Førever Yøung

just another One Direction Fanfiction (: xx


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Chapter One

*Kaitlyn's POV*






A loud knock on the window interrupted my sleeping,my eyes opened instantly with the sound of my window opening "Kate,get up." I heard a girls voice demand,my eyes adjusted to the darkness of my room,"Nancy?" I call out "hey" she says in an annoyed tone "what are you doing here?" i ask "Do you ever read your texts?-just get ready,we're gong to a party"she looks through my dresser,her hands quickly shuffle through the drawer she turns to look at me,a small pile of clothes in her hands,she sets them on my bed.






"wear these,hurry up,Livy's in the car.",with that she climbs out the window and walks to Livy's dark blue Prius,without questioning I change into the clothes she left on my bed,i apply some mascara and cover up,i ruffle my hair with my fingers before brushing it out again,then twisting it around into a messy bun,i spray on some perfume and with a sigh I walk around my bed and take my phone off the charger,sliding it safely into the pocket of my jeans,i slip on my bright pink converse and head out the window,carefully I close it behind me.






 I jog to Livy's car where she greats me with a smile "hop in loser,were going to get some" she says happily,I smile back "don't mind if I do" I say as I fling myself into the seat and close the door,Nancy squeals as Livy drives away,not so carefully.






A while down the road I reach into my pocket and check the time,11:54,"Where exactly are we going?" I ask becoming impatient,glancing out the window i notice there's only buildings around us,there's no people in sight,that worries me. "to have fun" Livy says and turns on the radio "just sit back and enjoy the ride" "b-but.." I start to say,but the raise of speaker volume in the little car was the only answer i received.






 for another 15 minutes we drove without speaking,only the magnified noise through the speakers kept me from drifting back off into sleep,in the corner of my eye Nancy's face lit up with the light on her phone screen,for what seemed to be the hundreth time,she wasnt modest when it came to her boyfriend,Niall. 







Livy and i both knew who she was texting by the way she would smile at her phone,Nancy was obviously excited about wherever we were going,but Livy was almost jumping with joy, she had the biggest crush ever on Harry,i thought it was cute,sense the time she started talking to him they had a connection,they might as well be an item,i mean c'mon,if two people are in love they have the right to be in love,without anyone trying to stop them,either way I supported her,no matter what decision she made. 







Nancy opens her door,getting out cautiously,peering around the parking lot,Livy and I open our doors simultaneously,and step out,Nancy and Livy walk next to each other and I follow behind,my hands in my hoodie pockets. we walked through a hallway,to the right and got to the end of the hallway,its pitch black,beaded streamer lined the doorframe,smoke lingered in the air. a tall blonde haired boy comes up behind Nancy and grabs her waist "hey beautiful" he whispered in her ear,she twirled around,a giant smile across her face,he bends down,closer to her height and plants a passionate kiss on to her lips,I act like I don't notice when they're sweet greeting turns into a full-on make out session.





I look around desperately trying to find Livy,but she's no where in sight,I take a seat at the bar "can I get you anything?" The man behind the counter asks me politely "no,thank you" I say and give him a shy smile,he goes back to washing a glass in the small sink,I look around the room,my nose scrunching in disgust at sight of five or more girls dancing in the corner, and my friends no where to be the found made me question why they had brought me here in the first place.

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