Stay (Completed)

"You belong to me Carter Mason" He growled in my ear. "I never belonged to you! And I never will!" I shouted in his face which was extremely close to mine. "Wrong answer." He pointed the gun straight at me gripping the trigger. I was up against the wall and there was no escape. So what happens before and after that? Who knows? Just read it :) Copyright ©


2. Chapter 1

Carter's POV

'I hate him, I hate him, I hate him.' I absolutely hated Christian Neilson. I couldn't believe I let him touch me! I couldn't believe I thought I loved him! I covered from head to toe in bruises. He just left me here on the side of the road. All alone at night. 'My mom is going to kill me!' I ran my fingers through my light blonde hair, trying to keep the tears from falling from my silver blue eyes. 'What is wrong with my life?' I wanted to get up and start to walk home but I honestly had lost my strength 2 miles back. 'I'll be lucky if I don't get even more beat up or even assaulted out here'. It was starting to get chilly and my jacket was in Christian's car. 'How I want to kill him!' 'Come on Carter get it together. You've gotta get home. If only I knew which was home was.. I was in the middle of nowhere. I had to at least find a phone so I could call my mom.. but did I know where the nearest phone was? Nope! Ugh! I'm 17 years old and I'm gonna die. And it's all Christian's fault! But I needed to at least try.' I got up barely being able to stand and started walking. More like limping. I knew my ankle was broken. Wonderful. I'd be on crutches if I never made to the hospital. Halfway down the road I saw headlights coming, 'Shit. Now I was gonna get run over! What else could go wrong?' As if I couldn't think of anything, I fell forward and blacked out.

Niall's POV

"Niall stop the car! I think you hit something!" Louis shouted at me from the backseat. "Oh shit! What's my mother gonna say?" "That she's very disappointed in her little Nialler" Louis said in a baby voice. "Piss of Lou!" Once I pulled over, I opened my door and walked over to what looked like a girl in the middle of the road. "Oh my god." "What is mate?" Louis asked joining me. "Ooo you killed a girl!" "I didn't kill her!" 'At least I hoped I hadn't.' I bent down next to her, she was really beautiful. I wish I could see her eyes but sadly they were closed. I took her small hand and felt around for her pulse. It was barely there. I reached into my pocket and took out my phone and dialed 911. "911 what's your emergency?" "There's a girl passed out in the road and she barely has a pulse! She needs a hospital now!" I practically shouted into the receiver. "Calm down sir, what's your location?" "I honestly have no idea. Is there any way you could just track my location?" "Hold on give me a second.. got you! An ambulance will be there in a few minutes just hang on." "Thank you". And I pressed 'end'. I felt Louis' hand on my shoulder, "She'll be all right mate." I didn't even know the girl and tears were falling my from eyes, "How you be sure?" "I don't. I'm just being optimistic." I rolled my blood shot eyes, "Thanks for being supportive Lou." The ambulance arrived seconds later and the girl was immediately put in the back of it. The paramedics were in and out of there in seconds. Louis and I got back in my car and followed them. "Niall can you please take me home (see what I did there? (; )?" Louis whined like 10 year old. "I'm so tired and Eleanor isn't gonna be happy I'm late!" "She'll live!" I snapped at him. I needed to be there when that girl woke up. I needed to know that she was gonna be ok.

Carter's POV

"I love you Carter. I'll never let you go." Christian whispered in my ear. "I love you too." I smiled brightly at him. We were sitting in the back of his pick-up truck. We had been dating for a little over a month and we haven't kissed yet. Christian kept telling me he wanted to wait for the perfect moment and I just knew in my soul that tonight was gonna be the night. We were laying next to each other under the stars. Everything was perfect. I knew he felt it too because he leaned into me. 'I'm getting my first kiss!' Our lips touched and it was magical. We both leaned into it and he pulled me closer to him. His tongue slipped past my teeth and they fought for dominance. His winning. We both pulled away after we realized how heated the kiss was getting. We both looked at each other; our faces flushed and huge smiles on our faces. "That was definitely the perfect moment." I stirred slightly in bed at the memory. 'Wait.. where am I?' I opened my eyes slowly just far enough to see a boy with blonde hair and blue eyes standing over me. "Where am I?" I asked barely getting it out, my voice weak.

*A/N So I decided to be generous and write the first chapter for you :) Hope you enjoyed! Like, comment, and favorite! <3 Elizabethluvs1D xx*

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