How To Be A Heartbreaker >> l.t.

*Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction* Louis Tomlinson. The name all girls go into awe when they hear it. The guy that boys fear of losing there girlfriends to. Jamie Thomas. The girl all guys adore. The girl all girls are jealous of. Both heartbreakers, both good looking. What will happen if they both try to play there game on each other. Will they be to scarred to fall in love? Or will they give in to there feelings? (1D not famous till later)


21. #21

~10 Months Later~

Jamie's P.O.V.

"Megan, Marcel! C'mon! X-Factor is back on!", I yell at my two best friends who were getting chips and salsa. I run my hand through my new cut hair (she cut her hair since Louis left, she wanted a change), as I get on the couch. Megan laughs and  sits beside me and so does Marcel.

I turn the volume up and  the host says, "Ok now elimination time!" 

I have missed Louis so much, it's been really hard. I haven't really been out of the house since he has left. I haven't genuinely been happy with out him. But watching the video diaries and his performances help, cause I get to see his smile. I also miss all the other boys, especially Niall. But I can see Megan misses Zayn like crazy, but there is always rumors about him and Rebecca Ferguson.There is also rumors about Louis and this girl named Eleanor. But I know Louis wouldn't do that to me. 

"So the person going home tonight is......", The host says to create anticipation.

"C'MON! GET ON WITH IT!", Megan yells causing me to laugh.

The host looks at One Direction saying, "I'm sorry but England has voted and One Direction you have been eliminated."

Marcel jumps up, with popcorn in his hands causing it to go all over the floor. 

"WHAT!", We all say in unison. I look and see all them sad that they had to go, but I saw some happiness in Louis's eyes. They walked off the stage and then I was about to turn the TV off but there was more. Simon took the boys into an office.

He said to them, "I really like you. I think you will go very far. You all have an amazing talent. So I want you guys to be signed with me.", All the boys bursted in cheers, all looking so happy. I looked over at Megan and she didn't have a smile, but me and Marcel did.

"I can't believe they got a record deal! They are going to be stars!", Marcel says with glee. Then the show ends and I turn the Tv off.

Megan sighs, "Jamie, you know what this means?"

I look at her and raise my eyebrow, "What does it mean?"

"It means everything is gonna change. They will never be free. Millions of girls are going to fall in love with them. Other people are going to control who they see and what they do." Megan says.

I sigh looking at Marcel then back at her, "That might not happen." I say but after I do I realize Megan is right.

Everything will change.

Louis's P.O.V.

I hug the boys, so excited that we are going to be stars! Simon said that we get to go see our families then we will come back and start recording in 2 months. I can't wait to see Jamie. I have missed her alot. We only have talked for about 30 minutes in 10 months. We all go back t o the X-Factor house and pack our bags. I look and all the boys had huge smiles on their faces, and so did I. We all finish packing, saying our goodbyes. I looked over and Zayn said a long goodbye to Rebecca. Niall pats me on the back, "Ready to see jamie again?"

I smile, "I'm more than ready."

All five of us get on the bus. I can't to get there in the morning. I can't wait to see Jamie's smiling face. But everything is going to change now that I might be a singer. 

Everything will change.


Ook guys so one prize is taken from the fan art contest! There is only two prizes left!

-Marcel's girlfriend

-Liam's girlfriend (In My Best Friend's Girlfriend)

If you can't send me the fan art via email then you can put in a mumble and tell me in the comments if you did :) Love you guys! +15 comments for next chapter :)

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