My Mystery Cousin

Alison Lilly just turned 17. Alison is going to be a senior and she can't wait! She is outgoing and always excited about everything. Alison is a music fan of One Direction, but not a huge fan of the boys. Until her mom told her about her Aunt Margie from the U.K. To Alison's surprise her Aunt's last name was Payne. Until she asked her mom if her cousin's name happens to be Liam? The answer was yes. Her Aunt wants her to come over to the U.K. for the summer and meet them for the first time. How will Alison react? Will it be good or bad!>


17. O a wonderful day


Ally's Pov


   "So has you see Miss. Lilly, we are very fund about our theater and music departments here. I hope you can join us next year." said the Mr. Dean. He was the tour director. "Thank You. For the music degree, do you know if there is way to get both your Music Degree and your Theater Degree at once or do I have to comeback for another 2 years for the second one?" "Miss. Lilly you have to do one a year. But by your records I have right here I think that you shold be in the Music degree department. You sure have been in a lot of clubs haven't you?" "Uhhh Yes I have..." "Both Bands, Choir, Select Choir, Solo preformances for your flute and voice, vocal practice, band lessons and list keeps going on. You seem very talented." "Thank you, but I don't which category I should fall into for it?" "I believe you are looking for music performance. You will be wonderfull I know." "Thank You very much." "No, thank you Miss. Lilly. We hope to see you next year." "Okay thanks again Mr. Dean i hope to see you next year!"

    As I'm walking out of the school I find the boys sitting and waiting for me. Liam looked up with a smile on his face. I guess I am smiling too. It felt like I forgot about everything before.


"So Al? How did it go?" Liam said


"So Liam? Guess what I have to say.."


"What do you have to say?"

"I like it here!"

"So you might go here?"

"I might don't be to sure yet there pal."

As we walked home I told them how much they liked me. As we reach the house Zayn pulled me aside.

"So your welcome?"

"Thank You so much for helping not feel to miserable anymore." With that I hugged him and went inside. As I went to my bedroom and open the door to find a note on my bed.... from Harry. Well it looks like he as something planned for us. So sweet!

As I went to go down and lay on my bed I look at the empty photo bed stand. I grow a smile and scream "Liam get butt in here!" I hear running down the staris.

"What is it!"

"I think it's time for a couple new pictures for your photo album..." he looked pissed and said

"You made it sounded like you are dieing?"

"Haha sorry my bad. But, please!!!"

"Okay I'll tell the lads. Get dress really pretty. I'll tell them to wear the suits and ties or bows."

"Awh thanks!" He hugged me. I went to my closet to see what dresses I brought. Aha! My red dress I wore for prom it's short. I brought it because I have no idea. Haha. The dress is strapless, with a dimond heart in the middle. It's a little fluffy and it ends at my mid-thighs.I grab my red high-heel shoes and put them by my bed. I decide that I should make my hair straight then curly the ends. Do a little weave in the back to. I do my make -up like I did it for prom. I'm sorry but, I don't like other people but, friends touching my face. I use black eyeliner to make an increase line on the top and my white liner on the to refelect the black. Put on a touch of red,white and black eyeshadow on. Since my lashes are long I decide to put on to coats of mascara on. Top and bottom. Add a little color for my cheeks. Then the finishing touch, my red lipstick.

  As I just finish, there was a knock on my door. I said "Come in."

"Ally are you done bec - wow you look amazing." I turned around and it was Harry. Awh so sweet of him.

"Thanks you look pretty wow yourself."

"Not like you!" I blushed.

"So Liam is ready and the lads. We decided to do a picture with you anad one of us. We deicded 4 pictures for each 5 us...."

"Okay Harry I got it haha, don't stress yourself out there, handsome." He blushed. I walk past him towards my bed to sit down and put my shoes on. As I stand up I'm excatly the same hieght has him.

"Somebody grew."

"Yup somebody did." He hold out his arm for me to take it. And we walk towards the garden. I think that I am starting to have feelings for him. But, I don't want myself to like him due to the fact I just got out of a relationship...


 Harry's Pov

I should ask Ally if she had gotten my letter. Did she look stunning I kept starring at her. "Uhh Harry everything okay?"

"Ummm, yea. O' did you get my letter?" she smiled

"Yes I did and I'll see you there." Right there it just made my day.

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