My Mystery Cousin

Alison Lilly just turned 17. Alison is going to be a senior and she can't wait! She is outgoing and always excited about everything. Alison is a music fan of One Direction, but not a huge fan of the boys. Until her mom told her about her Aunt Margie from the U.K. To Alison's surprise her Aunt's last name was Payne. Until she asked her mom if her cousin's name happens to be Liam? The answer was yes. Her Aunt wants her to come over to the U.K. for the summer and meet them for the first time. How will Alison react? Will it be good or bad!>


6. Breaking the News to Evan



 As I'm finishing up my make up I hear a car beep. I cheak out my window and its Evan. I tell my parents that I'm off to go on my date. As I walk over to his car, I get this weird nervous feeling I haven't had in a long time. It starts to worry me. As I hop in his car. I turn to him. We both stare into each others eyes. Evan has lime green eyes. They are unique, but it's hard to explain them at times. Then finally he breaks my daze. "So, what happen?"

"With what the meeting?"

"No, Ally the soccer game! Yes, the meeting." Whenever I get confused that's always the response I get from him. Because I am the goalie for my girl soccer team. Yup, this skinny girl is the goalie, shocker.

"Well, hell oto you to. The meeting went okay it turns out I'm going to visit them." He finally decides to pull out of my driveway.

'That's cool Al, but for how long?"

"Until band-camp..."

"Until what!?! We already planned our summer Al, you can't just bail on me?"

"Well I can' bail on family either!"

"What family you have never meet? Al, you can't stay that long."

"Evan, you have no idea how important this is for my mom finding her long lost sister, you know happy she is? I'm going for her sake! And you think our relationship comes before our families! Evan, you can come and visit. My cousin,  can pay for it!"

"Okay, okay. Ally, you just proved your point. Sometimes I do think our relationship is before families, but I also need to tell you something too."


"Well do you know how it was your dream to go to London and explore?..." He was right that has always been my dream. "Well , I bought us 2 plane tickets to London for our own get away!"

"You did what? Evan why?"

"For our well, just us me and you, no one else."

I didn't care he was driving I leaned over and hugged and whisper saying, "When do YOU leave?"

That night was one of those special nights he had made for me. I don't care at some points he cam be a jerk. But, he can be own of those guys who is a nonstop caring perosn.

He took me to my fave, French place to eat. Then afterwards a stroll around the park nerby, that was the park he asked me to be his girlfriend. We sit down on the same bench that we carved our names into and just looked up at the starry night above us. We told funny stories about our old friends that we never really see anymore. Talking about me becoming a senior in high school. He told me that "When your senior it feels like your life is starting a whole new path for you and you just have to treasure that, to make it a memory." I replied by saying "But, my life started when you came into and turned it around." Right then and there we took a passionite kiss in the starry night ending a perfect night into a new beging.

My Senior life has just begun....

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