My Summer Paradise

Zayn and the lads explore Calgary Alberta while on break from tour. After being there for a couple hours, they decide to got to a park and on their way there, they encounter two lovely ladies. All five of them fall hard for the one girl Emma, while all Zayn goes head over heals for Alex.


12. Sticky Situation

I feel Emma's hands come around my waist and the front my pants being pulled away from my body. All of a sudden I feel a cold gooey, and very sticky liquid cover my man parts. Confused I just stand there looking at my junk. I hear all the boys laughing and I know they're on the floor laughing. I can't hear Emma though. I turn to where the boys are laying and walk past them. I'm gonna go have a shower and then I'll go get revenge.

I can hear the shower already running when I reach the top of the stairs. What the hell? The door is open as well. Whatever, I walk in and close the door. I pull of my pants and boxers and push them into a pile with my feet. I pull off my shirt and feel Emma's fingers tracing lines around and over my abs and 'v' line. She looks up at me with this devilish smile. She looks down to see fingers covered in BBQ sauce and brings them up to her mouth. She slowly licks each finger, one by one. I swear she's trying to turn me on and it's working. I realize she's only wearing a towel, Oh shit I am now turned on the the extreme. Her long brown hair falls over her shoulder and covers the top of her breasts. While the towel covers everything else. I wonder if she'd let me take that towel off? Hmmm. Oh there she goes biting her lip. Fuck I'm now even more turned on. 

"Well Mr. Styles, looks like you're in a sticky situation," she say in a hushed sexy tone.

"Ms. Grant, you seem to be just a tad bit horny," I reply flashing her a smile and a wink. She laughs.

"Styles, I'm not a tad bit horny, I'm hella horny!" Emma says snickering.

"You are too sexy in that towel. Take it off," I say in a sexy demanding voice.

She rolls her eyes and turns away from me. She pulls open the shower curtain and drops the towel. Emma looks over her shoulder at me and winks. Shit. I knew she had a nice ass, but OH MY GOD that is one sexy ass.

"Coming Styles?" I heard her say over the sound of running water. With that I pull back the curtain and get in the shower. 


It's about 9pm and the lads went out and Alex went with them, Emma's brother Ryan came and picked Lilly up and Emma was upstairs doing who knows what. I lay on the couch thinking about what happened earlier. Emma dumping BBQ sauce on me, teasing me ever so sexually, then showering with her. Jesus it was fun. If you catch my drift. 

Just then I heard foot steps coming down the stairs. I see Emma walk into the living room wearing sweat pants and a light blue sports bra. Her skin is so perfectly tan. Even though she's 16 she has 4 tattoos. They turn me on so much. She has a paw print on the side of her right calf with 'Kiearra' under it in beautiful, hand written letters, she has hearts and stars going up the left front side of her hip, angel wings on her left wrist and on the middle of her lower back what looks like a lipstick stain and angel wings coming from the sides. Fuck she's sexy. Topping off her look she has a nose piercing, snake bite piercings (Which are on her lower lip) and a belly button piercing. 

Since I'm laying across the couch Emma just comes and sits on me. 

"Hey Styles," Emma says giggling and she wiggles around trying to find a comfy way to sit on me.

"Hey there love," I reply and pull her down so that she's laying on the couch with me, but facing me. 

"You seem to like to stare, you know that?" she murmurs while playing with my curls. She burst into a fit of giggles when she pulls a bunch away and lets them go. They all spring back into place and she keeps giggling with a huge smile on her face, she's so fucking adorable. 

"I can't help but get lost in your enchanting beauty," I whisper so that she just barely hears. She sits up so that she's straddling me.

"You Styles have a way with words, and I like it," Emma answers leaning down to kiss my cheek. She gets up off the couch and grabs the remote. She changes the channel to '402' and 'Here's To Never Growing Up' comes on. Emma put the remote down and grabs my hand pulling me off the couch. She starts to dance and sing. Her body moves to the beat and she effortlessly sings.

It's amazing how easily she moves. She moves with the beat so smoothly it's really hot. She dances over to where I'm standing and starts grinding with me. I move with her until she goes low shaking her ass while she makes her way back up. Today was amazing. I'm glad I met Emma and Alex.

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