How To Be A Heartbreaker >> l.t.

*Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction* Louis Tomlinson. The name all girls go into awe when they hear it. The guy that boys fear of losing there girlfriends to. Jamie Thomas. The girl all guys adore. The girl all girls are jealous of. Both heartbreakers, both good looking. What will happen if they both try to play there game on each other. Will they be to scarred to fall in love? Or will they give in to there feelings? (1D not famous till later)


3. #3

Jamie's P.O.V.

I get up out of the bed and quickly get ready for school. I put on a red striped sweater with white striped sleeves and black skinny jeans. I go to the bathroom lightly curling my hair making loose waves and braiding two pieces putting them back.

I make sure to cover the huge bruise on my jaw but nothing worked so I kept it there. I look back at my appearance, once im happy I get my purse. I walk past my dad watching the tele and walk out the door without saying a word. Then the door opens and I see my dad.

I turn towards him and say quickly, "Bye Dad!" I try to walk away but he grabs my arm tightly. He throws me to the wall in front of Louis.

He yells at me, "You never go out without asking ever! Understand?" I nod as tears roll down. Louis pulls me away as my dad yells at him, "You are the one she is going out with! Wow Jamie I didn't know you could actually get a guy!" Louis gets furious and runs up to him but I pull him back making him face me.

I say through tears, "Leave it alone, lets just go, please." I plead.

He nods then turns to my dad and says, "How could you do that to your own daughter? She is beautiful, stunning, and amazing. That's what everyone sees, even you!" Louis opens the door for me and I get in. He gets in the other side. I wipe my tears and starts to stare at m fingers. Louis drives to school but parks at a restaurant beside the school. Once he stopped he turned towards me. I turn towards him and his eyes drop to my jaw seeing the purple swollen bruise the size of a fist on my face.

He strokes my cheek and when he reaches the bruise he whispers, "Did your dad do this to you?" He motions to my bruise. I don't answer but my tears answer for me. He says, "Jamie, you aren't gonna stay in that house." 

"Louis, you can't tell anyone." I say looking down.

"But Jamie, wait did he give you that bruise on your side too!" He yells angrily. I nod and he says, "Son of a bi-"

I interrupt him and say, "This isn't your concern. I'll deal with it. I have for a long time. He is just-"

"Jamie don't defend him! Look what he did to you! Please just stay at my place until we figure something out."

"Louis? Why are you being like this? Like saying 'we' and caring about me."

"Well Jamie I like you a lot. Believe me I don't say that often. But I don't want to see you hurt, ever."

I nod and smile slightly blushing. He pulls out of the restaurant parking lot and goes to park in the school's. I quickly wipe my tears and get out of thecar. Louis comes and takes my hand and intertwine fingers with mine. I smile cause I know he hasn't done that to any girl, ever.

I walk in there confident and Louis whispers in my ear, "If anyone asks you about the bruise on your jaw say you fell and I saw you, ok?"

I nod and keep walking he walks me to me locker and lets go of my hand and says before he goes, "I'm taking you to my place after school."

I nod and laugh and he leaves. I grab my books and get stopped my Jenny. She crosses her arms and yells getting everyones attention, "Why were you holding hands with Louis! He is mine!"

She pushes me a little and i see Louis turn towards me and her I say back, "Well if he was yours why would he be walking me to my locker?" I say while tapping my chin.

I smile as Louis comes up and says, "Jenny I told you it was over." He shrugs then kisses my cheek. I look at him shocked, he just winks. I shake my head and turn on my heels and walk toward my first class. Great its my class with Harry great and we are sitting by each other even better! Note the sarcasm! I walk in the class all eyes on my jaw. I roll my eyes and sit by Harry. I don't say I word to him. He slides me a note saying, "We need to talk after class. What happened to your face?" I scoff then throw the note at his face coldly.

Louis's P.O.V.

I walk into my first period with Niall and Liam. I sit by Niall talking to him. We start to talk about Jenny, who he is crushing on. If you ask me they would be a great couple, because he is a great listener and she is a annoying talker. 

He asks, "Did you see that huge bruise on that girl, Jamie's face?" I nod not wanting to get into it. He continues, "What do you think happened?"

"Well I asked her and she said she fell." I shrug and so does Niall.

The girl behind me passes me a note. I look and see it was from Jenny. I groan and roll my eyes. The note says, "Hey Lou, lets get back together that tramp, Jamie is horrible for you. I bet she got that bruise from someone raping her! LOL ~Jenny" I write back, "Don't ever talk about her like that. You are the tramp not her!" I spit on the note while looking at her. I throw it at her and she throws it away not opening it. I sigh and rest my head on the desk, today will be a long day, can't wait till lunch.

Jamie's P.O.V.

*After 4th Hour*

I walk out of my last class before lunch. I start to head to my locker passing a janitors closet. Instead of passing it I got pulled in it, by Harry.

I hit him hard and say, "You scared the crap out of me Harry!" I roll my eyes and try to leave but got pulled back. harry leans in and starts to kiss my neck. I push him away and say, "You lost the right to do that to me a long time ago, Harry!"

He chuckles and says, "Oh c'mon baby, you love it!" He walks closer but I shake my head no. He rubs my arm and says, "I was just playing around, I know you still have feelings for me."

I lick my lip and yell, "I hate you!"

His face softens and says, "No you don't"

I keep my tears inside as I say to him looking him in the eyes, "I should, I should hate you."

I push past him and make my way to my locker and put my books up. After I finish I start to walk to the lunchroom. I make my way over to my regular table with Megan and Zayn. I smile at them and both there eyes widen seeing me. Oh yea my huge bruise. Megan mouths when Zayn isn't looking, 'Dad'. I nod and her face had an apologetic smile. 

Zayn asks, "What happened?"

I say, "I fell and hit my jaw on a table. I was lucky I didn't break it" I fake a smile and so does Megan. OUr awkward silence got interrupted by Louis sitting down next to me. Megan rolls her eyes at Louis at Zayn and him talk.

She leans and whispers, "Don't go out with him, Jamie. He is just like Harry."

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