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Gabe is a YouTube boy. He has many fans and is known by many stars but is not signed to a record label. However, his famous cousin Justin Bieber is. Gabe was surfing YouTube one day when he stumbled across a band called 'Cimorelli'. The band consisted of 6 sisters from Malibu, California. The girls names are Christina, Katherine, Lisa, Amy, Lauren, and Dani. He instantly was attracted to one of those stunning girls. So he comes up with a plan to... Why don't you read to find out?


14. Chapter 14

(Ok to get things straight, because TWO people asked... GABE IS A BOY.Oh and i don't know what to name my chapters anymore soo.. they are now gonna be called 'chapter' and whatever number it is. )


*Gabe's POV.*

   I awoke to Lauren still sleeping. But Lisa and Dani were up. They were taking a video of us sleeping. I grabbed the bed blanket and put it over Lauren and I's faces.

"It looks like Gabe is up!" Lisa exclaimed to the camera.

"Dude. I said we could take a video of the DINNER last night. Not one right now." I complained still tired.

   Dani and Lisa Laughed.

"Yea but we thought the fans would like to see what its like in the morning." Dani said. I couldn't see her but i knew she had an evil smile on her face.

"I'm not joking. Wait till you girls get boyfriends. Then Lauren and I will bug you." I said with my eyes shut.

"Whatever. We all know Dani aint getting a boyfriend and the only person i would date is-"

   I interrupted Lisa, " Is Justin? and Dani will get a boyfriend one day." I laughed.

   Lauren moved in my arms. Oh no. Did i wake her up? Lauren turned over to face me.

"Morning love. Did i wake you?" I asked Lauren.

"No. I just woke up. Why is a blanket over us?" She asked.

"Oh it's because Dani and Lisa are taking a video of us." I answered.

"Oh. Right now?"


"Why?" she asked.

"Because-" i started to say but was cut off by Lisa.

"Sorry to interrupt but the answer is No!" She yelled.

"No to what?" I asked Lisa confused.

"No to the only person i would date."
"Don't Deni Lisa. We all know you like Justin and he likes you." I said. 

"No I don't. And he wouldn't like me." Lisa said.

"Lisa, He likes you ok. Just tell him that you like him and he will tell you how he feels.." Lauren said.

"I don't know.." Lisa replied trailing off.

"Just trust me." Lauren said again.
"Fine. Dani take the camera."

   I might have been under a blanket but i knew Lisa left the room. I took the blanket off of me and Lauren. Dani was still doing the video. I sat up and so did Lauren.

"Where are you going?" Lauren asked me.

"I'm going to change cloths." I answered while jumping off the top bunk.

"Ok. Come back though." She replied.

   I stopped in the door way and turned around.

"I'll always come back for you." i said, then I walked out of the room.


   I walked down the hall and walked into mine and Justin's room. Thankfully Lisa and Justin weren't talking in there. I walked over to my bag in the corner of the room and unzipped it. I pulled out some purple basketball shorts and a black v-neck. I changed into them and walked back to Lauren's shared room.

"YOUR BACK!" Lauren yelled jumping into my arms.
   I laughed at her and replied," Yes lolo bean."

"Awww! You tow are so cute together!" I heard Amy say form outside of the room.
"Yea but if he breaks her heart, he's never waking up again." Christina said after Amy.

   I looked at Lauren with a scared look. She just laughed at me.

"Your sisters scare me." I said setting her down.
"No! I want to be picked up!" She said in a baby voice.
   I bursted into laughter. "Laur i can't hold you forever." I said putting my arms around her waist.
"Well get used to it! Your gonna be holding me every day!" She said with a smirk on her face.
"Fine." I kissed her forehead.

   We still haven't kissed yet. I want to kiss her when the time is right. Not just any random moment. EVEN THOUGH IT'S KILLING ME! 

"Hey Laur?" I asked.
"Can I take you to the beach later. And this time it's just you and me?"
"Sure Gabe. What time?"
"Before Dinner. Is it ok if we have a picnic there?" I asked knowing she was gonna say yes.
"Yea. That sounds fun." She replied with a smile.
"Ok." I said with a smile back.

   I look up and Dani was still recording. I automatically let go of her.

"What's wrong?" Lauren asked me.
"Dani recorded the whole thing." I replied looking at the camera.
   Lauren turned around and faced the camera too.

"Daniii! Don't post the video." Lauren said to Dani.
"Oh i don't have to. It's live. Thank me for the awesome idea." She replied with a smile.
"DANI!" Lauren and i yelled.
"I got to go!" Dani shouts at the camera and turns it off. The she runs out of the bedroom.
"Gosh. Your sisters take a lot of videos." I said stating the obvious.
"No dip weenie." She said smirking at me.
"Haha very funny." I replied walking out of the room.
"Where are you going now?" She asked following me down the steps.
"Outside on the trampoline." I answered.
"Can i join you?"
"Sure cupcake." I said putting my arm around her shoulder.
   She blushed and said, "Why do I have so many nicknames?"
"Because your special. So i and everyone else gives you nicknames." I answered simply.
   She blushed again and didn't answer.

   We walked to the backdoor and i opened it. I saw Lisa and Justin standing by the tree house hugging. I smiled and nudged Lauren's arm. She looked at me confused until her eyes followed to where i was pointing. A hug smile appeared on her face. I took out my phone and took a picture. Then went into twitter and Instagram and every social network i have and posted the picture saying, 'New couple!' and i would tag everyone in cimorelli and Justin.

    Then Lauren and I walked to the trampoline. We started jumping and doing random things. Ya know, just acting likes a bunch of unicorns flying around in the air... except we were jumping. Then the time came when we needed to get ready for our little picnic...




   I'm gonna leave you all on a cliff hanger there. Just cause I'm so awesome. So how did you all like the unicorn part? That was my favorite part of this chapter XD! Jk.. my sister says I'm going crazy.. I think its true :O. Well I'll update soon! Next chapter might be short but it will be worth it.











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