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*Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction* Louis Tomlinson. The name all girls go into awe when they hear it. The guy that boys fear of losing there girlfriends to. Jamie Thomas. The girl all guys adore. The girl all girls are jealous of. Both heartbreakers, both good looking. What will happen if they both try to play there game on each other. Will they be to scarred to fall in love? Or will they give in to there feelings? (1D not famous till later)


22. #22

Jamie's P.O.V.

I woke up turning over, wishing to see Louis, but I see a pillow. I sigh getting up checking my phone. '4 New Messages!', pop up on the screen. 

'Hey love! Can't wait to see you! xx - Niall'

I smile texting back, 'I missed you bunches! Now you are gonna be a big star, Nialler! Can't wait till you get here! x - Jamie'

I flipped to the next message, 'Hey! Todays the day! I have to go get pretty! See you at the drop off! - Megan' (BTW, the drop off is where the boys will be dropped off lol) 

I smile and giggle a little then press on the third one, 'Hi, just wanted to ask you if I could come over and tell you something before we go see the boys? - Marcel'

I text back, 'Yea sure! See you soon! xx - Jamie'

I finally get to the last one. I open it, 'Jamie! I love you so much! I can't wait to see your beautiful face again! Niall told me you got a hair cut! Can't wait to see! I bet you will look good like always! I love you. xxxxxxxxxx - Louis'

I smile widely, quickly texting back, 'LOU! I can't wait to see you! It's been torture without you being beside me. I hate waking up and not seeing your face, beside me.I hope you like my hair lol! I got it done to just get a change! Speaking of change I need to go get ready to see you! I love you. xxxxx - Jamie'

I go to my bathroom to wash my face. I finish up, drying off, then I start to put on my regular makeup. I put my hair out of a pony tail, then I quickly curl it. I walk out of the bathroom, down the stairs. I see Dave eating cereal smiling at me.  I walk to the kitchen getting myself some cereal and sit next to him.

"You excited?", Dave asks looking over at me.

"YES!" I practically yell.

He chuckles and looks back at the TV. I continue to eat then the doorbell rings. I set my cereal down and get up to answer the door. I open it and see, Marcel. I smile, "Come in!" He walks in and I lead him upstairs. He sits down on the bed as I make my way to my closet. I ask, "So what do you need to tell me?"

He takes a breath and says, "I like this girl, but she is taken."

I look over at him, "Aww that's rough, Marcel."

"Yea," He sighs out, looking down. 

I pull out some outfits, "Do you need me to help or something?"

"Well I just kinda wanted advice..", He trails off.

I pull out shoes, "Well best thing you can do is wait and confess your feelings to her."

He looks up at me and smiles, "I will...soon." 

I smile, "Good now, which outfit?" I hold up two. He points to the left one. I smile and go to the bathroom putting it on. I walk back out, "What do you think?"

He smiles slightly, "Louis is really lucky."  I blush and check my phone and sigh. "Don't listen to them, they are just bullies that will never get anywhere in life! What did they say this time?"

I sigh, "Stop trying, you aren't pretty, just desperate. xx. How do these people even know my number?!"

"I don't know but when Louis, hears and sees how people treated you when he was gone and still treats you, he will protect you.", Marcel smiles.

I smile, "I just hope no one sees me today or they will yell something and Louis will be worried, when he shouldn't be." I pause grabbing my purse putting my phone in it, "Ready?"

Marcel nods and we both walk down stairs. I tell Dave good bye then walk out the door. I get inside Marcel'd car and we head to the drop off. We turn the radio on and hear, "Hello welcome to Radio 1! This next song is One Direction's new single, 'What Makes You  Beautiful', hit it!" The song starts and Marcel and I start to sing along. They are really good, like amazing. Every girl will fall for them. We get to the drop off and I see Jenny, gross, then I see Megan and I smile. Marcel parks and I jump out engulfing Megan in a hug. I give Jenny a slight smile, (Btw Jenny and the rest of the school is bullying Jamie again) then turn back and see the bus pull up. I squeal and so does Megan. The bus comes to a stop and then door opens. The boys come out of the bus with their luggage. I look over and of course Louis is last. He drops his bag and I drop my purse. I run to him and he meets me halfway and we engulf in a hug. He picks me up spinning me around. When he puts me down he kisses me lips. I savor this moment since I have been craving it for so long. We stay kissing, moving our lips with each other. He pulls away, both of us with the biggest grin. 

"I missed you so much!"He says keeping me in his arms.

"I missed you too!" My head resting on his chest, smelling my Louis. He has alot more tatoos since he left.

He whispers to me, "I love you so much."

I smile, "I love you too, Lou" 

I kiss his lips again, he pulls away, "Jamie...You lost a lot of weight. I can feel your bones when I touch you. Are you eating?" (BTW, Jamie didn't eat for 4 mouths and you will find out why next chapter, but you might figure it out later in this chapter)

I sigh, "Lets not talk about me right now. I'm gonna say hi to Niall and the rest of the boys." I fake a smile and his fades. I turn around running to Niall giving him a big hug.

"Nialler!" I say after we pull away.

He smiles and says, "Wow J! You look different! I love your hair!"

I smile thanking him. I give the rest of the boys hugs and then I go to Louis taking his hand and telling everyone to go to Starbucks. I got back in Marcel's car with Louis, Marcel, Harry, and Liam. I get in the front with Marcel and the three boys sit in the back.  I look other at Louis who is talking to Harry and Liam. I sigh and say to Marcel, "They have gotten close.... Louis noticed my weight,"

Marcel glances at me whispering back, "You are gonna have to tell him sooner or later. He is gonna wanna know that you had a miscarriage with his child."

"Shhh! I have a lot to tell him, just not know." I say glancing back at him. Marcel heads to Starbucks and while he drives all the other boys tell me and Marcel stories about the X-Factor. Before I knew it we were here. We parked and see Megan with Jenny, Niall, and Zayn. We walked in and I instantly see some guys that always call me names. I glance over to Marcel and he sees them also. I grab Louis's hand and we all get a big table. I sit between Niall and Louis, holding Louis's hand. The two guys come up in front of us. I put my head in my hands.

This can't be happening..

Zayn asks, "How can we help you?"

They say to me, "Hey! Why are you guys hanging out with Jamie the whore?"

The two guys start laughing and Niall stands up saying, "What the hell did you just call her?"

I stay seated saying, "Don't bother."

Louis then stands up saying, "No! They don't call you a whore and get away with it!"

One of the guys say, "Oh so what are you gonna do about it, pop star faggots?"

Marcel suddenly stands up punching the guy right in the face.

"Marcel!" I yell yanking him away, I was afraid the guy would punch back and he would get hurt.

The two guys left and Louis asks, "What all has happened since we left?"




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