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Gabe is a YouTube boy. He has many fans and is known by many stars but is not signed to a record label. However, his famous cousin Justin Bieber is. Gabe was surfing YouTube one day when he stumbled across a band called 'Cimorelli'. The band consisted of 6 sisters from Malibu, California. The girls names are Christina, Katherine, Lisa, Amy, Lauren, and Dani. He instantly was attracted to one of those stunning girls. So he comes up with a plan to... Why don't you read to find out?


11. Chapter 11

(Authors Note:Ok.. i didn't know what to do for this chapter so bare with me.)

   Gabe's POV.

*1 week later*

   So its been a month since I've been hit by a car and it's been a week since Lauren said yes. I was living a good life. I have all i ever need. Lauren, her family, and mine.

   Well I'm getting rid of my crutches today. The doc is going to put a boot on my leg. My leg is pretty much healed. I can walk on it without my crutches but then Lauren freaks out. She would say "Gabe! Your gonna make it worst! Do you ever want to walk again!?!" Then she stars talking about what will happen if i keep walking on it. It doesn't get annoying though because i love her. Plus i know that shes just looking out for me.

   We were on our way to the hospital. Christina driving, Lauren sitting next to me, and Lisa in front of Lauren and me taking pictures. Lauren and I were holding hands when Lisa snapped a picture of us. She must have posted it on twitter because Laurens ipod lit up. My phone lit up a little after Laurens. I opened it and The picture of me and Lauren poped up. I looked up at Lisa and she just smiled back at me. I was about to say something when Christina said, "We are here."

   All four of us got out of the car and entered the hospital. The nurse took me to some room. A doctor came in and removed my cast. I looked at what my leg looked like. It was black and blue and somewhat swollen. He placed the boot on my leg and told me i could leave. I walked out of the room and went to the front desk. I found Lauren, Christina, and Lisa waiting for me. They stood up once they saw me. I intertwined Laurens fingers with mine and we all walked out the door. Well they walked while i wobbled. The four of us climbed into the van and went home.

   Lauren and I entered the house. Joey saw us and hid behind us.

"Whoa what are u doing peanut." I asked.

"Shhhhh! hide me! Dani is after me!" replied joey .

   I looked over at Lauren. She just shrugged her shoulders.

"JOEY! WHERE ARE YOU!" Dani screamed.

"Why are you yelling!" asked Lauren.

"Joey ate my nutella!" Dani whined.

"So.. you don't kill your brother just for eating it. By the way, can i have some nutella?" I asked smirking already knowing her answer.

"NO! MY NUTELLA!" Dani yelled running back to the kitchen.

   I started laughing and so did Lauren and Joey.

"Thanks for saving me Gabe." Joey said running to find Christian and little Nick.

"No problem Joe." i replied.

   I looked at Lauren. She just smiled at me.

"What do you want to do love?" I asked

"Umm.. how about we do a video?" she replied.

"Ok lolo bean."

   She started to walk up stairs. I was right behind her. We walked into her room. She grabbed her laptop and turned it on. She logged onto twitter and started a twitcam. Immediately people were watching.

"Hey guys! I'm here with my boyfriend Gabe!" Lauren said facing the laptop at me.

   I waved, "Hey everyone."

"Well we got bored so we deiced to do a twitcam. Ask us anything." Lauren said looking straight at the camera.

   A bunch of questions poped up. We read them and Lauren said one out loud. (A/N: I don't know if any of these names are real soo yea. And if they are.. then sorry i guess.)

''@krazycim, how long have you two been dating?" Lauren said then looking at me.

   I smiled and said, "Not that long. I mean i did ask her a month ago but she turned me down. Then i asked her again last week and she said yes." Lauren smiled and i said, "Lauren likes to change her mind a lot." I smirked and she punched my stomach  playfully.

"I do not!" She said.

"Oh but you do."

"No. You do." she said smiling at me.

   I just laughed. "Fine you win, love."

"Thank you. next question.. Is it true that Gabe Bieber got hit by a car..." Lauren read then looked at me.

"Umm.. yea. Funny story umm.."

"How is it a funny story?" asked Lauren.

"It's not funny now shh.. anyway. What i was trying to say is that i ran off when Lauren rejected me. Then she called me around 1:20 that morning and i didn't answer but when i looked up a car hit me. I truly do not remember anything after that."  I said. Lauren just nodded her head as i was telling the story. "But..." i continued, "I do remember Lauren being there for me. I remember her staying the days even though i was in comma." I put my arm around her shoulder. She just smiled that amazing smile.

"Yep. Ok next question.. @Cimfamluver97 wants to know if we had our first kiss.." She said smiling at me.

   I looked at the camera and said, "No. We've only been dating for a week. It's to early to kiss each other."

   From the hallway we heard Christina call, "And you two are to young to kiss. Y'all just lucky you two are dating each other."

   Lauren and I looked at the camera with wide eyes and then looked at each other. We both bursted into laughter.

"Did you guys hear that?" we both asked the people watching.

   We got some replies saying they did.

"Ok.. well after that good time, I think im gonna go get a snack." I said while standing up.

"What no! Don't go.." Lauren whined.

"I'll make you a sandwich if you let me get food." 

"Ok. You can go." Lauren answered.

   I left the room and went down the stairs. I entered the kitchen to find Dani eating more nutella.

"Are you kidding me Dani? More nutella?" I asked.

"What? I love nutella."

"Ok fine. Umm where is the supplies for sandwiches?" I asked.

"The cabinet right there and the fridge." She replied. \


   I walked over to the fridge and got the lunch meat and everything i need to make a sandwich. Then i went to the cabinet to get the bread. I made Lauren and I sandwiches and then went back upstairs. On my way up i ran into Lisa.

"Oh! can i have a sandwich?" She asked.

"No. These are for Lauren and I." I replied.

   Lisa got a out her phone and took a picture of me.

"What was that about?" I questioned her actions.

"I'm posting it on twitter, instagram, and everything i have! The fans are gonna know that you love to make sandwiches!" She said running down the steps.

"Fine." I said walking to Lauren's shared room.

"Your back!" Lauren said happily.

"Yea lolo. What you thought i wasn't coming back?" I asked.

"Yes because you took so long."

"Well you should know that I'll always come back for you." I replied kissing her cheek.

"Aww.. Isn't her just so cute guys." she asked the camera.

   a bunch of replies to Lauren's question popped up.

"Here Laur. Your sandwich." I said handing Lauren her sandwich.

"Thank you Gabie poo." she said smiling.

"Ah nice name." said Dani as she walked into the room.

"Yea i know right." Lauren said smirking at me.

"Ok ok. Call me whatever, love."

"Whatever love." Lauren said with a big smile.


   Her and Dani just smiled.

"Ok we are gonna get going soon." Lauren said to the camera.

"Yea. Bye guys." We all waved to the camera.






   Hey. Sorry for the late chapter. I didn't know what to write and i just didn't have the time. I'll update as soon as possible. Oh and thanks for the 100+ reads. Sorry again. And maybe can we get 2 more likes on this story? Also possibly 2 favorites?















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