Førever Yøung

just another One Direction Fanfiction (: xx


10. ...

Chapter Ten

*Harry's POV*:

[Harry&Louis' flat]







I wake up and go downstairs, getting a glass of orange juice and sighing, running a hand through my messy curls, Livy hasn't texted or called me in 5 days, i'm kind of getting scared..









I know it was wrong of me to kiss her, I shouldn't have..but it was too late to take back now, not that I wanted to, I've liked her for a while now..but I didn't want to loose her as my friend, we had been so close for the past three years, now I could have ruined it all.









I couldn't get the look on her face out of my mind, she looked so scared,her pupils were huge,overpowering the beautiful color of her usual eyes, she looked fragile...like my hands on her waist were the only things holding her together, keeping her from breaking into a million little pieces..









~Flash Back~ *Harry's POV*








Livy sits across from me on the little bench we were sharing, a couple walks by us,hand in hand. "She's trying to hard,he's hardly trying, I'll give it a month" she whispers to me, taking a drink out of the strawberry banana smoothie I bought her.








"what?" I ask in confusion,"see how she holds on with everything she has?" I look toward the couple, quickly spotting them, she holds his hand tightly, as he carelessly walks behind her "how-"







 I begin to ask but she intrupts me "when something bad happens, he'll let go, she'll hold on, shes falling for him, he isn't ready to catch her, she's going to be the one who gets hurt...experience, Styles" she tells me.









When i turn back to look at her, shes to her drink, poking at it with her straw, unsure of what to say, I watch her, sadness filling her eyes "Livy, is everything okay?" I ask nervously, taking my bottom lip between my teeth,"yeah, eveythings fine" 









 "Livy, we both know thats not the truth.." i say softly,she looks up to the sky, the sun was setting, the orange rays beamed on her cheeks, she looked absolutely adorable..but then again when didn't she? "I was that girl once...it sucks..but I guess i had to learn on my own.." she says,shrugging her voice small and nearly a whisper..









At that moment the only thing i knew was that I needed to protect her, no matter what..I couldn't let her be hurt that way again.









~Flash Back Over~







I get up from the table, going to my bedroom and getting my phone off of the charger, walking past Louis' room, I peak in, hes flipping through songs on his play list "Lou, mate? You hungry?" I ask him "yeah starving, actually" he says, rubbing his eyes and rolling out of bed.








I make the two of us breakfast, eggs and toast, something quick and easy, I didn't have the energy to make anything special, he mutters a 'thanks' at me as I set the thrown together food onto a plate and set it on the table in front of him.








We don't talk much..he eats and goes off into his room, muttering a 'thanks' on his way,I don't bother stopping him, the rest of the day is spent doing nothing but scrolling through instagram and watching random talking cat videos. 


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