Stay (Completed)

"You belong to me Carter Mason" He growled in my ear. "I never belonged to you! And I never will!" I shouted in his face which was extremely close to mine. "Wrong answer." He pointed the gun straight at me gripping the trigger. I was up against the wall and there was no escape. So what happens before and after that? Who knows? Just read it :) Copyright ©


10. Chapter 9

Carter's POV

I woke up the next afternoon (since I slept through the morning thanks to jet lag :P) wrapped in Niall's strong arms again. I smiled to myself and shook him awake. "Hey come on babe I was having a good dream!" He whined as he rubbed his eyes. "Sorry I just wanted to see you.." I smiled innocently. "Well in that case" He leaned in and kissed me tenderly. The kiss got heated within seconds and he pulled me on top of him. He moved his lips from my lips to my neck and jawline. "Mm" I said as he kissed my neck biting slightly. "Thanks a lot Niall I'm going to have to walk around all day with a hickey on my neck." He moved back to my lips and slipped his tongue past them. I put my hands in his bleach blonde hair tugging slightly. "Mm, you're so beautiful" He said against my lips. I smiled into our kiss. We pulled away several seconds later. "That was fun" I smiled at him. "Indeed, we should do that more often." He winked. "Oh um.." I said blushing. "What's wrong? Wait.. have you not that done that before?" "Oh um.. I have but it just wasn't the best experience.." "Oh. I understand it's all right." "I do want to... just not now." "Right" Now he was blushing. "Alright well I'm gonna go take a shower.." I got out of bed, grabbed my clothes for the day and went into the bathroom. My cheeks were still on fire. I turned on the shower water and threw my dirty pajamas in a pile by the sink. After about 40 minutes I was showered, dressed, and feeling less awkward. It's not that I didn't want to sleep with Niall I did! But the first time with Christian well it was terrible! If was after we had just had a big fight and things were negative between us that night. I didn't want to think about because if I did I'd start crying and Niall didn't need me crying anymore. I couldn't stop thinking about the dream I had had last night though. Niall kept trying to convince me it was just a dream but I had a strange feeling that it was warning me about what's to come. I shook the thought from my head and I exited the bathroom. "You all right?" Niall asked he as passed me going in the bathroom. "Yeah." "Carter." "I can't stop thinking about that dream Niall, I-I-I just keep thinking it's some kind of-" He silenced me with his lips. "Carter, love it was just a dream. Everything is fine. I'll be out in a little bit all right?" I nodded and he shut the door. I picked up my phone on the beside table and gasped.

You really want to sleep with that douche bag? Do you really think he compares to me at all? You are so wrong if you think that baby. - Unknown

My blood boiled with anger inside of me. I was so mad I threw my phone against the wall smashing it pieces. Seconds later Niall ran out of the bathroom dressed looking shocked. "What the hell just happened?" He asked rushing over to me. "H-H-He just makes me so mad!" "Carter. Princess calm down, don't let him get to you." "I stopped telling myself a year ago Niall. It just won't do me any good." "Well at least now we have an excuse to buy you a new phone." He said examining my phone that was now in pieces. "Very true" I said sitting on the now made bed. "You made the bed?" "I figured since the maids have enough to do in this room that we at least make the bed." "You know they're going to change the sheets and remake it anyway right?" "Oh whatever." He waved the subject away like the smell of burnt microwave popcorn. "Ready to go get that new phone?" "Yep!" I grabbed my purse from the coffee table. "What are you doing?" "What do you mean?" "Put that purse down. I'm buying you the phone." "No Niall, you really don't have to-" "Carter. Just say thank you." I rolled my eyes, "Fine. Thank you." "Good. Now let's go". I grabbed a room key on our way out and shut the door behind us.

Niall's POV

We were on our way down in the elevator and I handed Carter my snap back. "You got your sunglasses?" She nodded, "Yep. How do I look?" She asked making a face. I chuckled, "Adorable." The elevator doors opened and there were fans everywhere thankfully security was already there too. They lead us to a waiting car and the driver sped off down the street the instant the door was closed. "Wow. You work fast in this town don't you?" "No we work fast in pretty much every town." "Are you sure it's safe for me to be out here? What if the paparazzi take our picture? Then Christian will know where are! Oh my gosh I didn't think about that!" "I don't need a phone. We need to go back." "Carter" I said taking her hand and giving it a squeeze. "We are just fine. We've got security right behind us and I'll be with you the entire time. I promise." She didn't look very reassured but she nodded anyway. We got the to the Apple store minutes later, "I'm gonna put you on my phone plan once we get back to the UK but for now we're just going to get you the phone." "Niall I really don't need the new iPhone really it's nothing." "Carter. Remember what I said about saying thank you?" I reminded her a teasing voice. She punched me lightly on the arm, "Whatever." She said rolling her eyes. "But seriously let's make this quick. I want to get back before anyone sees us." "Very well" I said helping her out. The driver shut the door and we entered the store. I bought Carter the new iPhone 5 and a new purple Otter Box case. We left as quickly as came, knowing Carter was worried about the paps. To be honest so was I, I wanted Carter to feel safe. Not scared. She's been so upset these past few days and I wanted to see her smile. So far my plan was working. We got back to the hotel and it was surrounded by fans and paps. 'Wonderful. So much for that.' Carter was shaking with fear. "Calm down. Security will take care of everything." I said squeezing her hand again. She nodded, I could tell she was trying to hold her tears back. "It's all right princess." I took her hand and helped out of the car. The fans and paps swarmed us like flies and Carter was shaking even more. Security was trying to get everyone to spread out but it wasn't working. Carter gave me a nervous look, tears fighting their way out her blue eyes. Once we finally got back to the room, Carter had broken down. I led her over to the couch and she just sobbed into my chest. "Carter, it's ok. It's all over, shh calm down." "What if they got pictures of us? What if-" "Carter, I hate seeing you like this. I just want you to be happy." "My life is incredibly screwed up Niall. Ever since I got into that relationship with Christian my life has been nothing but terrible. And I'm sorry that I'm snapping at you but-" "I know. I'm not angry. I just want you to-" "Be happy. I know. And I love that you're trying but there's really nothing you can do. Until Christian is out of my life forever. I don't think I'll ever truly be happy." "Then the police need to hurry up and catch him so we can file that restraining order. I'll call the boys tomorrow to see how it's going. But for now" I picked up the remote and turned on the TV. "I want you to relax. Everything is fine." "Breaking news: Niall Horan and new mystery girl. Who has stolen the heart our favorite Irish 1D member this time? Find out next."

*A/N Oh deary me here we go again! Poor Carter. If I was going through what she was I'd be a mess too. Anyway... I want to thank you guys SO much for putting me on the SECOND page of the most popular fan fics this month! You guys are SO phenomiNIALL! Thank you! :) Like, comment, and favorite! <333 Elizabethluvs1D xx*


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