Stay (Completed)

"You belong to me Carter Mason" He growled in my ear. "I never belonged to you! And I never will!" I shouted in his face which was extremely close to mine. "Wrong answer." He pointed the gun straight at me gripping the trigger. I was up against the wall and there was no escape. So what happens before and after that? Who knows? Just read it :) Copyright ©


6. Chapter 5

Niall's POV

Carter eventually settled down and I put her in my room and she fell asleep. After shutting the door I walked back out to the boys who were looking at me. "What?" "What's going on here Niall?" Liam asked. "Yeah is everything ok?" Harry added. I ran my fingers through my hair and sighed. "It's not my story to tell you guys. I'm not sure if Carter wants you to know." "Come on mate you can trust us. And Carter can too." "I don't know. I think she should be the one to tell you." "Mate she's asleep!" Louis pointed down the hall at my room. "I meant another time. Look boys I'm really tired. Can we talk tomorrow?" The boys nodded, "Yeah we'll see  you tomorrow mate." "Use protection" Harry winked at me on his way out. "Real mature Haz!" I shouted as he shut the door. I walked back in my room to see Carter fast asleep. She was so beautiful. I smiled to myself. I quickly changed into my pajamas and crawled into bed beside her. She stirred slightly in her sleep as I pulled the covers over me. "Niall?" She said sleepily. "Oh I'm sorry sweetie I didn't mean to wake you" I apologized rolling over to face her. "No it's fine, I've been asleep for a while." "Are you doing ok now?" I asked as I played with her long blonde hair. It felt so smooth in my hand, like silk. She sighed, "I guess so. I'm so sorry he said those things to you." "It's not your fault." "No it is! He's trying to scare you into leaving me." "Well he can try all he wants but I'm never leaving." "You're not?" "Nope. Never. Now go to sleep angel." I kissed her forehead. "Goodnight Niall." She said as she fell asleep. "Goodnight princess."

Carter's POV

I felt Niall's strong arms around me as I slept. Even though I was sleeping, I still knew he was there. I smiled in my sleep. I couldn't believe Christian was sending him those messages. I couldn't put Niall in danger. I couldn't ruin his life. I couldn't let him get him hurt or worse killed. Christian could be very violent when he wanted something. And he wanted was me. If I had to give him me in order to protect Niall I would. No matter how much I cared for him. And I cared for him so much. Tears stung my eyes. I opened my blue eyes and tried wiping them away. But they kept coming. I tried to keep my volume to minimum so I wouldn't wake Niall, but it no use. I couldn't hide the fact that I was scared out of my wits. For me and now for Niall. Especially for Niall. I felt Niall's grip tighten on me, "Are you ok?" I kept quiet. I couldn't let him worry anymore. "Carter?" He pulled me closer. At that moment I finally broke down. Niall turned me around to face him, "Are you ok?" he asked in sleepy voice which was beyond hot. "Carter, it's ok. What's wrong?" "Niall. I'm fine, go back to sleep." I turned around and faced the other way. It was silent after that, minutes later I heard quiet snores signaling that Niall had fallen back asleep. I knew it wasn't the end of the discussion. He was just tired and didn't want to argue with me. Eventually I fell back asleep too.

