Maddies Story

Madeline Smith is a normal teenager ,she is 13-16,her life is turned upside down as she learns the truth about who she is and who her parents are.


2. First Day Of School

Monday came around i woke up at 7.30 and i got dressed,cleaned my teeth and had breakfast lee came in and said *are you looking forward to school today Maddie??*i turned around and said *yes*


i got in the car and lee drove us to school,where i waited outside so i could see all my friends,9.00 came and i saw Ashley,Liam,Jess,Harry,Conner and Carla i was happy to see them then Carly came and said (Maddie come talk to us!) i didn't want to because they are the schools slags and bullies so i said *ill see you later* and they walked into school.


I went to my class and Carla was there i sat next to her then my teacher came in and said *hi Everyone my name is Mrs T* then she started telling us who's class we was in and stuff,at 9.15 we went to Assembly we sat down on some seats and the headteacher came in and said *good morning everyone and welcome back,Ive hope you all had a nice summer?* and then said whats happening this week.


the rest of the day i did maths,English and double Science.









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