Førever Yøung

just another One Direction Fanfiction (: xx


5. ...

Chapter Five
*Lou's POV* 

Livy and Harry go off somewhere with Niall and Nancy, leaving me and Kaitlyn to talk, it was easy for me,I couldn't shut up, she listened to every word I said and acted so entertained, she smiled, her eyes sparkling,I got the courage to try to be as cheeky as Harry "I think theres something wrong with my phone.." I say looking down on the screen she looks at me "well, i would help but..I'm shit at technology" I can't help but laugh "maybe you could give me your number and we could learn together?" I say with a smirk,"oh, of course" she laughs, at least I got a laugh..she takes my phone and types her number, quickly before the small noise goes of in her hoodie pocket,"there you go" she says,"thanks"I say, smiling like an idiot. 


A while later Livy and Harry rush to us,"guys, we can't find Nancy and Niall" Harry says nervously,Kate looks at me then to Livy "me and Livy will look outside, you and Harry look around in here?" She asks me and I nod, she takes off with Livy to look around the outside of the crowded club.


*Kaitlyn's POV*

Damn it Livy I you make me run,I swear to god a will fish slap you so hard, I think to myself, speed walking to keep up with her, shes shorter than me but jesus she's fast, she frantically looks around the dark parking lot,"JUST GET AWAY FROM ME AND MY FRIENDS YOU DICK!" We hear our friends familiar voice echo from down the ally, a loud banging noise makes me jump and my blood go cold for a moment, Nancy hit Niall? "What the hell?" Livy says, reading my mind.  


Nancy runs up to us, Niall staggers behind her, apparently intoxicated. Nancy wraps her arms tightly around Livy and then me "Patrick are you okay?"


 (A/N: sense I'm sure your wondering 'wth?', its an inside joke between Nancy and I, she calls me SpongeBob and I call her Patrick, sooo yeah, on with the story c:)


 "I just want to go home, it was stupid to even come here" she says between sobs "come on, I'll walk you to the car" I say guiding her toward the prius "what should I do?" Livy asks "go tell Harry bye, and tell Lou I had fun tonight?" I ask her and she nods and runs off to the entrance, I help Nancy into the car, close the door and put my nose against it, making a weird face, she laughs and I climb in the car, waiting on Livy to come out, I play Temple run 2 on my phone, and afyer dying twice I restart another run, about 1/3 of the way through the run there's a knock on my window, my heart stops and I drop my phone onto my lap, my hands shaking.

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