Førever Yøung

just another One Direction Fanfiction (: xx


12. ...

Chapter Twelve

*Louis' POV*






"Lou, come look at this" Harry shouts from the living room "what is it mate?" I ask walking into the room








"Livy just sent me something" he says smiling, his dimples showing, "oh, cool" I say and turn back to my room,"mate, I think you're gonna like it" "why's that?" I ask "Kate's in it" he says calmly, I walk to the kitchen and open the fridge "cool, don't care" I say shrugging.







 He gets up from the couch with his phone in his abnormally large hand, standing on the opposite side of the counter "they said something about you" "she did?" I ask, turning to face him, he grins "what was that you were saying about not caring, Tomlinson?" He laughs and I do too "alright, Styles you got me, just show me" I say, rolling my eyes.






*Harry's POV*





Lou watches the video, the entire time his eyes lighting up, i've never seen him like that before, that smile..its been so long since I've seen it, his real smile.







He laughs and blushes slightly, "so, you still don't care?" I ask him, and he shrugs, his cheeks burning pink, he looks back to the fridge, grabbing a takeout box from three nights ago off of the bottom shelf, throwing it onto a plate and putting it into the microwave.








"Lou..whats on your mind?" I ask him, he turns to me "nothin" he says and smiles, "Louis Tomlinson, I am not stupid" I say putting my hands down onto the counter top "tell me" I insist







"nothing, see" he says and smiles wider, crinkles apearing under his eyes "your face is going to get stuck like that, all the 'smiling'" I put air quotes around the word smiling, I sigh deeply "Lou, I know what a real Louis Tomlinson smile looks like, and that ain't it." I say and he looks at me and opens him mouth to say something then closes it again.







 "ain't? And anyway Harold,since you're so smart do you mind telling me what does my 'real smile' look like?" He asks putting a hand on his hip,I tickle his sides and he bursts out laughing, grabbing my phone and unlocking it, I snap a picture, showing him he looks at it for a moment






"Lou, this is your real smile, you're not giving a shit 'bout what anyone else thinks,100÷ real" I say and he swings his head side to side, shaking away my words,the microwave sounds "gotta go, grubs up" he says and smirks before grabbing his plate and jogging back off into his room.






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