Førever Yøung

just another One Direction Fanfiction (: xx


16. ...

Chapter Sixteen

*Lou's POV*    







  It turns out that if you make reservations at a fancy restarant they may forget to write your name down...yeah i can't believe it happened either.







 So, here we are, Kaitlyn and I, sitting on the sofa in the middle of my flat, or I should say the flat that Harry and I share, eating Chinese food out of takeout boxes..







I don't know why she's so okay with this, if I was her I wouldn't be okay with this, I would leave as soon as I walked in, that plant is dead for fucks sake, the leaves are dried and falling off, but I look at her and she's smiling like she wouldn't want to be anywhere else in the entire world.








  we rented a couple movies, she only got one which I thought was cute, how she knew exactly what she wanted to see. As soon as we got here she seemed to get comfortable, she sat on the couch and looked around, taking in the details of the messy apartment, still with a smile on her face.  






 "which do you want to see first?"  I asked taking the pile of four or so movies in my hands "would I be arrogant if I asked to see the one I picked first?" she asked shyly biting her lip and I laughed, "of course not" I said and she smiled, taking the one she choose in my hand and looking over the cover of it "My Sisters Keeper?" I say aloud, reading the writing of the films cover, she smiles and looks at the film too "yeah..it's my favorite" she says softly.






"okay, this one it is" I say and pop the film from the case and into the DVD player with a smile.







~we watch the movie and by the end tears threaten to spill from both of our eyes,"i'm sorry about the chick flick remark I made before, I take it back" I say and she nods "apology accepted" she says, smirking.







I sigh and she looks at me "what's wrong?" she asks worried, "i'm depressed now" I say and she picks up the movies case and reads the back, her eyes scan the words, she strings her thoughts together before speaking, "I don't think its supposed to be sad" she says, her eyebrows scrunched together.







"its supposed to be inspiring, like giving people a new outlook on life and...stuff" she says and I laugh "stuff?" I ask, a smirk sneaks onto my face "yeah,yanno like showing people that life is what you make it, so make it good, because you don't live forever" she explains and I nod understandingly.





"yeah I guess so...but I wanna live forever.." I say sadly, my gaze drops to my hands, she takes my hand into hers, intertwining our fingers, my heart beats rapidly, "me too" she says and I look at her, she smiles and I cant help but to laugh "will you be forever young with me?" I ask, smirking, she nods quickly, blushing hard.




(A/N: oh my gawd that was so cheesy.. but anyway there's chapter Sixteen, I promise it sounded a lot better in my head..*sigh*. wow there's a lot of 1D song puns in this.. o.o I'm really sorry but this is my first fanfic so I apologize for all the fluff and the dumb song references...anywhoo on with the story ..xx )


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