How To Be A Heartbreaker >> l.t.

*Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction* Louis Tomlinson. The name all girls go into awe when they hear it. The guy that boys fear of losing there girlfriends to. Jamie Thomas. The girl all guys adore. The girl all girls are jealous of. Both heartbreakers, both good looking. What will happen if they both try to play there game on each other. Will they be to scarred to fall in love? Or will they give in to there feelings? (1D not famous till later)


7. #7

Jamie's P.O.V.

I wake up to the wonderful aroma of waffles coming from downstairs. I think to myself, my mom never makes waffles, like ever. I look down and see arms around my waist. I turn and see Louis. Oh right I'm sleeping at his house. He smiles and kisses my forehead.

He says, "Morning babe."

I laugh and push him off and reply, "I'm not your babe!" I say in between laughs.

Louis stands up and says, "You sure about that, doll?" I roll my eyes and walk over to him and burying my face in his chest as he wraps his arms around my skinny frame. He lets go and takes my hand in his and leads me down the stairs to the kitchen. He rubs his eyes and greets his mom in the kitchen baking both of us waffles. He lets go of my hand and hugs his mom and tells her thank you and then kissing her cheek. I smile and sit down. She puts my waffle on my plate and I reply with a thank you. I drench my waffle in warm maple syrup. I take a bite and taste the delicious waffle in my mouth.

I look up and say, "Miss Tomlinson, this is a great waffle! Thank you so much!"

She smiles warmly at me as she puts Louis's waffle on his plate she replies, "Aw thank you Jamie. Call me Johanna. Oh! By the way, I have some clothes for you and some makeup if you like."

I smile widely, "Oh you didn't have to. But I would love it." I laugh so does she. 

She says, "Well Jamie I felt bad that you didn't bring anything here so I just got some stuff. I put it by your bag last night when I came home."

"Thank you so much. I will pay you back I swear!" I say to her as Louis is devouring his waffle.

"Oh no no. This is a present for making my Louis so happy!" She exclaims. Louis looks up at her embarrassed and I blush.

I reply while putting my hand on top of Louis's while looking at him, "He makes me feel safe and worth something."

The whole room got quiet as me and Louis are looking into each others eyes. I look down pulling my hand away from Louis's excusing myself. I get off the chair and walk quickly up the stairs. I get into the guest room closing the door locking it behind me. Oh God I am so stupid! Why would I say that?! Now he is gonna think I'm some kind of depressed goth girl. I said that because no guy makes me feel like he does. I meant what I said, that he makes me worth something. All my life my dad told me I was worth nothing and so did people at school when I was a nerd. I hated feeling like nothing! I still hate it! Harry made me feel valued then crushed me down again. I pull my self together and grab my phone. I call Megan and tell her to pick me up from Louis's house. I know I'm over reacting by not letting him take me but I can't explain to him why I said that. He has done enough I don't want to be a burden. I look in my bag and see a blue short dress with spikes on the shoulders and a built in belt. There was spiked bracelets and make up and a curling iron in there. I smile to my self and start to curl my hair. Once I finish I clip it to the side and put on the makeup. I slide on the dress adjusting the belt. I pull on my heels from yesterday on. I even put the earrings she gave me.

I grab my back pack and walk down the stairs. I see Louis all dressed with a smile on his face.

He says, "You look...stunning." I smile looking down and check my phone and Megan says she can't cause she is in Zayn's car and he only has two seats.

I sigh and quietly replying, "Thanks." I walk into the kitchen and tell Johanna thank you again and bye. I walk back into the main room where Louis is.

He grabs my forearm tightly, and says, "You are worth so much more than you think." I look away tears brimming my eyes. He takes his index finger and lifts my face to his. He looks at my lips then my eyes. I mirror his actions. He leans in and places a sweet soft kiss on my recently glossed lips. He pulls away and kisses my forehead then intertwines his fingers with mine leading me to his car. We get in and he starts to drive to the school. When we get there he opens my door and takes my hand walking me to my locker. He kisses my cheek before leaving to go to his locker. I open my locker and a note comes flying out. I pick it up off the ground and it reads: 

Hi Loser!

I know about your weird dad!!

Everyone at school will know if you stay with Louis!

You worthless piece of crap!

I look at the note and hear someone walking up. I turn and see Megan. She looks at me worried and says,"Hey Jamie whats that?" I gulp tears brimming my eyes. I hear Jenny and her group of robots calling me names. I drop the note and run the fastest I can. I run to the parking lot remembering Louis left his car unlocked. I walk to his car and open it sitting and just start to cry.

How could anyone find out! Megan knows but she would never tell anyone not even Zayn. No one else knows besides....Louis.


Megan's P.O.V.

I call out Jamie's name several times as she runs out the parking lot. I pick up the note and read it to myself. I look and see Jenny ad her friends all laughing. I crumble the note in my fist and walk up to Jenny and throw the note at her.

"What the hell, Jenny! You think that was funny?"

She smirks at me and just nods. I hear Louis say behind me, "Hey Megan where is Jamie?"

I pick up the note and bring it to Louis and say, "How could you tell! Never talk to Jamie again!" He looks at the note then at Jenny. I shake my head walking past him to my class. I know I should go look for Jamie but every time I do she gets mad and says she wants to be alone.I know Louis knows cause Jamie told me but that was the only person who knows besides me and I would never tell Jenny! I can't believe Louis would do that to Jamie! After all that she been through! I can't wait till Zayn talks to him. Hopefully he will tell Zayn why he did it. I hope Jamie is ok.




Did Louis really tell about Jamie's dad?

Is Jamie ok?

What will Zayn do to Louis??


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