My Summer Paradise

Zayn and the lads explore Calgary Alberta while on break from tour. After being there for a couple hours, they decide to got to a park and on their way there, they encounter two lovely ladies. All five of them fall hard for the one girl Emma, while all Zayn goes head over heals for Alex.


15. Mud Fight

We had just arrived at Bragg Creek after about a half hour drive. It was only noon so there's plenty of time to swim, eat and hang out. Emma was in the passengers seat while Harry drove. I'd have to say, out of all those things my favorite would have to be food. Food is just so yummy. Harry parked the truck and got out walking around to Emma's door, Emma got out and Harry got back into her spot. Emma hopped into the drivers seat. Wait what? Emma put the truck into drive and started driving down a dirt road. Moments later she stopped and put the truck in park.

"Alright! We're here motttthhhthaaa fuckaaasssss," Emma spoke giggling.

We all piled out of the truck and Emma and Alex started setting things up. There was a grassy spot and Emma laid down a blanket where the grass was while Alex brought the cooler over to where there was some shade. It happened to be right by the blanket. She placed it in between two trees and went back for the second one, but Emma already had it and was bringing it over to where the first one sat. With everything in place the girls walked over to the truck and got in. A couple minutes later they came out in bikinis. Emma's bikini was black. The top was a bandeau style, it had a bra style back, a smaller strap that held it up, and right in the middle it tied so that it bunched. The bottoms were simple. They tied on the side and really that was it. Alex's was the same but her top was pink with black bottoms. I think Harry had his mouth open because Emma walked over to him and tapped the bottom of his chin. 

"Styles, my eyes are up here!" Emma exclaimed slapping Harry. 

"It's hot!" Alex started complaining. 

"You know there's a river right there," Liam pointed out. 

"LAST ONE IN IS A ROTTEN LEMON!!" Louis shouted running for the water. Emma very quickly got ahead of him when we hit the rocks. She just hopped across them so easily. How did it not hurt her feet? 

"I win bitcheessssssssss!" Emma laughed and sat down in the water. 

"It's so nice and warm," Alex said making her way over to Emma.

"Hey fuckers, strip yo selves and come join us!" Emma squealed and tried to sound black. Louis and Harry were already shirtless so they were the first of the boys into the water. Liam, me, Zayn and Josh pulled of our shirts and kicked of our shoes and socks. We made our way to where the girls and Harry and Louis sat in the water. After everyone was there in the water Emma started to giggle and got that look in her eyes. We all noticed because the boys looked pretty uneasy, while Alex looked excited as ever. Emma was slowly moving backwards. Behind her the current was pretty strong and Harry who was closest to the current was having a hard time staying where he was. Yet she moved to the island in the middle of the very large river very easily. Alex followed closely behind her. They sat down in the mud that covered the island and started to talk among themselves.

"I think they're planning something," Liam whispered. At the moment he said that mud landed on Harry's face. 

"What the hell!?" he gasped. Louis was up in an instant.

"LETS GET THEM!!" Louis yelled crossing the river to the island of mud. We all followed even Harry who was still sour about having mud in his curls. The girls had mud all the way up their arms and held globs of it in their hands. Emma smirked cheekily and sprinted over to where Harry stood. She smeared mud down his bare chest and started to giggle. He wiped some of the mud off his chest and smear it on her cheek. Alex tackled Zayn and was on top of him looking at him. She seemed a little distracted, she likes him probably. I was brought back to reality when mud landed on my back. I turned to see Liam laughing at me. Alright, game on! I ran over and tackled him down.

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