Racial prejudice

Jeg ved ikke om i har set filmen American History X, men jeg kan fortælle det er en meget voldsom film, men som også gjorde stort indtryk på mig. Den omhandler racisme(Racial prejudice) og handler om Danny (se billede) fra filmens udvikling.
Det var en skoleopgave, men det kunne virkelig godt tænke mig noget respons!


1. Racial prejudice

Racial prejudice

It does something, relates to everybody.

Touches you on a deeper level.

The human being, as a complex flow of thoughts, needs to think about it.

Find it's own individual philosophical view.


 It's frequently a significantly opinion.

The result of impact.

From birth to grave, the alternating opinion.

The timid people has the hate.


When I look back , I can't relate to my hate.

The enormous feeling, hate.

But it was everywhere, it's universal.

Some still feels it, but I've changed.

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