My Mystery Cousin

Alison Lilly just turned 17. Alison is going to be a senior and she can't wait! She is outgoing and always excited about everything. Alison is a music fan of One Direction, but not a huge fan of the boys. Until her mom told her about her Aunt Margie from the U.K. To Alison's surprise her Aunt's last name was Payne. Until she asked her mom if her cousin's name happens to be Liam? The answer was yes. Her Aunt wants her to come over to the U.K. for the summer and meet them for the first time. How will Alison react? Will it be good or bad!>


9. Wake up Sleeping Beauty



 4hr drive great thats what I needed after a long 5hr plane ride! Ugh! Well at least I was able to sleep. Then I feel someboyd shaking me. I open my one eye and look at Liam.

"Wake up sleeping beauty we are here."

''But, sleeping beauty dosen't want to get up."

"Okay then I will just throw you in my pool."

"Sleeping Beauty is up!" I hop out of the car. It was beautiful. Two story house, with an amazing garden. It felt like home. It reminded me of home.

"So you ready?"


"Wait let me put this on you." Of course a blind fold. Why didn't I see that coming.

"Ugh, really. You could of just made me sleep walk!"

"Haha sorry Ally, but your going to like this surprise." I can hear the door opening. Liam helped go down the 2 steps  going through his entrance. Then I hear.

"Group hug!" Then their is me getting smushed between 5 guys. By the way, they smell really good!

"Liam! Can I take the blind fold off?"

"Yeah, go for it." I take the blind fold off.

'You guys could of just surprised me when I walked in. I would of actually screamed if that's what your aiming for."

Louis siad "Why didn't I think of that. Okay next time then."

"Alright well guys, I can't wait to spend my summer with all of you. Ecsppecially one of you. But this may be a very good summer."

They all said unsion "Awh, come here."

Them they just smuther me into another hug. "Uhh can't breathe."

Harry replied saying " Do you think we care babe?"

"I'm guessing no."

"Your answer is correct."

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