Førever Yøung

just another One Direction Fanfiction (: xx


7. ...

Chapter Seven

*Kaitlyn's POV*






"How are we gonna get sleeping beauty into her house without her mom noticing?" I ask as we approach my house,"its easy,I told her mom that she was going to stay the night with me, my mom doesn't get home from work until like 6, so all clear, as long as you can be a ninja and not get us caught, it will be fine." Livy explains.





"okay, I got this, thanks for the peer-pressure" I say rolling my eyes she smiles "anytime" "text me when you get in, ok?" "Ok" i say and get out of the car, tip-toeing through my yard and to the shed.







I climb up onto the shed and give Livy a thumbs up, I throw my bag through the window, landing safely on my bedroom floor, I climb in with as little noise as possible. 





I get in, close the window and take my phone out of my bag,texting Livy; 'all good c:' I type and hit send, quickly I get into my pajamas and lay in my bed, I sigh knowing that I had just gotten of free for something my parents would murder me for doing.





"Best night ever, huh?" She texts and I laugh quietly to myself "yes ma'am." I text back and snuggle beneath my blanket, the comfort of my bed being shockingly close to that of Lou's hugs..





I can't seem to get him off of my mind, my phone vibrates again causing a distraction from my thoughts 





'we're at my house, safe and sound, Nancy's tired so i'm gonna crash too, Night Kate' she texts and I reply with 'night Livy, love ya c:' she returns the ending and I plug my phone into the charger, I take the hair tie from my hair and set it on the table next to my bed before laying back onto my pillow,after rolling over once or twice I settle in and sleep takes over a while later.





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