Førever Yøung

just another One Direction Fanfiction (: xx


8. ...

Chapter Eight

*Lou's POV*







Harry drives me home,the ride takes so long, its torture. Niall sits in the back seat,vomit on his shirt..his own.








He looked like hell, but he smelt even worse, I wanted to roll down the window but Harry was a bit upset with me for ruining his moment with Olivia, I decided it would be the best idea to just not talk to him for now.








We finailly get home, I pretty much had to carry the drunken blonde boy out of Harry's dark sports car and into his flat, which wasn't to far from ours, just in the next complex over.









Walking down the long hallway with the horrible smelling boy made my stomach churn, I opened the door to his flat with the arm that wasn't wrapped around him, pushing the door open and helping him inside, he didn't put up much of a fight but he didn't move himself either, I was his arms and his legs, I got him into bed and managed to get his t-shirt off, I threw it to the floor, landing ontop of a pile of his other clothes, I assumed they were dirty. 








He mumbled a bit but I didn't bother to understand what he was saying, nor did I care. 









I had texted Liam, Niall's room mate on the ride here that I would take him home and that he was drunk off his arse, he didn't seem too worried, then again Liam was a calm person, he was never too loud and all together he was pretty easy to get on with.










I walked to my flat and let myself in, stripped down to my boxers and lay across the couch, watching tv, the only light is that from the screen, the volume wasn't loud, but it didn't matter, my thoughts were elsewhere. I couldn't hold still and I became uncomfortable on the little couch, so I got a glass of water and drank it in four swallows, setting the cup in the sink and took myself to my room. 















I try to fall asleep, I toss and turn a billion times, fluffing my pillow and turning it over to the cooler side until I finailly gave up, I lay there, my eyes wide open, staring at the ceiling, i grabbed my phone from the bed side table and scrolled through my contacts, finding her name, in little black letters it said "Kate c:", the name she had typed into my phone while giving me her number.










I wanted to text her so badly but..what if she thought I was annoying? I had just met her, wouldn't that seem desperate?










a million thoughts clutter my brain,all the possible 'what if's...' and all the doubts i've had sense Eleanor left me..it had been almost a year and a half but every now and again she seemed to show up somewhere in my conscience, telling me that it was my fault that I hadn't treated her right from the start and if I had seen it earlier instead of being so blind I could have made her stay..









There were so many great memories,but the horrid memories seemed to over-power the good ones now that I think about it..Eleanor always got jealous when I hung out with my other friends, she liked to fight over everything,not to mention she accused me of cheating more times than I can count on my fingers..








Lou, you're thinking too much, I tell myself, Kate's laugh comes to my mind and I find myself smiling..









 Maybe i'm too tired..








Maybe I'm just tired of being alone..








But whatever it is..I just can't stop thinking about her. 








Soon I feel my eyelids becoming heavy and I don't struggle to keep them open,I fall asleep, smiling at the mental image of the girl I had just met.









What has she done to me?

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