- Next day -

I woke up and the sun was blinding me through the curtains. 'Thanks a lot Niall, trying to make me go blind?' Niall was still sleeping soundly beside me. I didn't wanna wake him up so I crept out of bed and started digging through one of my suitcases until I found my jean shorts, rhinestone cami, and cropped jean jacket. I started to get up but I felt two strong arms around my waist causing me to scream. Next a heard a chuckle, "Come back and lay with me." 'Way to be pushy Niall'. "I don't think so Irish boy. I'm disgusting and need wash off yesterday's grime." "Not before we talk about last night." 'I was seriously hoping he wouldn't bring that up'. "Not now Niall." I tried to escape his grasp but he stayed put. I set my clothes down on top of my suitcase and crawled back into bed with him. "What happened? What was wrong?" I didn't know how to explain it, 'We can't be together because my psycho ex-boyfriend is threatening you and I can't stand to see you hurt. I'm doing this because I care about you not to break your heart'. I just couldn't say it. "I know you're worried about me getting hurt." 'Oh my gosh he practically read my mind!' "But I'm not letting you go. Out there on your own.. it's not safe. I can't let you get hurt as much as you don't want me to. We'll get a restraining order very soon. Within the next couple of days alright?" I nodded, "Alright. Now if you'll excuse me.." I said getting up and taking my clothes to the bathroom. "Take your time. I'm gonna go get food." "Of course." I smiled as I shut the door. I saw my phone laying on the sink, Niall must've had it last night and left it in here. I had a couple of messages, unfortunately they were all from Christian. Just knowing that they were threatening both me and Niall made me want to punch a wall. Tears rolled down my face as I read them.

Sleep tight Carter. I'll be watching you sleep. Tell that Irish boy to watch out. xx - Unknown

You're so beautiful when you sleep. Enjoy your time with him Carter. But one of these days you'll be coming home with me. Sweet dreams xx - Unknown

I deleted all his messages and powered down my phone. I took off my gross clothes and put them in the hamper. I didn't think Niall would mind. I turned on the water and let it hit me. It felt so good. After about 40 minutes I was finally ready for the day. I was brushing my hair when Niall knocked on the door. "You decent? I don't you filing a restraining order against me." I laughed, "I'm good. You can open it." He was smiling before he saw my phone next to me on the sink. "You found your phone." "Yeah." "Did he?" "Yeah. He just won't stop." "We're going to fix this. I promise you." "I believe you Niall." "I had no doubts" He chuckled slightly. "You want some breakfast? I made pancakes." "Sure, I'll have a few." We sat down on the couch and watched cartoons as we ate our pancakes. I had 3 but Niall had at least 10. "Geez, you're like a walking stomach." "But you wouldn't want me any other way." "Whatever you say Horan." "That's Mr. Horan to you." "Oh my bad." I said taking my plate into the kitchen and washing it off and setting in the dishwasher. "You don't have to do that" Niall said coming in. "Someone has to do dishes around here!" I pointed to the stack of dishes in the sink that had yet to be washed. "I was getting to that" He said turning red. "Yeah right. Come on I'll help you. You just have to set them in there. Or is that too much for you handle?" I asked teasing him. He stuck his tongue at me, "You're very sassy this morning." "Just load the dishwasher." He put his hands up in surrender before I started handing him dishes and silverware. After 10 minutes the dishwasher was purring like a kitten. "Thanks for doing the dishes" He said kissing my cheek. "You just needed a lesson. And besides you're going to unload them once they're done and put them away." "Yes ma'am." I smiled satisfied. "Are the boys coming over later?" I would think so, they don't have much else to do with their lives" He joked. My phone buzzed in my pocket, I took it out thinking it was another text from Christian but it was Tara calling. I got up off the couch and went into Niall's room. "Carter!" "Hey!" "Where have been girl? I've missed you so much!" "I've missed you too." "You doing ok?" "I'm doing better. Still recovering from the loss of my mum." "I know hon I heard. I'm so sorry. I heard some reckless teenager just ran into her." "Yeah." "Carter you sound terrible. Are you all right?" I wanted to tell her everything, though she knew everything about my past with Christian but not the present. I would have to tell her in person. Not on the phone. "Look Tara I will tell you everything but-" I was cut off by Niall opening the door. "Babe, Louis' here and he's freaking out. I think it's important." "Alright" I mouthed back to him. "Carter? What's going on?" "Oh nothing. I'll talk to later Tara." And before she could protest, I pressed 'end' on my phone and hung up. I turned back to Niall, "What's going? Why's Louis freaking out?" "He and the other lads were coming up to see us and they saw a guy outside the building claiming he knew you." My eyes grew to the size of silver dollars and sweat was covering my forehead. "Oh my gosh. No."

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