Stay (Completed)

"You belong to me Carter Mason" He growled in my ear. "I never belonged to you! And I never will!" I shouted in his face which was extremely close to mine. "Wrong answer." He pointed the gun straight at me gripping the trigger. I was up against the wall and there was no escape. So what happens before and after that? Who knows? Just read it :) Copyright ©


13. Chapter 12

Carter's POV

It's been four months since I left Niall. Four months. Four long miserable months. I mean it hasn't been incredibly miserable. I've made tons of new friends especially my roommate Annabell. We've become really great friends, kind of like the sister I never had. School was going well, we just took mid-terms and they were brutal. Right now I was sitting on the couch doing some homework and Annabell was on Twitter. Unfortunately for me, Annabell was a huge One Direction fan. So she talked about them all the time. And sadly for me her favorite member was Niall. My Niall. I had to contain myself when she talked about her fantasy wedding with him. I pretty much had to bite my tongue so I wouldn't burst out, "HE'S MY BOYFRIEND!". My tongue probably has a huge bruise from being bitten so much. I was in the middle of doing Algebra 2 when Annabell gasped. "Let me guess? Harry posted something on the Vine again?" "No! This is bad!" "What's wrong?" "Niall's disappeared! He disappeared about a week ago!" I was screaming in my head but on the outside I was trying my best not to stay calm. "What? How do you know that's not just publicity?" "Because the other members have commented on it and the police are involved." "Are you sure?" "Rebecca! Why would I lie?" I nodded, "Very true. What else does it say?" "Well.." Annabell scrolled down. "It started a week ago when they were rehearsing for their show at the O2 Arena in London and Niall went into his dressing room to get his phone and he never came back out. At first they just thought he had left to take a break but once he didn't show up for their show that night they knew something was up. So they called the police, ever they've just been investigating." "Do they have any leads? Anything suspects?" Annabell scrolled down the page again, "No not yet. Well as far as I know. They probably want to keep that stuff under the radar." "Yeah probably." I made a mental note to call one of the guys later, I knew it was against the rules but this was an emergency! "Do you think he'll be ok?" Annabell asked her eyes tearing up slightly. "He'll be fine. They probably have police on this case 24-7." "Yeah I should've figured that" Annabell at her phone. "Crap! I'm late. Logan is going to flip that I'm tardy for our date again." "Tell him he looks extra cute tonight?" I suggested. "Yeah I tried that last time." "Too bad you can't bring him flowers." "I know right? What are good boy apology gifts?" "Food?" Annabell shrugged and grabbed her shoes. "I'll see you later Rebecca. You going to be ok by yourself again?" I nodded, "Oh yeah. I'll be fine! You go have fun!" "Don't play dumb with me! I know you hate being alone. We have got to find you a boyfriend." I froze, "I don't need a boyfriend to be happy Anna. Seriously I'm fine." "All riight. Whatever you say. I'll be back by midnight. Have fun.. doing homework." "Oh yeah it's a blast!" And she was gone. I grabbed my phone from next to me and speed-dialed Liam. It rang a few times before he picked up, "Carter? It's two in the morning here. And I didn't think you'd be allowed to contact us?" "Oh forget that! And I'm sorry but this is about Niall. I had to call you." "Yeah I know! Everyone is freaking. We don't know how he could've just magically disappeared like that." "I know one way." "Oh my gosh you don't think your ex-boyfriend would-" "He would. Anything to get me to come out of hiding." "Carter please don't do anything risky. Please. Niall wouldn't want you to." "I know but he life is on the line here!" "So is yours!" He countered. "All right! Fine! But I'll do anything to get Niall back." "Carter. Listen to me. Let the police handle this. If Niall was here right he'd be telling you not to do this." "Liam! If I was in same situation he'd do the same for me." "Yeah but-" "But nothing! I have to get back there and help him." "Carter no! Please, please don't interfere. If you got into any danger Niall would blame himself. And well he'd probably hurt me in the process for letting you do it." "Oh well!" "You want to see me in pain?" "Liam that's not the point. I need to help Niall. I need to get him away from Christian. He's dangerous Liam!" Liam just sighed, "I can't control what you do Carter. But I know do know that your life is finally going back to normal. I hate to see you blow that over this. The police will find Niall and Christian. Then you'll be able to come back without having to worry about this. So please just calm down. Everything will be fine." It was my turn to sigh, he was right. "Fine. But if I hear anything else about this and it sounds bad I'm going to bother calling you first before I hop a plane back there. Got it?" Liam stayed silent for a second, "Fine. Now if you don't mind I'm going back to sleep because I have to get up in 6 hours." "How wonderful for you. Sweet dreams Liam" "You too Carter. Goodnight." "Night" And I hung up. I looked down at my homework again. I've stuck on the same question for an hour. I needed to move on, all right.. number two. Out of twenty. This was going to be a long night.

Niall's POV

* 1 week earlier*

"So, tell me girl if everytime we touch You get this kinda rush! Baby, say yeah yeah yeah! If you don't wanna take it slow and you just wanna take me home baby, say yeah yeah yeah! And let me kiss you!" We finished the final chorus of "Kiss You". "Great job guys!" Our tour director said. "Take five!" The boys raced for their cell phones and water bottles. They were calling and texting their girlfriends. Well all of them expect for Harry. He was probably either yet another Vine or texting his mum. I wish I could talk to Carter. It's been four months since she left. We were finishing up our UK leg of the tour. We had rehearsed for three long months and boy were gutted! Touring was fun but a ton of work. But were having a good laugh along the way. 'Crap! I left my phone in the dressing room. Smooth move Niall'. "Hey I left my phone in the dressing room, I'll be right back." I told Liam before walking off stage and back to the dressing room. My black iPhone was sitting right where I left it; on the table right next to my Nando's to-go bag I was saving for later. I was to grab it when I heard a loud slam coming from behind me. I was hesitant to turn around but I did anyway. I saw a scrawny boy about my age with an evil grin on his spread across his face. "Who are you?" "You don't remember me Irish boy?" Suddenly it hit me. "You're Christian! You ruined my Carter's life and forced her into hiding. You should be ashamed of yourself!" He chuckled and shook his head, "Oh please. She chose to go into hiding." "She wouldn't have had to if it wasn't for you!" "Are we going to keep yelling at each other or are you going to let me tell you why I'm here?" "Fine. Go ahead." I crossed my arms across my chest. "I have a proposition for you. You tell me where Carter is and maybe I won't shoot you." He held the gun he had been hiding. I wanted to flinch but I couldn't find the strength to. My entire felt like lead. I had no clue what to say or do. "I'm never telling you where she is!" "Come on, I know you know where she is. So spill it!" He getting a little too close to me with that gun. "I told you! I don't know where she is!" His face started to turn purple with rage, "Stop lying to me! WHERE IS SHE?!" Carter was right, he did have a temper problem. "I don't know!" I practically said through tears. "All right. Fine. Then you've left me no choice." He gripped the trigger like it was his life. And mine was about to flash before my eyes. "I can see the headlines now, Niall Horan found dead in dressing room." 'That is the lamest headline ever!' I never thought my final thought would that. I squeezed my eyes shut as he gripped the trigger harder, "Goodbye Niall Horan"

*A/N OMG. What will happen next? Who knows? You'll find out tomorrow! Hope you enjoyed(: Like, comment, favorite, and fan! <333 Elizabethluvs1D xx*



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