Where Is My Head (A Louis Tomlinson Fan Fic)

The last thing Vanessa wanted was to start living with her dad. Not to mention the fact that he lives in a completely different country! Louis Tomlinson was known as the town bad boy. Louis was a boy with a dark past, he was dangerous, aggresive, and completely lost. Vanessa is afraid of him but will she relize that Louis just needs love to finally mend his broken heart?


4. Help Me


Chapter 4

The next morning Callie and Shay had deciced to come pick me up for school with their friend Jesse.

Vanessa's Outfit>>>

"Hey Ness" Shay greets happily walking into the house with the other girls. She was wearing a navy blue blazer, black skinny jeans, and black wedges. Her amazing, wild red curls were tied up into a messy bun and she wore what I like to call 'CSI: Miami Sun glasses'. I looked to each girl.

Jesse was wearing black leggings, tan color Uggs, and a natral old oversized 'Green Day' T-shirt. Her hair was down showing off her beautiful black waves. Her brown eyes gleemed with happiness.

Callie was wearing blue skinny jeans, a hot pink blazer, and matching hot pink wedges. Her long blonde hair was up into a pony tail. Her blue eyes glicened with...Fear?

"Callie..." Jesse says. No answer."She's been like this all morning" she whispers

"Is your dad okay?" Shay asked. What? Do they mean by last night?

"What do you mean?" I ask as if I had no clue what happened when I'm the one responsible for the fight.

"Last night Louis was walking around town with a black eye, bloody nose, multipe brusies, and a A LOT of cuts and scraips" Shay explains

"And he said your dad did it" Callie finally chimes in. I just avoid eye contact with them and head to the kitchen. I hear footsteps coming down the stairs and then the gasps leaving the three girls mouths. Dad...

"Is this what he did!?!" Callie says in shock

"That boy is a disaster" Shay mentions

"What happend?!?" Jesse asks worried.

"Ladies I'm fine" My dad says

"I'm not" I mumble

"What?" The girls ask in usion.

"I'm the one who ratted him out, I'm the one who caused the fight to happen, I'm the one who told about what Louis did to me yesturday" the girls look at me in shock. "He's gonna want to deal with me" I say grabing my bag and storming out of the house. I go into the garage and entered my dad's jeep. Damn it! you forgot keys!

I look around to see if there was anything I could use. When I realize it's no use I just leay back in the seat and close my eyes. Why? Why did life have to be so damn hard!?! Suddenly I hear something get thrown into the car. I look to my left and I see him... He looked worse than I thought.

"Looking for those?" he says. "Plus this?" he says pulling out something.

"How'd you get my phone?" I ask glaring at him. He shrugs and walks over to the car leaning against the door."Louis, I don't have time for this" I say sounding annoyed. The door swings open and in he comes. I look at him and cross my arms over my chest. "What do you think your're doing?" I ask coldly

"We need to talk" I roll my eyes at his words

"We have NOTHING to talk about, now get the fuck out of the car, Tomlinson". He sits there and looks at me. Anger, Betrail, Hurt. I was scared, I reached for the door and begin to step out but he clamps his hand down on my wrist and yanks me back in. He tightens his grip, harder and harder each time I stuggle. I let out a whimper of fear and pain. "Please, Louis your're hurting me" I say trying to get out of his grip

"Get this through your head, Nessa, your mine, no one elses...Mine" he says coldly squeezing my wrist tighter.

"Please" I beg, beging to cry from the pain. "What do you want form me!?!" I scream at him crying harder.

"All I want is you" He whispers in my ear suductively. When he realeses me I jump out of the car, take my heels off and run...nothing else just run. I hate being here! I stop at a park. I look down at my sweater and pull the sleeve up a little revealing a purple, blue bruse. I look around and notice, This isn't a park, It's a cemetary. I look around at all the tombstones. I walked around, staring at each grave. Each grave tells a story. One caught my eye

Caroline Rivers


A beloved daughter and friend

18 years old. I look down at the grave and I see a bouqet of flowers, Tiger Lillys'. They looked very new. I look around and I see and old car yard in the distance. I look back at Caroline's grave and I sit. I just gaze worderingly at the grave.

"Hi" I say. What am I doing? "I'm Vanessa" I say. Okay I'm talking to a stone,this is perfectly normal. "I know you can't hear me or anyhting but...Caroline, I just need to get this all out" I begin. "I hate it here!" I exclaim laying back in the grass "I'm a thousand miles away from home, I have to live with my dad who I barely know, Then eveyone is afraid of this huge jackass who soposedly claimed me as 'his'?, I CAN'T TAKE IT!" I yell out into the air. "The thing is, I need a miracle, I need help, Please, If you can hear me, Please I'm begging you, Just...Help me"...

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