My Mystery Cousin

Alison Lilly just turned 17. Alison is going to be a senior and she can't wait! She is outgoing and always excited about everything. Alison is a music fan of One Direction, but not a huge fan of the boys. Until her mom told her about her Aunt Margie from the U.K. To Alison's surprise her Aunt's last name was Payne. Until she asked her mom if her cousin's name happens to be Liam? The answer was yes. Her Aunt wants her to come over to the U.K. for the summer and meet them for the first time. How will Alison react? Will it be good or bad!>


10. The un-packing


"Okay, well I see you meet the boys." My Aunt Margie spoke

"Haha, yes I did."

"Well, dear let me show you to your room." I follow my Aunt down the hallway on the first floor. There were 3 bedrooms down this hallway. She led me into the one at the end. I go in and it was huge. With purple walls, with hard wood floors and a orange rug!  I loved it, I had my own bathroom. Yes!

"Okay, dear you have Harry on your right and Louis on your left." O god this might be instersting.

''Okay, thanks." She left, I guess so I can start un packing. I put clothes in the drawers and closet. Threw my bathroom crap into the bathroom. I brought pictures with me of my friends and Evan. Placed them along the wall like I do at home. I brought the picture that Kaitlyn took of me and Evan.  She had to frame it. We were kissing in the picture under a tree. I was wearing a light blue straples dress with white heels and he was wearing a blue shirt with a white tie.With dress pants and shoes. Kaitlyn told us to dress up that day. Then she gave us the picture on our 1 year of being together. We both got one. It was cute.

I was placing on my night stand, when somebody knocked on my door. I looked and spotted Harry.

"Hey, do you need any help?"

"No, I just finished. But thanks anyways." He goes around looking at my pictures, then spots one of the pictures of me in my marching band uniform.

"You march?"


"For how long?"

"Already 4 years."


"Yeah, I'm drum major, that was my first year as junior."

"Nice, so I'm guessing you a senior."

"Mhmm..." He keeps scanning my walls then points at a picture with Kaitlyn and I in it. It was freshmen year first game. We both made varsity for the first year. Me as goalie and her as a foward.

"You play football?"

"Haha, yea."


"Yup, I know , its shocking. I'm really skinny."

"Haha, you stole my words right out of my mouth." Then he moves over to the picture on the bed stand. He picks it up and looks at it. He forwns and saids "Is this your boyfriend?"


"He is lucky."

'What do you mean?"

"That he got a beautiful girl like you." I blushed a little. He placed it down and walked away.

I was getting my presents out for the guys and my Aunt and Uncle. Then I heard talking in Louis room. I feel bad I'm snooping right now.

"Louis she's got a boyfriend."

"O I'm sorry man."

"Its okay, but I can only dream now."

Then I just walked down the hall and started thinking was he going to ask me out or is that my imagination? I shake it off and go into the living room where everybody is, except for Louis and Harry.

"Okay everyone I brought presents."

Niall sings "She has presents for us!" Then Louis and Harry rush into the living room.

''Okay, the first present is forrrrr....Louis."  I toss over to him. He starts to open it and then the box. I bought him a necklace and it saids 'Smile for me' he laugh and got upo and hug me. "Thanks Al!"

"No prob." He then put it on and kept on smiling.

"This one goes too, Niall." I toss his over."

Me and Makayla bought him a shirt that saids 'We want the luck of the Irish in America.' It had the clover on the back. As he opened it up.  He cheaked the shirt out and then threw it on. Haha, only Niall. "Thanks Al!" I smiled and said "Your welcome."

"Okay this is Zayn's!"

I toss his over

I had no idea what to buy him. So my friend Lu gave me her ring to give to him. It said 'Don't change on me.' But I put it on a nechlace so he can wear it like that." He opened the box and he put it on. "Ally, thank you!" "Your welcome."

"Harry this is yours."

I toss it over.

I got him a book that has bad pick up lines in it. But then I wrote him a note saying, "I thought you might want to try some new pick lines." Has he opened it, he found the note. He laughed and said "I will use these, don't worry." I just laughed and smiled.

"Okay Liam her is yours."

"O god!"

"Hey shut up!"

I toss it over. It was big. He opens it up. It was a photo album that said 'Let's Make Memories.' I start to get my camera ready. "There are no pictures?"

"Excatly silly!" Then I take a picture of him. He gets up and hugs me saing "Your going to be one of my best cousins!"

"I will be Liam!"

My Uncle Jim got a bottle of wine from my dad. Don't ask. My Aunt Margie was last. "Aunt Margie here are photo albums that you can keep, these are old photos of our realitives and at the bottom there is a caption of whos, who." She smilied and gave me the biggest hug. Then I felt tears. "Don't cry Aunt Margie!"

"Okay dear..."

She wiped her tears and then smilied at me. She then announced "Are we ready eat?" Then we all head over to the dining room table. Me sitting in between Liam and Harry. Figures...Then Liam tells me. "We are going to do our gifts for you individually."

"Okay sounds good." For a strange reason I just got  nervous with no reason at all.


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