Førever Yøung

just another One Direction Fanfiction (: xx


6. ...

Chapter Six

*Kaitlyn's POV* 






Slowly my heart beat returns to normal, besides the unusual flutter of excitment I got when I seen Lou's smile when he opened the car's door, "you scared me half to death" I say and playfully hit his shoulder, he laughs and shrugs,"sorry?" "Sorry my ass" I mutter and he only laughs harder "anyway, I couldn't let you leave without a hug" he says and does a cute pouty face, I hug him quickly and pull away he pulls me back into hisntight grip, gosh hes strong.. "erm..Lou I can't breath" I giggle softly, he laughs and releases me slowly.






Out of the corner of my eye I see Harry and Livy talking, or whispering I should say,Livy looks confused, maybe nervous, shes standing oddly, her arms folded across her chest, Harry's got one hand in his jeans pocket..damn could his pants be any tighter? Harry's sayig something to her, she laughs and twirls her hair around her finger,Lou turns to look to them too, we both watch them in silence. After a few more minutes of talking among themselves Harry kisses her. and even in the darkness of the parking lot you can see her blush,as he pulls away she stares into his eyes.





I lean closer to Lou "i've never seen her so serious" I whisper and we both start laughing, Livy and Harry look at us in confusion "hey, Harry mate, you guys about done? Or should I get you two a hotel room?" Lou and I highfive,both of us laughing hysterically.  








 I glance at Nancy in the front seat, shes fast a sleep curled up with her knees under her chin. It was obvious, she had been crying, her mascara had been smudged slightly, and the sleeve of her jacket had a long black mark on it, where she had apparently used to rid her eye of tears. The sight of her there, like that broke my heart.





She cared about Niall, and Niall cared about her,everyone who seen them together knew it,the way there eyes locked on one anothers, their smiles when they shared their little inside jokes that no one else could ever begin to understand. 




 I wanted to hug her so badly but I knew it was better to let her get some rest, it had been a long night, and hoped that a good nights sleep would cure her heartache..but I know how heartache feels, and I didn't believe the "heartache doesn't last forever" bullshit for a second.





 "it was really nice to meet you" I finailly say, letting a friendly smile show to the bright eyed boy, he smiles back at me, his teeth fully exposed "it was great to meet you too" he says happily.





Harry and Livy say their good bye's too before we shut the doors quietly so we didn't wake Nancy. Livy drives away, and out of the back window I watch Louis dissapear from my sight.



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