Stay (Completed)

"You belong to me Carter Mason" He growled in my ear. "I never belonged to you! And I never will!" I shouted in his face which was extremely close to mine. "Wrong answer." He pointed the gun straight at me gripping the trigger. I was up against the wall and there was no escape. So what happens before and after that? Who knows? Just read it :) Copyright ©


3. Chapter 2

Niall's POV

I was in a complete daze. I could feel Louis staring me or giving me some cheeky look but I didn't turn around. I couldn't stop looking at her. She was even more beautiful than I thought. Light blonde hair, silver blue eyes. Wow. Whoever did this to her didn't know what they had lost. "Do you know where I am?" She asked me. She must've hit her head somehow. "You're in a hospital." I said slowly. "I haven't lost my memory if that's what you're thinking. I just.. have a terrible headache." "Louis go get the doctor." Louis looked up from his phone in surprise. "Wha?" "Go. Get. The. Doctor. NOW!" "Geez Niall you don't have to yell. And by the way he wouldn't stop talking about you since he found you." My could feel my cheeks getting hot. The girl giggled and shook her head. "So are you any pain?" "Not really. My head just hurts. I think I fell on it... along with my face." "Well Louis should be back with the doctor in a minute." "I've got another question.. whose Louis? And who are you?" "You don't recognize me?" I genuinely shocked. "Um should I?" I chuckled, "I'm Niall. Niall Horan from-" "One Direction. I've heard you." "Then why did make me explain it to you?" "Because it is funny." I chuckled again, I could really get use to this. "So you know my name.. what's your name?" I raised raising my eyebrows. She blushed a little and looked at hands that were in here, "Carter. Carter Mason." "That's pretty." I mumbled looking at my feet. "Thanks." She obviously heard me. We both finally looked up at each other probably thinking the same thing. I opened my mouth to say something but Louis and the doctor walked in interrupting. 'You're so gonna pay for that later Louis..' I threatened mentally. "I'm gonna need you two to step out for a minute while I make sure Carter's ok." The doctor told us. But I didn't wanna leave her! What if happens? As if reading my thoughts Louis mouthed, "She'll be fine" to me. I nodded, "Alright." "You can come back within 10 minutes." I nodded again and Louis and I left, shutting the door behind us. "She's gonna be fine Niall. She's a doctor not those scary zombie doctors you watch in movies." "I know I just-" "You're in love with her aren't you?" I looked at him disbelief. "Why would you think that?" "Niall a blind man can tell that you're in love with her. Just admit it." "I admit nothing." Louis rolled his eyes, "Whatever." "Thank you." "But you know you are!" "Shut up Louis!" But because he's Louis he wouldn't shut up.

Carter's POV

The doctor just asked me a bunch of questions and made me look into a light and all those other things doctors do. "Well you check out well, but considering that you seem a bit dizzy we're gonna have you stay the night." "Alright." After the doctor left, Niall and Louis came back in. "You can guys can go if you want, seriously I'm fine. They called my mom and she should be here soon." "It's alright love we can stay. I mean I know Niall doesn't wanna go. In fact he hasn't stopped talking about-" Louis was cut off by Niall elbowing him the ribs. "Ow!" Louis screeched like a little girl. "Oh silly you're such a kidder.. why don't you go call Harry and tell him about the cute nurse you met in the waiting room" Niall's glare practically screamed "GET OUT!". Louis took the hint and left the room shutting the door behind him. "Sorry about that, he just likes to tease me." I chuckled, "It's ok. He seems very funny." "He thinks he is. So how are you feeling?" "My head hurts a little." "You want some water?" He asked getting up. "No it's alright you don't have to do that." "If you want it I'd be more than happy to get for you." 'He was the perfect gentlemen I swear!' "Niall it's fine really. Sit down." "Alright, but you need anything just tell me." He smiled at me, his perfectly white pearly teeth gleaming in the fluorescent lighting. "So if you don't mind me asking... what were you doing out in the middle of nowhere anyway?" 'I didn't want to be mean since he's been so sweet but I didn't know him well enough to tell him about Christian yet' "Uh.." "It's all right you don't have to tell me. I understand that's personal." "Yeah. That pretty sums it up."

