1 week after leaving Cali*
*Gabe's sad, angry, and confused P.O.V.*

   That week that I had left with Lauren, went by fast. Me and Justin are home right now, complaining/some-what crying in my room. Gah! I'm so angry with my mom! I haven't talked to her since we landed in Canada. I Also haven't eaten in a week.

   Leaving Lauren was the hardest thing I've ever done in my life. Well, besides my dad... never mind. I don't care about my dad. Leaving Lauren was the hardest thing ever. Oh.. i miss her. That brings back the memories of the week before I left...

*Flash back, during that week*

"Please Gabe!"
"No! I don't want to!"
"Please, for me?"
"Ok fine! Just stop with the puppy eyes Laur!" I answered.

   Her and her sister's wanted to do a cover for YouTube and have me feature in it.

"YAY! Thank you baby!" Lauren yelled hugging my tightly.
"Anything for you love." I answered kissing her head.
"LAUREN!! IS GABE DOING THE MUSIC VIDEO!!" Christina called from some where in the house.
"YES!" She yelled back.
"Wait.. a music video?"
"Yes. We are recording our voices and then making a video. Wake up Gabe." She laughed while clapping her hands in my face.
"Oh.. I am up!" I laughed while grabbing her hands.
"WELL THEN COME TO THE RECORDING ROOM SO WE-" Christina stopped yelling when she walked into the recording room.

   Yes me and Lauren were in the recording room already.
"How did you guys get here so fast..?" Christina asked.
"We were in here already." I answered.
"Oh. KATHERINE, LISA, AMY, DANI!! COME ON! WE ARE RECORDING!!" Chrissy yelled out the door.

   Everyone ran into the room. Christina told us what song we were covering. Good thing i know the song. Oh yea i forgot, we were covering 'One Thing' by  one direction. So yea.

"Ok Lisa. Your starting out the song. Lauren your going after Lisa's part-" Christina was cut off by Lisa.

"And you'll also have a duet with Gabe, just because it would be cute!" Lisa squealed
"Hey! I'm in charge here! But, know that i think of it... yea you should have a duet with Gabe. Since he's leaving in a few days."
"Oh please don't bring that up." Lauren sighed. "And that's fine with me. What do you think Gabe?"
"I'm ok with it." I smiled at her.
"So it's a deal?" Chrissy and Lisa asked.
   Christina glared at Lisa.
"Deal." Lauren and I said in unison.
"Ok! Let's get started!" Christina shouted.


*3 hours later*

"Alright Nick (Christina's boyfriend), your going to drive Gabe and Justin. And the girls will will come with me." Christina told us.
"What about Mike? He's filming right?" Katherine asked.
"Oh yea. He will go in the car with the boys just so we can all be at the park." Christina answered.
"Alright. Come on boys!" Nick yells.
"I know where Christina gets the yelling from." I mumbled.
   Everyone laughed but Christina. She punched my arm.
"Hey! He's not my Dad! That would be gross!" She yelled.
"It's fine. Don't leave yet boys! When we park at the park's parking lot (whoa. Talk about abusing the word park...) you guys pull up after us. Then Gabe will jump out of the car and run to Lauren. Lauren you will get out of the van and do the same as Gabe. Lisa and Justin, do the same as Gabe and Lauren. Nick and I will do the same as you guys. And Amy, Dani, and Katherine... you guys can..." Christina trailed off.
"We can hug our selves?" Dani asks a little to excited.
"Um.. yea," Christina answered. "Dose that make sense?"
"Uh.... yep." We all lied.
"Ok well let's so this video!" Christina yelled.
"Yea!" We all yelled back.

   The girls ran to their white mini van. While us boys ran to this black convertible car. The video turned out perfect. We did what Christina told us to do. Then for the bloopers part, we all just had fun.

   I was standing next to Lauren in the field with my arm around her shoulder. Justin had his arm around Lisa too. Then Dani walked up to us with the camera.

"Hey people of YouTube! This is the Dani-cam. You see the people in front of you? There taken! You here me! Taken! Not Single!" Dani yelled. She basically had a spas at the camera.

   We all just laughed at her.

*End of Flashback*

     Lauren and I talk thought. Every day. But it's not the same as seeing her pretty face. I miss the Cimorelli family.. I miss Lauren. I miss all of them. What am i going to do? I have to see Lauren soon. I just have to. Or i will have a good chance of dieing. Oh i hate my mom. Did i tell you that?

