Førever Yøung

just another One Direction Fanfiction (: xx


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 (A/N: hey guys I know its been a while since i've updated, and i'm so sorry i've just been busy, I hope you didn't forget about me :c ..but anyway, i'm back, so now here is Chapter Seventeen I hope you like it xx)  




 Chapter Seventeen 

*Nancy's POV*      




 "Kait just texted me, Lou took her home" (see what i did there? xD) Livy says through the phone "lucky her" I say laughing "that's not what I meant" Livy giggles "you're so dirty-minded" "you're laughing too" I say which causes her to laugh harder,causing me to laugh too, sometimes I really think were on drugs.        




"Ask her how it was" I instruct Livy "okay," Livy says typing something quickly "annnnd now we wait" she says and before I could say anything Livy tells me "she said it was awesome" "that's it? I was expecting a little more.. "I say "me too, she's totally hiding something" Livy says "totally" I agree.    








 "You really expect me to forgive him?!" I say now clearly pissed  "I never said that, I said you should listen to what he has to say, he cares about you and you care about him" I scoff angerly at Livy's words.  





 "if he cared one bit he wouldn't have done what he did" I say pinching the bridge of my nose holding back frustrated tears "I-I left him alone for less than five minutes...a-and I come back to him jamming his tongue down some sluts throught!" I choke, tears now falling freely.





 *Livy's POV*   





 I hang up the two hour long call with Nancy,grabbing my keys, and rushing out to my car, I quickly dial Niall's number, he picks up on the third ring,"yellow" the familiar Irish voice chimes through the phone "hey, it's Livy"..




  (*dramatic music* What's going to happen? o.o hah)













*at Nancy's house*        






 I knock on the door and after a few minutes I hear footsteps and the small voice of my best friend ask "who is it?" "Santa" I say and there's only silence to respond to my smart-ass remark,"Nancy, it's Livy, please just let me in" I say and after a second the door opens slowly.





I hug Nancy as tight as I can, as she looses it, sobbing wildly into my shoulder "I know, I know, shh" I whisper trying to calm her.  





 "I miss him so much" she confesses and I nod "I know you do" I say and by now I'm in tears too, at the sight of my best friend upset.





 I continue to hug her, even though my shirt is soaked in tears and makeup stains.    





 *Nancy's POV* 





 "Nancy.." I hear from behind Livy,I look up over her shoulder, to the blonde haired boy who broke my heart almost two weeks ago.





"Please just let me explain" Niall begs, I draw in a jagged breath, before reluctantly nodding.                





~"I never meant to hurt you, but I know I did,and unfortunately I can't undo what I did, I wish I could, I wish we could go back to that night and undo every stupid mistake I made,getting drunk, being a cheating dick... i'm so so so sorry..I'll apologize every second of the day for the rest of my life if it will make you believe me." he says,his eyes becoming glossy.





 I reach to his face, placing my hands on his cheeks, leaning in slowly, he kisses back passionately, wrapping his arms around my waist. "I love you" he whispers against my lips,"forever?" "Forever and a day" he answers before pressing a kiss to my nose.





Harry walks in silently "you know, I'd hate to interrupt the love fest but I'm going to be frozen solid if I sit in that car any longer" he says as Livy cracks up laughing, walking in from the kitchen with a sandwhich in her hand "hey make me one?"Harry asks "sorry Haz I don't share food" Livy smirks.                  




"neither do I, but you're eating mine" I laugh, so does Niall, sitting behind me on the couch messing with my hair "will you share with me babe?" "No, but thanks for asking" I say, laughing. "aw, why not?" "You eat way too much" I say and he laughs, damn I missed his adorable little laugh.



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