Førever Yøung

just another One Direction Fanfiction (: xx


11. ...

Chapter Eleven 

*Livy's POV*










My phone buzzes in my hand, I unlock it and smile when I seen the name on the screen 'HazzaBear', I text him back instantly, I hadn't realised how much I missed him until now, his cute dimples,those green eyes..god he was perfect..but were only friends, right? Yeah..only friends..









We text back and forth for a while, Kate and Nancy sat on my couch, watching a movie, I didn't bother to remember the name of. they sat there stuffing themselves with popcorn and icecream, Nancy and I watched Kate toss popcorn into the air and catch it in her mouth,anyone could do that but she was extra proud of it, so I laughed it off.









I fought the urge to invite Harry over to join us, Nancy didn't need to be around one of Niall's mates right now, she was still hurt, even though she was laughing at the moment, she needed to just relax and keep her mind off of everything for now.










"Kate, catch!" I shout and throw a piece of popcorn at her, hitting the tip of her nose, "Livy!" She squeals "oops?" I shrug, a grin on my face, she grabs the whipped cream bottle and I raise my hands in protest,"no, don't you dare" "I dare." She says and sprays a bit onto my nose,Nancy laughs, almost falling off of the couch.










i turn to her "what are you laughing at?" I ask her, keeping a serious look on my face,"you" she says,"laugh at this!" I giggle and wipe some chocolate syrup across her cheeks,we all laughed hysterically, until there's tears in our eyes.









Nancy looks at Kate and I,"we need to show Harry and Louis this"she says, grinning happily,we all smile at eachother, Kate nods "alright" I say and Nancy smiles "we're just missing one thing..." she smirks and wipes carmel on Kate's nose,she nods and laughs "thanks for that" we all laugh "now we match" I say, and smile









I open the camera app on my phone, turning the settings to take a video i press record,"okay mofo's, say hi to Harry?!" I say turning the phones camera to face Nancy and Kaitlyn "Hey Harry!" Nancy says waving, "Hey green eyes, vaz happenin?" Kate says and I smile instantly, the image of Harry's sparkling green eyes pops into my mind.









"Anything you wanna say to Louis?" I ask winking to Kate, she blushes softly "umm hey Lou, miss you.." she says and looks down,"that rhymes" Nancy says and they both laugh "thanks Nancy, I didn't notice that" she says,rolling her eyes,"okay, okay, Well Lou, I didn't really get to meet you properly...but your cute.." 









Nancy says and looks to Kate, her eyes are wide in suprise "...and Kaitlyn loves you!" Nancy sqeals and Kate laughs, her cheeks pink, she covers her face with her hands,"my point is proven" Nancy says smirking "okay, you weirdos, say bye" I tell them and they wave and say "bye-bye" simultaneously, they started laughing again, and I turn the camera back to me, I blow a kiss to my phone "bye Hazza!" I say and hit end, I smile as I hit send.


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