Where Is My Head (A Louis Tomlinson Fan Fic)

The last thing Vanessa wanted was to start living with her dad. Not to mention the fact that he lives in a completely different country! Louis Tomlinson was known as the town bad boy. Louis was a boy with a dark past, he was dangerous, aggresive, and completely lost. Vanessa is afraid of him but will she relize that Louis just needs love to finally mend his broken heart?


6. Evil Eyes

Chapter 5

I've been walking around town for ages! I'm walking, just walking, I walk until I feel a hand clamp down on my already aching wrist. I attempt to scream but another hand covers my mouth right before I can even make a peep. I try to search for the person but I can't, It's too dark in this ally to see anything. All of a suddenly I'm thrown against the wall and I fall to the cold, damp, disgustingly dirty ground. I try to get up but I can't, the dizziness over takes me.

"Get up" A voice orders me. It's a familiar voice. I look up and I see his devilish smile. I stand and look to see his so very dark hair and his menacing evil eyes. "Boy would Louis be pissed that you were there" he says

"Carter, please" I say with a pleading look. He kept stepping closer and closer to me. He pinned me to the wall. "Carter, stop" I growl. Just then I feel him start touching me. I started struggling in his grip, trying to break free.

"Your so....hot" he whispers in my ear seductively. "It's such a shame your Louis'". Carters begins to touch me even more and I was still struggling, despite to get away from him.

"I'm not his! I'm nobody's!" I hiss at him. Just then Carter crashes his lips onto mine, this time, I'm struggling more then I was before.

"WHAT THE HELL!?!" I hear somebody scream in anger. Our heads turn and I see Louis. Thank god. "CARTER! YOU KNOW THE RULES!" he yells.

"Lou, It's not fair" Carter responds stepping away from me and going to Louis. Rules? Isn't fair?

"She's mine! not yours! Not anybody's, just mine!" Louis says pinning Carter to the wall forcefully, holding him by his shirt collar. "And if you ever lay one finger on her I'll-"

"You'll do what?" Carter asks shoving Louis off of him making him fall to the ground.

"Carter, you hurt me once, It's not going to happen again".

"She deserved it!"

"DESERVED IT!?1 I FUCKING LOVED HER!" Louis yells, his jaw tensing.


"I WAS HAPPY! PLUS IF YOU LOVED HER SO MUCH WHY'D YOU KILL HER!?!" silence. Carter killed somebody. I couldn't take it! I needed to leave. I started running again. "Vanessa!" Louis calls after me. I didn't listen I needed to get away from those boys...


Sorry for actually posting the beginning, meant to put it as a draft yesterday, I made a long one for you guys :) bye bye

~Erin xoxo

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