How To Be A Heartbreaker >> l.t.

*Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction* Louis Tomlinson. The name all girls go into awe when they hear it. The guy that boys fear of losing there girlfriends to. Jamie Thomas. The girl all guys adore. The girl all girls are jealous of. Both heartbreakers, both good looking. What will happen if they both try to play there game on each other. Will they be to scarred to fall in love? Or will they give in to there feelings? (1D not famous till later)


4. #4

Jamie's P.O.V.

I look at Megan with a confused look. I lick my lip than scoot closer to Louis. He looks over at me and smiles. I don't know why but there is something about him that makes my stomach flutter. I know it sound cliché but it's true. I just hope Megan is wrong, and he isn't like Harry. But he is a heartbreaker. I'm not gonna get close to him, as in falling for him. I can't get hurt again. Louis reaches to hold my hand but I move it away. He then rests his hand on my thigh. I scoot over so his hand drops off my thigh.

Zayn says to Megan, "I have to talk to you. Can we go somewhere...private?" Megan nods and her and Zayn walk away leaving Louis and me alone.

He looks at me in confusion and asks, "Why won't you let me touch you? You keep moving away."

"Louis, just because we had one date doesn't mean we are together." I tell him as I stand up.

"But I want to be together." He admits while trying to reach for my hand.

I pull it away and coldly respond, "I have to go, I'll see you after school." 

He calls out my name as I turn on my heels and walk off. I get to my next class early and sit in my normal seat by Niall. I put my stuff on my desk from my bag and sit down in the classroom alone. I start to day dream looking out the window. Why is Louis being like this? Is it some kind of game to him? Did harry put him up to this? Am I just over thinking it? Should I give him a chance? My thoughts get interrupted by someone tapping my shoulder. I turn around to see Niall and smile at him. He sits down in his seat beside me and takes out his supplies.

He comments, "I don't usually see you here this early."

I smile and look up at him and reply, "I just had to be alone for awhile, think. You know?"

He nods and smiles understandingly, "Yea I understand. What happened to your jaw?"

I sigh and say, "I just..fell."

He furrows his eyebrows then raises one and says, "Fell on what?"

"What is it to you!" I snap at him.

"Sorry just curious." He says while zipping back his bag. Then he says, "So did you go on a date with Liam last night?" I shake my head no as I open my drawing book and I start to doodle. He looks at the page that I'm sketching on and says, "Wow! Your good!"

I smile at him then say, "Thanks, I'm not that good it is just doodles." Before he could say anything Liam walks in.

He smiles as he sees me and says, "Hey Jamie! So since you didn't go last night why don't we go to dinner next weekend?"

I smile and reply, "Sure, why not?" He smiles and sits in his usually seat in front of me. Soon enough everyone starts to flood in the classroom filling the empty seats. The bell rings and the teacher starts to lecture us. My mind trails off to Louis again. He makes me weak, like he is in control over me. When he said soon you will be mine did he mean we are gonna be together long lasting or just a fling. I think I'm done with flings. Just because Harry broke my heart doesn't mean I have to break everyone else's heart. Maybe Liam and I would work out. He is freaking gorgeous, but Louis is too. He cares for me, I think. Since I'm staying with him tonight I'll ask him a couple things.

I get pulled out of my thoughts by my science teacher yelling, "Jamie! I asked you a question!"

I reply, "Sorry can you repeat it?" Before she can the bell rings and everyone hops up. I get my bag and put my stuff in it and hurry out of the class. I get to my locker and put all my stuff that I don't need in there.I shut my locker and see Harry leaning on the one next to mine, scaring the crap out of me.

"Harry! You scared the hell out of me!" I say then hit him with my bag. 

"Sorry doll. Wanna come over tonight?" He asks reaching for my hand.

I look at him and say, "Are you mental, or just dumb? Harry, we are never gonna be..anything! I don't even want to know you! You put me through crap, Harold!"

He chuckles and replies, "You haven't called me that in so long, doll. So is that a no?"

I sigh then think I can stand him up! After all he was a jerk to me. I smirk and say, "Fine I'll meet you at the movies."  He smiles widely then leaves to talk to some blonde bimbos. 

*After school*

I leave my last class and get to my locker and get my homework. I get out my phone and turn it on.

I see a text from my mom saying, "Someone called family services. They took your dad to answer questions. Then they will take me then you. I need you to tell the truth ok? do not protect anyone! I love you. Don't come home tonight. I don't want your father to take out his anger on you. Be safe."

I tear up but smile at the same time and text back, "Mom, I love you too! Don't stay at the house either, stay at Aunt Joan's, please. I don't want you hurt either. I will tell the truth when they get me to questioning. I love you. You be careful!"

I put my phone in my bag and start to walk outside. I look around for Louis and see him and Jenny at his car. Maybe I'll stay at Megan's? I look over and Zayn and her are making out on the car. Forget that thought, I'll just stay at Louis's. I walkover and see Jenny pushing herself on Louis by the driver's seat. She shoots quick glares at me as I get in Louis's car. I sit in there thinking they would never stop talking! Louis has the keys on so I turn on the radio and blare the song, "It's Alive" By: A Fine Frenzy. I start to sing to the song waiting and waiting. Jenny knocks on the window and signaling me to turn it down but I turn it up as high as it can go. Louis gets in the car telling Jenny goodbye. 

"You are so mean sometimes." He says to me. I smile and close my eyes listening to the loud music. He hits my arm and turns down the radio and asks, "What happened at lunch today? You were late to lunch then you left early. You didn't even eat."

I turn the music back up looking out the window. Louis turns the music all the way off and says, "Jamie, talk to me!" He raised his voice alittle. I get back up again turning the music back up. He gets frustrated and yanks the nob off after he turns it all the way down so I can't turn it back up. 

"Fine Louis! I have been through this same crap before! You act like you really want to get to know me, and fall for me and be with me forever. But in reality this all is a game to you! Well get one thing straight I'm not playing your game with you." I say coldly then turn back looking out the window. 

He sighs and says calmly, "Jamie, just because I'm Harry's friend doesn't mean I'm him. I have been heart broke before too. Last year no one had any clue who i was. Then this girl Tiffany noticed me. She was popular, pretty, and witty. I was with her for 7 months. I fell for her, hard. We had sex then that morning there was a note on her pillow that said, 'Thanks for playing my game. I won and you got heartbroken. It's over Louis! Bye Loser.'"

Louis keep driving not looking at me at all. I say, "Louis, that is horrible." I put my hand on his thigh and continue, "I would never do that to you. It happened to me too. Harry just had sex with me then left. I was a nerd too. But that summer Megan helped me with my look."

He pulls in his driveway. His house is a two-story white and gold house. It is beautiful. He stops the car and looks me straight in the eyes and I see his tears.

I smile and say, "We both don't trust each other because we went through the same thing. So why don't we start to trust each other, and maybe we could even start to fall for each other if we both promise not to hurt each other. Promise?" He sniffs up his tears and holds out his pinkie to wrap around mine.

He replies, "I promise."

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