The Secret Diary of An Agent

This is me, Victoria Green, and I work for my mothers spy agency,and she sends me on set up training missions each week, but I think that I am ready for something a little more real......


2. The Announcement

'Hey,can I talk to you for a second?'mum says to me while I am making my energy boosting smoothie.'Sure,what is it?'I reply and go and sit next to her on our deluxe leather sofa.'I think that we are going to end your training.'she says to me.I feel a wave of sadness pass through me,like an electric shock.'What did I do wrong?'I ask and sigh,sounding upset.She grins and says'Honey,you did nothing wrong,you are going to start real missions!!!'She says and gives me a huge hug.








Sorry for the short chapter,writing this from my nans computer as my laptop is in repair,so sorry about this guys!Hopefully my laptop will be back soon!

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