Flashback: 4 months ago - June

"Come on Carter! Last one to the lake jumps in naked!" "You would enjoy that very much wouldn't you?" He turned around and winked at me, "Oh yes very much." "Well then you better start stripping!" I yelled as I ran past him. "Not fair!" He laughed-screamed as he ran after me. He caught up to me pretty quick because he lifted me up high in air. "Hey!" I laughed, "Put me down!" He ran to the end of the dock and held me up over the water which looked freezing. "Don't. You. Dare." But he ignored my warning and dropped me into the icy cold water. "CHRISTIAN MICHEAL NEILSON!" I screamed once I surfaced. He cannon-balled in and swam up behind me. "Don't you dare!" "Come babe we both realized that doesn't work" I could practically his smile even from behind me. I pulled away from him and started splashing him. "You did not just do that" "Oh I did." I gave him a "What are you gonna do about it" look. "Oh it's on!" And he started splashing me right back. "Bring it!" And the war had begun.

*End of flashback*

That was one of the few good memories we had together. The good times were well good and the bad times... I remembered our first fight.

Flashback: 6 months ago - April

We had just left a local music festival where a bunch of bands and artists were playing like Little Mix, The Wanted, JLS, Ed Sheeran, etc. And I could tell Christian was upset by the way he was looking me during the Ed Sheeran's performance. He looked jealous of the way I was fangirling over him. He knew I was a big fan so what was the big deal? We got into his car and before he could start it I grabbed his hand. And for the first time in our relationship, he scowled at me. He even pulled his hand away. "What?" He snapped. "What's going on with you?" I was going to try to be nice but if he was going to act this way then so be it. "I saw the way you were looking at Ed. I'm your boyfriend not him." "Christian come on! You know I'm a big fan of him. Isn't that why you took me to this music festival in the first place?" "Yeah but I didn't know how crazy you'd get. I don't like you looking at other guys. Especially when I'm around." 'Wow too protective much?' "Christian. You have nothing to worry about ok? You're the only guy in my life." "Oh yeah? Then why were you screaming "I love you Ed! Marry me!" the whole time huh?" I could tell he was getting madder. "I was being a fan! Geez Christian you really need to chill." "AND YOU REALLY NEED TO GET I DON'T WANT YOU LOOKING AT OTHER GUYS!" He screamed in my face. I fighting hard to hold back my tears. "Well maybe we shouldn't be together then because I don't think I can handle being with a control freak! Take me home. Now!" I turned and faced the window. "Hey! I'm done talking to you!" He practically forced me to turn around. "But I'm done talking to you!" And just when I thought things couldn't get any worse, he raised his hand and slapped me straight across the face. Now the tears were coming. My mouth fell open, tears pouring down my face. I could tell by his facial expression that he regretted it, but I didn't care. What he did was unforgivable in every way. "Oh my gosh" His brown eyes widened and his cheeks turning the same color as his bright red hair. "Carter I'm so sorry. I don't what came over me. Are you ok?" "Of course I'm not ok! You just slapped me across the face!" "I know and I'm so sorry! I'll take you home and we'll get some ice on that. I really am sorry Carter. Please don't break up with me." I took a deep breath, "Christian what you did was so terribly mean. And I just don't understand why you would do that to me. I-I-I thought you loved me." "I do! So much! I don't know what's wrong with me! I'm such an idiot!" I sighed again and laid my hand on his shoulder. "Christian. You're not an idiot. You may have some anger issues and maybe you should look into a psychiatrist for the future?" "Yeah. You're right. I really, really, really am sorry Carter." "It's alright. Just don't let it happen again?" "I promise." 

*End of flashback*

Just thinking about that fight, that slap, the pain I was feeling just brought tears to my eyes. "Are you all right?" Niall came up next to me and placed his hand gently on my shoulder. I shook my head and buried my face in his chest. He put his arms around me and held me close to him. "What's wrong?" He stroked my hair and moved his fingers through it. At this point I kinda had to tell him, I mean I sobbing for Pete's sake! "Bad memories with my old boyfriend." I admitted finally. "You wanna talk about it? I promise I won't tell anyone. You can trust me." And I did, I had no idea why but I did. "Well it's a long story. Are you up for it?" "I got nothing but time." He chuckled slightly. "Alright well.."

*A/N: Ooooh and that's the end of that! Sorry another cliffhanger for ya. Gotta love me right? (; And I honestly can't believe that I just published this story what 2 days ago? And I already have 17 favorites. You guys are amazing(: Be sure to check out my other stories too if you have a free moment :) Like, comment, and favorite! <333 Elizabethluvs1D xx*

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