Maddies Story

Madeline Smith is a normal teenager ,she is 13-16,her life is turned upside down as she learns the truth about who she is and who her parents are.


3. Just A Normal Day

My alarm was ringing i was so tired and int didn't want to get up but i did and  i got dressed and put on my uniform brush my teeth and had breakfast i got the bus to school  with Carla,Conner,Liam and Ashley,we arrived at school and there was 5 minutes to we could get in so we waited outside and chatting for a bit, Then the everyone started going into school we we all went in hanged our stuff up waited for the teacher to take us to morning assembly.


In assembly the head started to name the classes that were going to cliff house and our class was one of them, i was really excited.....


In maths i sat next to Carla and we got in trouble for talking to much so the teacher moved us to different tables  but that still didn't stop us talking,well i was talking i notice that the biggest slut in the class was chatting up Liam he got really mad a got a chair and throw it at the wall and he walked out swearing at Carly and the teacher,he got sent home that day..


In English i sat next to Conner and we was talking about Liam then started talking about Cliff House and wondering what we would be doing there.


Lunch Time-At dinner time everyone was talking about liam and cliff house,Carly came and said *hope Liam is going he is sooo fit,ew wtf is that,looking and pointing at Carla* Conner had a go at her and then we walked off away from her she shouted *fine just walk away you losers*.


After lunch we did double P.E it was good but then things kicked off with Carla and Carly so we all went back to school and the pe teacher made us run around the filed,P.E was over and i got dressed back into my school uniform and waited for the bell to ring.The Bell went and eveyone went home so i said goodbye to my friends and then went to meet Lee and told her about my day..



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