Where Is My Head (A Louis Tomlinson Fan Fic)

The last thing Vanessa wanted was to start living with her dad. Not to mention the fact that he lives in a completely different country! Louis Tomlinson was known as the town bad boy. Louis was a boy with a dark past, he was dangerous, aggresive, and completely lost. Vanessa is afraid of him but will she relize that Louis just needs love to finally mend his broken heart?


3. Don't Go Near Him


Chapter 3

"Mom, when can I come home?" I whine as me and my mom are Skypeing for the first time since I arrived in Doncaster.

"Vanessa, sweetie can we please stop talking about this, it's already been settled you are going to live with your fauther for the next TWO years" she says emphisizing the word 'two'.

"But mom!" I whine

"Vanessa" my mom says sternly. "Lets just move on okay? now...is there anyone there you like?"

"Define 'like'?" I ask crossing my arms and leaning back into my chair.

"Any friends?"

"Oh! Shay and Callie are still around!" I say smiling

"Thats good!" she says smiling "Any new friends?". Oh um not really...well if you actually consider two boys forcing themselves on you 'friends'. I shake my head and frown hoping she dosn't notice. I couldn't have been more wrong

"Nessa, is there something you wanna talk about?" she asks. I look up and then shake my head 'no' very rapidly. "Vanessa"

I freeze, I just have to tell her she's my mom! she might understand. I think. "Well...theres this boy" I begin

"Good!" she squeals

"I don't know if I can call him a friend though"

"Why?". I shrug my shoulders

"He's...different" I sigh

"In what way?" I hesitate. I can do this, just tell her Nessa! Do it you gutless little jellyfish, do it!

Insted of telling her I just start crying! What the fuck!?!

"Nessa? whats wrong? did this boy hurt you?" my mom asks in concern.

"H-He forced himself O-on m-m-me" I say through sobs, ruining my make up

"Whats his name!?!"

"L-L-Louis" I say "He's creepy, a perve!" I say throwing my hands up into the air. "He well...he..." I stop talking. I'm being a huge baby right now! Why is this happening?

"Nessa, you have to tell your dad". No! if I tell him he'll just make things worse!

"Mom, if I tell him it'll make things worse" I say wiping the remainder of tears still left on my bright red, hot cheeks.

"Tell him to come in here, I need to talk to him" I hesitate. Why Nessa?!?! Why did you have to tell her!?! I start moving to the door. I open it and call for my dad.

"Hey, whats up?" He asks me

"She wants to talk to you" I say walking downstairs and I'm greeted by Maggie, my dad's new wife. We get along pretty well. We have the same intrests and stuff. Her long Brown hair was tied up into a messy bun.

"Hey sweetie" she says smiling.

"Hi" I say mopey like.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing" I lie. I've told enough of that jackass, Louis for one day. Me and Maggie start talking about various people in town. I was barely listening to her at all, I just couldn't take my mind off of what just happend with me and my mom.

"WHAT!?!" We hear someone yell. Dad. Oh No. I think putting my head in my hands. My dad comes rushing down the stairs pissed off as hell!

"Dad calm down" I say rushing toward him.

"Did he hurt you!?!" he hollars.

"Dad sto-"

"DID HE HURT YOU!" He screams at me

"No! I'm perfectly fine! It was a complete miss under-" He starts walking away from me and he shoots the door wide open and walks out in a huff. Louis! I start running after him. I run into town but I can't find him. Louis, not my dad. Okay I'm a total idiot! why am I going to protect some jackass that I barly know, over my dad!?!


After about an hour of looking my dad was no where to be found. I went home and when I walked in I saw Maggie aiding my dad. He was all brusied up. His lower lip had a cut and he also had a huge black eye."Dad" I start

"Hey honey" he started.

"What the hell happend?" I ask shocked

"That boy can really pack a punch" he said. After about 3 minutes of total scilence Maggie stands up from the stool.

"I'm gonna leave you to alone for a little" I nod as she takes the bloody rag and heads to the kitchen.

"Dad, I am so, so sorry" I say

"Nessa, it's fine" he said

"No it's not, it's completely my fault"

"Don't take blame for something some basturd did, Nessa"

"But it's true...If I hadn't ratted him out you'd be perfectly fine" I say after a couple seconds he speaks up

"Vanessa, I don't want you anywhere near that boy ok?" he asks. I just stay quiet and avoid eye contact. "Vanessa? Don't go near him, OKAY?" he says emphisizing the word 'Okay'

"Okay" I say getting up and running upstairs. Don't go near him... 

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