"Gabe!?" Justin yelled.
"What are you thinking about?"
"Lauren... her Family... about how i would kill myself if she falls in love with someone else..." I answered.
"Don't think like that!" He yelled at me.
"I will think like that! If she leaves me... i wouldn't have a reason to live! She's my life! My everything and my mom comes and ruins everything!" I yelled back at him.
   My mom ran into the room.
"Why are you boys yelling?" She asked.
"And you don't think Lisa is my life?!" He yelled.
"I never said that.."
"Whatever. What I was trying to say was i know what your going through. I had to do the same thing, remember?
"What are you boys talking about?" My mom asked.
"None of your business." I answered.
"What did you just say?" She asked.
"I said, It's... None... Of... Your... Business. Can you hear me know?" I answered with an attitude.
"I will not tolerate your attitude anymore. Give me your phone."
"WHAT!? NO! You Can't Take My Phone! I need it to talk to Lauren!"
"Give me the phone!"
"Fine." I threw my phone at her.
"Your grounded for a month. None of your friends are aloud over." She said walking out of the room.
"It's not like i have any friends, anyway!" I yelled.
"You have friends. What about Austin?" Justin asked.
"Oh yea. I forgot about him..."
"Haha yea."
"HEY BOYS! PUT THE NEWS ON IN GABE'S ROOM!" Pattie called from downstairs.
"WHY!" Justin asked.

   I race for my remote. I turned on the T.V and put on the news. No way...

"And now it's time to go to the interview we have planed for tonight. Why hello girls." The news guy smiled at... Cimorelli.
"Hello." They smiled back.
"Would you girls be kind to introduce your selves?" He asked.
"Yea. I'm Christina."
"I'm Katherine."
"I'm Lisa"
"I'm Amy."
"I'm Lauren."
"And I'm Dani."
"And were Cimorelli!" They all said at once.
"And I'm Bill!" The guy added.
   They all laughed.
"So i understand that some of you girls are taken and some are single. Which ones have boyfriends?" Bill asked.
"Me, Lisa, and Lauren have boyfriends." Christina answered.
"Even though Lauren's a little to young to be dating.." Lisa said.
"Yea but we like the boy she chose." Christina said.
"Why do you say she's to young?" Bill asked.
"She's only 14. In our family, we aren't aloud to date until we are at least 18." Christina answered.
"Oh. Who's the boy?"
"Gabriel Bieber." Lauren answered.
"Ah going for one of the Bieber boys, hu." Bill smiled.
"Haha yea. Lisa is actually dating Justin Bieber." Lauren said smiling back.
"No way. Really? You mean The Justin Bieber?" Bill asked.
"Yep." Lisa smiled.

   They were asked all kinds of questions for about 10 more minutes. Then it went back to the boring old news. I turned off the T.V and looked at Justin. He was on the phone talking to someone.

"Who are you talking to?" I asked.
   He looked at me and responded, "Lisa."
"Oh! Can you put it on speaker so i can talk to Lauren too?" I asked.
"Sure. Lisa I'm putting you on speaker. Gabe wants to talk to Lauren." He said while putting the phone on speaker.
"Ok. I'll put it on speaker as well. Just to warn you, It might be loud. We are in the car heading... we are in the car." Lisa said.
"Where are you heading?" I asked.
"GABE!" I heard Lauren yell.
"Lauren!" I said back.
"I miss you..." Lauren said.
"I miss you too love. Now where are you girls heading?" I asked again.
"Um.. Our hotel." Lisa paused. Why do i have a feeling that she is lieing..?
"Who are you two talking to?" Christina asked.
"Gabe and Justin." Lauren said.
"Gabe!" Dani yelled.
"Dani!" I yelled back.
"Hey guys!" Christina, Katherine, and Amy said.
"Hey!" Justin and I answered.
"Um.. We have to go. Talk to you boys later." Lisa said.
"Ok? Bye." Justin said.
"I wounder where they have to go..." I said.
"So do I." He answered.
"FINE!" We both said.

   We walked out of my room and down the steps...



I know right! I'm such a nice person to leave you all with a cliff hanger! Jk jk. You probably hate me now. But whatever. I didn't know where to end this chapter, so to me it's like two chapters combine. But idk. So, who's at the front door?




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