Førever Yøung

just another One Direction Fanfiction (: xx


14. ...

Chapter Fourteen 

*Louis' POV* 









I gave in and decided to call her, the worst she can do I reject me, right? Unlocking my phone and searching throught the contacts I find her name and hit call, the phone rings and my heart races, all the 'what if's' crowd my mind but I shake my head side to side, trying not to think about it. You know what, i need to just hang up before she answers I can't take being rejected, Harry would make fun of me until the day I died "hello?" Shit. 










"Hi Kaitlyn..its Lou" I say through the phone, nervously messing with the case "hey Lou, how've you been?" she asks, her voice a whisper,"i'm good, and you?" "I'm good" she says using her usual voice now "sorry, I just had to step outside, Livy and Nancy are still asleep" "oh okay..oh wait- did I wake you?" I ask feeling guilty "no, no I've been awake for a while" she says and I let out a relieved sigh 










"so..um I just wanted to ask..are you busy tomorrow?" I ask, chewing on the inside of my cheek nervously it seems like I was sitting there in the awkward silence I had created for ages "not at all, why?" She finailly said, "i was wondering if you would maybe want to get a bite to eat, with me, tomorrow?" "Yeah, sure" she says and I felt like jumping 12 feet into the air, we talked over times and a place to meet, finailly we settle for me picking her up around three.











"Harry!" I shout, and I hear him drop something in the kitchen, it lands with a crack noise,"What Lou?" He asks with a sigh, pinching the bridge of his nose, clearly upset. I help wash up the egg bits that had fallen on the floor before telling him "i asked Kaitlyn if she wanted to hangout tomorrow and she said yes!" I say excidedly,he smiles and gives me a high-five and tells me congradulations before returning to making breakfast.















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