Where Is My Head (A Louis Tomlinson Fan Fic)

The last thing Vanessa wanted was to start living with her dad. Not to mention the fact that he lives in a completely different country! Louis Tomlinson was known as the town bad boy. Louis was a boy with a dark past, he was dangerous, aggresive, and completely lost. Vanessa is afraid of him but will she relize that Louis just needs love to finally mend his broken heart?


1. Welcome to Doncaster


Chapter 1


"Sooo...You've gotten taller" Richard, my dad says. I just look out my window and just sigh. I look down at my feet. "Vanessa look you can't just shut me ou-"

"Dad...stop" I say "and it's Nessa" I take a strand of my honey brown, curly locks and start twirling it with my finger. I see my dad glance over at me and then back at the road. His eyes full of sadness.

"You look a lot like your mother did when she was your age" Richard says. I'm sixteen years old and he still treats me like I'm five. "You have her eyes" he says. I look back down at my oversized T-shirt and my gray ripped short-shorts, I then look down at my black Vans.

"Dad why exactaly do I have to come here?" I ask pressing my forehead to the warm glass window.

"Your mother, she says it would give us a chance to bond" he explains

"Oh and like you couldn't have done that for the last eleven years" I say

"Vanessa!" he yells at me. I roll my eyes

"It's true" I mumble trying not to be heard. I gaze out the window more looking at the bright blue sky. I close my eyes for awhile and when I open them we arrive into the town of Doncaster. My home for the next two years, goodie. After about ten more minutes of driving through the town we pull up to a small yellow house. The house looked pretty normal. It had about four windows in the front, two on the side and a small red door. I saw a fence surronding the yard and a gate right in front. I open the door to my dads jeep and get out. Just as a get out I see a familer face come running out. I start smiling when I see her.

"Nessie!" she says running into my arms

"Callie!" I say wraping my arms around her tightly. I missed my best friend so much. When my parents divorced me and my mom had moved to New York. I was five then. I had to basically leave all of my friends behind. I look into Callie's eyes. "Wheres Shay?" I ask

"She has work today, but we're gonna be heading over there soon" Callie explains "Want some help with your bags?" she asks

"Yeah thanks" I say. We both head to the back of the jeep to get my bags.

"So whats it like over there?"

"Huh?" I ask

"In the states, whats it like?" Callie asks picking up my zebra duffle bag

"Oh...It's okay" I answer

"Any cute boys?". I giggle at her question

"Oh yeah" I say smiling "How bout' here?" I ask

"Eh, sorta" Callie says shruging her shoulders. I smile at her "Oh shit no" she says looking past me

"What?" I ask moving a peice of hair from my face and turning around

"Don't look!" She says pulling my hand and pulling me down so we are ducking behind the fence. I peek over and I see a boy. He was pretty cute. He had amazing blue eyes, brown hair kinda in a Bieber style. As he's walking past I can feel Callie's grip tighten around my wrist. Her hot pink painted nails digging into my skin. Her brown eyes full of fear and her blonde flowing hair in her mouth. When the boy leaves she lets go of my wrist.

"Ouch!" I gasp

"Sorry about that" she says

"Who was that?" I ask licking my wrist to sooth the claw marks.

"Louis Tomlinson" she answers

"I'm sorry who?" I ask once again

"Someone you do not want to know" she answers pulling my duffle bag over her shoulder and walking up the front steps to my house. Louis Tomlinson? Someone I don't want to meet? Better to be safe than sorry.



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