Førever Yøung

just another One Direction Fanfiction (: xx


13. ...

Chapter Thirteen

*Nancy's POV*






Kate is the first one asleep, she lays on the floor, sprawled out, Livy sits on the couch across from me, typing contently on her phone.







"so...who ya talking to?" I ask raising an eyebrow at her "Harry" she says smirking, I smile "so you kind of like him, huh?" I ask, already knowing the answer.







 they had been best friends for a while and everyone expected them to fall for each other, I doubt that anyone would expect it to take this long though.







she nods, looking at me, I smile "I knew it" "is it that noticeable?" she asks and I shake my head "no, I just know you too well" I say simply and she laughs.







her phone makes a noise and she looks down to it, unlocking it and typing something quickly, a smile appears on her face as she types, before looking back up to me, I burst out laughing "oh my god, you have it bad" I say between laughing, she laughs too.








after we laugh for what seems like an hour, laying on the couch next to Livy, I eventually fall asleep.








 ~ we sit on a blanket on the ground next to the fire cuddling in complete silence, he holds me in his arms, humming quietly, I look up to the sky,fireflies shine their little lights up in the trees tops, he wraps his arms around my waist, hugging me tightly, my head rests on his chest, listening to his steady heartbeat.




I squirm to look into his baby blue eyes, they sparkle from the light of the fire, "your eyes are so beautiful" I say softly and he smiles, "not nearly as beautiful as you" he says and kisses the tip of my nose, my eyelids flutter closed, a mosquito lands on my leg and I bat it away "babe, we should get back inside, before we get eaten alive" I say "can't we just lay here forever?" he asks and hugs me, I pull away and he looks into my eyes, before I could do anything he tilts my chin upward, our eyes connect and he kisses me... he pulls away slowly, staring into my eyes, he takes my hand in his, intertwining our fingers.






my dream slowly fades away leaving nothing but me to sink into a deep, dreamless sleep.






I wake up the next morning with Livy laying across my feet, her phone laying next to her, her mouth open and she's mumbling, I move my feet waking her up.






"well good morning to you too" she says rolling her eyes at me and I laugh, at almost the same time we look down to Kaitlyn, nothing but a blanket occupies the space she had fallen asleep last night.









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