Førever Yøung

just another One Direction Fanfiction (: xx


2. ...

Chapter Two

*Kaitlyn's POV*

After a few minutes of looking around at nothing specific,I take out my phone and do my best to act busy,the bar tender asks me once again if I was thirsty, "um..yeah,can i get a strawberry daiquiri,please?" I ask and he nods "of course" he says with a smile and mixes up the ingredients. i felt a buzz in my pocket and my attention is brought to my phone,

"from: Livyyy

Could you meet  us on the far wall,by the bathrooms?Haz wants to meet you (: " 


by then I take the biggest gulp I can of my daiquiri,and  waiter is handing my the bill for my drink,I hand him my money and finish it,by the last sip there's a bitter taste developed in my mouth,I swallowed hard and check to make sure my phone is in my pocket,fix my hair,and give the waiter a smile as I walk toward the bathrooms.


Livy and Nancy approach,the two tall men following them,they're both quite good-looking 
 "Kaitlyn,this is Harry.Harry,Kaitlyn"  Livy smiles widely and I wave "hey Harry" he returns the gesture  "Hello,Kaitlyn,it's nice to finally meet you!"  he says cheerfully  "it's great to meet you too,Harry" I say a bit nervously,his voice is so much deeper than I expected and my god he's so tall,he pulls Livy and I into a bear hug,he's so happy, like Livy..it's almost scary.


Our attention was turned to Niall who was kissing Nancy again,Harry called out "ewwww cooties",which made me laugh,and Niall playfully punch him in the shoulder,Harry made an owwie face and Livy,Nancy,Niall,Harry and I cracked up laughing.


Niall introduced himself to me,after he was done invading the innocents of my friend,he has a really nice smile,and his eyes were stunning, I knew by the way Nancy's eyes were  basically undressing him I had the feeling that she knew he was attractive too.


Harry whispers something to Livy,then disappears,after a couple of minutes I ask her ,"where's Harry going?" "He's got someone he wants us to meet" she says happily,"oh,okay" I smile and nod,I fix my hair once again and Livy and I continue to talk about Harry,she blushes a ton,I can't help but smile,he obviously makes her so happy,I love to see her happy. 


She looks behind me and her smile grows,I spin around-my heart stops,he was gorgeous. unable to take my eyes off the boy,a little under Harry's height,but towering over me stood a boy with bright blue-green eyes and the cutest smile I had ever laid eyes on.

 "Kaitlyn,this is my best friend,Lou,Lou meet Kaitlyn." he says proudly "Hello,Kaitlyn" the shorter boy says excitedly," h-hi Lou" I stutter,I can't take my eyes off of him.



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