Førever Yøung

just another One Direction Fanfiction (: xx


4. ...

The bar tender takes our orders,"just a coke,please?" I say to the man behind the counter he nods,"and for you?" he asks,looking toward Louis "um,I'll have a what she's getting, please and thank you" he says kindly the bar tender nods and goes to get our drinks.

"I bet you i can drink it faster than you" I inform him,and he smiles "oh yeah?" He challenges "yeah" I smirk,the bar tender gives us our drinks and Lou gives him the money before I could tell him not to, "sorry honey,I couldn't let you spend your money on me" he says sweetly "thank you Lou" I say blushing slightly. 
"Anytime,beautiful." He says with a smile.

~"1,2,3-go!" Livy says and Lou and I start to chug our drinks,Harry watches in amusement Lou finishes before me and I make a pouty face,Lou gives Livy his seat at the bar,"such a gentleman" she cooed,he smiles "my mum always told me to be classy,not trashy" he laughs he comes over to stand behind me,"you only beat me because i wasn't trying" i told him,his arms wrapped around my shoulders,he kisses my cheek "i know,but don't worry,love,you'll win it next time" he tells me.

my fingers come up to my face and brush over the spot where his lips meet my skin,my cheeks burning bright pink.



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