How To Be A Heartbreaker >> l.t.

*Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction* Louis Tomlinson. The name all girls go into awe when they hear it. The guy that boys fear of losing there girlfriends to. Jamie Thomas. The girl all guys adore. The girl all girls are jealous of. Both heartbreakers, both good looking. What will happen if they both try to play there game on each other. Will they be to scarred to fall in love? Or will they give in to there feelings? (1D not famous till later)


19. #19

Jamie's P.O.V.

Louis and I are walking down the path to his house. The only sound was our shoes hitting the pavement. I think I might be more nervous than him. I don't want him to leave and then comeback and every thing will change! What if he wins? He will forget about me. I can't be without him again.

He squeezes my hand and he says, "Stop worrying ok? There is a possibility that I might not even make it through auditions! So Jamie, please stop thinking that I'm going to leave you."

I fight through the tears saying, "Just don't forget about me ok?"

"You are to irresistible to forget." He lifts my head up with his finger. His thumb brushes my cheek as he leans down engulfing me into a passionate kiss. He puts one hand around my waist pulling me close. I place my hands on his jaw pulling the kiss deeper. I hear someone clearly there throat and I smile breaking the kiss. I laugh slightly as Louis turns around. 

"What do you want Harry?"Louis says while turning to him. 

"I just wanted to tell Jamie thank you for helping Marcel tonight. Even though he didn't show it he is thankful.", Harry says to me.

I smile and say, "No problem. Does Marcel live here?"

Harry nods, "Yea he lives in my place now. We all should hang out after auditions! Marcel, Niall, Liam, Zayn, Louis, you, and me!" I smile looking up at Louis who says, "Yea lets do it!"


I tap my fingers nonstop biting my lip waiting for the boys to come out. Megan is doing the same thing and so Marcel and Jenny. I tap my foot then see them walk out. I run up to Louis and ask, "What happened?" i almost yell.

His frown turns into a huge smile yelling, "WE ARE GOING TO BOOTCAMP!"

We all burst in to cheers, and hugging each other. Louis and I start kissing and when we break apart I whisper, "I told you that you could do it."

"I'm gonna miss you." He says.

Tears brim my eyes and I say, "I'll miss you too. I love you." He leans down pecking my lips and we all start running to the car. We all get in our huge van and start driving to Nando's. Louis and I hold each others hand like it was gonna be the last, and it might be. I shake the thought out of my mind as we sit down at a table. We get our food and drinks talking about nothing important. Then we started talking about the future. Louis whispers, "I love you. I promise to marry you one day, just not know."

I look at him confused and say, "I love you too." He gives me a small box opening it, showing a beautiful but simple promise ring.

I put my hand over my mouth and I nod since that is all I'm able to do. I was so happy no words could come out. I kiss him and he slides it on my finger.

At the end of the night we all say our goodbyes saying we will see you tomorrow. Since we all are going to see each other because we need to drop the boys at the X-Factor bootcamp so they can get on a bus to London since we are in Doncaster. Louis and I walk into his house. He leads me up to his room pushing me on the bed.

He whispers, "I love you so much."


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