The Secret Diary of An Agent

This is me, Victoria Green, and I work for my mothers spy agency,and she sends me on set up training missions each week, but I think that I am ready for something a little more real......


1. My Training Mission

I run away from the man in black, he is brandishing a gun.I turn around and look at him. He laughs mechanically,(he is a training robot to be fair) and says to me 'Vicky,Vicky,Vicky,why oh why would you stop running from a man who is going to kill you?Do you have some sort of death wish?' he drones. 'No,'I reply cockily,'But then again my mechanical friend,do you?' I say and throw a robo-freezer at him. He freezes, just like he should. I grin, then run up to him and steal his gun. I then unfreeze him. Usually I would have just eliminated him straight away, but who can blame me for wanting to have some fun? He looks at me in what some may call disbelief. He laughs and then says 'well Vicky, you have proven yourself worthy to be an ally of mine, but are you up to the challenge?' He asks. On every training mission that my mother sets me, the bad guys always ask this at the end. My mother does this to test my loyalty. I would never betray my spy group, so I always refuse his offer, to make my mother proud.'No thanks.' I reply,and a sleazy look comes over his face.He grabs my waist and pulls me into some sexy pose.This is new.He leans down and kisses me.Not bad for a robot.This robot was made to look,talk,act and move like a human. I have to admit, he is the best kisser that I have ever met lips with.I decide to have some fun with him.I wrap my leg around him,forgetting that he is a robot.I gently pull away from the kiss. 'How about now?' He says to me, almost knowing the answer.'No thanks,but I really would like to see how awesome you are in bed.Call me!' I say to him and walk away. Before I know it, I am back in the control room with my mother.'Mum, what was with the whole sexy robot thing?' I ask her laughing. 'Oh,it was to show you that sometimes,enemies will try to seduce you into joining them.You did really well, but maybe the whole call me part was a bit shaky.'She says then laughs. 'Oh, and you said how you wanted to see how he was in bed,right?Well, I could lend him to you for a night!'She says, raising an eyebrow.I laugh and decline.How sad would you have to be to have sex with a robot?

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