My Mystery Cousin

Alison Lilly just turned 17. Alison is going to be a senior and she can't wait! She is outgoing and always excited about everything. Alison is a music fan of One Direction, but not a huge fan of the boys. Until her mom told her about her Aunt Margie from the U.K. To Alison's surprise her Aunt's last name was Payne. Until she asked her mom if her cousin's name happens to be Liam? The answer was yes. Her Aunt wants her to come over to the U.K. for the summer and meet them for the first time. How will Alison react? Will it be good or bad!>


8. Hello U.K.



 Today was the day I was leaving to see my other family for the first time. I'm bringing half my closest with me since they have to money to pay for the luggage and everything. I'm bring my flute, piccolo and my guitar. I have 3 big suticases and a carry on. I'm sorry but, I'm a girl. I turn around before I go past security knowing that my parents go any further with me. I look at my mom she looks like she about ready to cry, my dad has a worry look. I said my goodbyes to Evan that morning saying I'm going to miss him and told him to skype me!

My mom speaks "Don't forget-

"Don't talk to strangers, I know I'm not small anymore."

"But you always be my little girl!"

"I know I love you both."

My dad saids "Remember don't stop rocking."

"I won't dad!"

The I hugged them for a good 3 min.

"Okay Al, go don't miss your flight."

"Okay mom!"

I turned around to walk towards were the line was. It was 8 p.m. and I wasn't tired yet. I turn around and I see them looking. After I made it through the securitiy I turn around really quick. My mom in tires and my dad hugging her. I'm going to miss them. I wave back, my wave means 'See you 2 in Aug.' I turned around and head to get 51. I just sit and wait for my part of the section to be called, to board the plane. I'm happy Liam got me first class. But, then it feels weird and everything going to a different country on a plane by myself. Minutes later we pull away from the airport. Turned my phone off and got my iPod out. I feel the engine roaring underneath me. I look out the window like a little kid again watching the plane take off and saying goodbye to everyone. Then they turn the lights down low so everyone can sleep. I fell asleep fast because I get really bad jet-lag. Here I come England here I come.

5 hrs later....

"Welcome to London everyone. The staff and crew thank you for a great flight"

I get up and grab my carry-on with my flute and piccolo in it. I turn on my cell phone. Missed call from Liam. With a voicemail. "Hey Ally, There is paps are here so I think you should sunglasses on when you leave the plane okay See you soon." Thanks Liam for the heads up! I get my sunglasses out of my carry-on and quickly place them on my face. I see the paps and I look for him. Then I see my Aunt Margie! I quickly run over to her. "Aunt Margie!"

"O my! Ally?!"

"Yes!" I say it with a smilie. "Where's Liam?" Then I feel hands go around my waist!

"Yay! Ally is here! Ally is here!"

"Okay, Liam haha put me down!" He puts me down and hugged him for the first time. Finally family!

"Okay Al, we  gotta get of here!"


We quickly grab my stuff and head towards the exit.

"Gotta enough clothes Al?"

"Haha, yes I do. So where are the 'boys'?

"Home, waiting for you. All of us have something for you."

"Awh, I have stuff for you guys too." I grab my bads cd. "Her from me and my band." There is a picture on it with us that saids Rebel Faith. I'm right in middle with the mic and my guitar.

"Awh, Al. You didn't tell me you sing?"

"And your only going her it in the shower, the cd and on stage."

"Haha okay, but thank you!"

"That's not all though!"

"Really Al, really?"

"Yes really." "So how long of drive to we reach your place?"

"About 4 hrs we live in Wolverhampton, West Midlands."

"Okay, well I'm going take a nap. Do not disturb me!"

"Okay whatever you say!"

"That's what I thought!" I said it with a wink.

Well this summer is probabyl going to fly!


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