Førever Yøung

just another One Direction Fanfiction (: xx


9. ...

Chapter Nine

*Livy's POV*





[Five days later, at Livy's house]







 "Nancy I hate seeing you like this,can you say something?" I beg Nancy who's sitting on the couch in front of me,emotionless. "Something" she says quietly,looking down at her hands.








 I had to drag her here, she didn't want to see anyone, she hadn't picked up her phone in four days, and when I got to her house I asked her mom if I could steal her out for a while, I promised her that Nancy would be home before 10:00 and she approved,Nancy's mom had always been fond of Kaitlyn more than me, I guess she thought I was a bad influence..I had to agree.








I didn't hold a grudge and I still respect her for raising Nancy, shes doing a damn good job if you ask me. the car ride was silent, Nancy was still upset and I understood that, I stayed quiet too, she just needed time. 









Someone knocks on the door and I know it's Kate,I asked her to meet us here to try to help cheer Nancy up. "Its open" I shout toward the door and she comes in,"hey" she says with a smile.









Nancy looks up to Kate and waves, trying to smile, Kate waves back and walks over to hug her, she sits next to her,"how you doing?" She asks Nancy "i'm not sure.." Nancy says , looking back to the floor.










"What even happened?" I ask, "i'm getting tired of you being sad,I miss the times when we could all be crazy and stupid together!" I say amd she looks at me, she takes a deep breath,









"He got drunk and kissed another girl." Nancy says and starts crying, I feel a tear fall down my own cheek, I hate it when people are sad, I look to Kate who's watching me unsure of what to do, I hug Nancy but she pushes me away, she gets off the couch and runs to the bathroom and locks the door.









My heart sinks..I shouldn't have let her out of my sight, I should have kept her safe, my best friend was hurt, because I decided to drag her into my dumb ideas.








*Kaitlyn's POV* 








"Nancy, he was drunk....he still loves you, you know he loves you"

"Being drunk isn't an excuse" she says from behind the door, "i know, but he wasn't himself, he wasn't thinking, he didn't mean to" I say trying to be calming "theres plenty of fish in the sea..your pretty, smart, funny..any guy would be lucky to have you" I finailly say and I hear her stop crying,the silence scares me.








 "Nancy?" I ask nervously,she opens the door and wraps her arms around me tightly, crying softly onto my shoulder "it's going to be okay, Patrick" I say, hugging her back,"thanks, Spongebob" she says quietly, after a few minutes of standing there hugging eachother in total silence we go back out to the living room, were Livy sits there waiting for us, her head in her hands, her eyes full of sadness.







*Nancy's POV* 







I feel terrible for being so mean to Livy, shes always been like a sister to me. I run to her,wrapping her up into a bear hug "Livy, i'm sorry for everything, I didn't mean to yell at you and be so rude, I was just upset, i'm so sorry,please forgive me?" I beg and she nods "how could I stay mad at you?" She asks, hugging me back. I smile widely, I honestly have the best friends in the entire world.



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