My Summer Paradise

Zayn and the lads explore Calgary Alberta while on break from tour. After being there for a couple hours, they decide to got to a park and on their way there, they encounter two lovely ladies. All five of them fall hard for the one girl Emma, while all Zayn goes head over heals for Alex.


14. I Feel Brilliant

I sat in my parents bedroom. Everyone is downstairs hanging out and having fun. I didn't really feel like being around all those people. I just don't feel good. I feel like I'm gonna puke. I have to chose who I want to commit to. Harry, Zayn, Niall, Louis, Liam or Josh. Honestly I'm not sure what to do. I've already moved Louis from it, since he is more of an older brother than anything. Zayn is definitely out because Alex likes him. Josh is out because I know he doesn't like me. That just leaves Harry, Liam and Niall. Harry is amazing, funny, smart ass, nice, super sexy, and I like him too, in fact I like them all the exact same way. Niall is sweet, caring, carefree, lovable, adorable, a bit of a fat ass, but I'm totally okay with that. Then there's Liam, he's a total charmer, a little protective, funny and all around great guy. 

*Knock knock*

"Come in," I responded. I quickly wiped away the tears that had started to fall. Harry walked in and closed the door. He came over and sat on the bed.

"Something up?" Harry asked looking me in the eyes.

"No, I'm fine. There's nothing wrong," I choked. I did my best to avoid making eye contact. But Harry already knew me well enough to know I was lying. 

"Bullshit," Harry laughed. I glared at him but gave in.

"You know me too well. Thing is, I have a really big problem and I'm trying to figure it out," I sighed 

"Aweh babe! What kind of problem? You know you can talk to me about anything right?!" Harry stated. I sat there and started to think a little more. I need something to get my mind off things. Something a lot of fun. Something we'll all like. I wonder if the boys would join in. I know Alex will. She's been trying to get me to for a while. Hmm. Let's try it. 

"Harry," I hissed. I put on my evil idea face and sat up. 

"Yes?" he responded.

"I have a really good idea!" I snickered. 

"Well what is it?" he said with an edge to his voice, that edge was curiosity.

"Follow MEEEEEEEEEE!" I screamed and ran out of the room. I made my way downstairs and stormed into the living room. This was gonna be good. 

"GUUUUYYYSSS!" I hollered as I entered the room. They all looked up at me with big curious eyes.

"What?" they all said together. I felt Harry's hands on my hips and his head on my shoulder. 

"WE'RE GOING SWIMMING AT BRAGG CREEK!" I screeched. I felt Harry pull his head back a little. Oops. 

"Alright we need food, a few blankets, towels, some drinks and stuff to swim in!" I ordered. Damn I'm good at this boss stuff. I should be like a manager or someshit. I watched everyone disperse and raced back upstairs. I rushed into my room and ran over to my dresser. I pulled open the top drawer and grabbed my bikini. I closed the top drawer and opened the third one down. I grabbed my blue jean shorts and closed the drawer. I opened the drawer above it to grab a shirt. I pulled out my bright pink tshirt that lifts up every time I lift my arms up. But it just worked on me. 

After I got my stuff I ran into my parents room so that I could change. I walked in on a half naked Harry Styles. I giggled at the sight. Considering the fact we showered together, he really didn't seem to mind. I know I didn't. I pushed the door closed and proceeded to change.  I had just finished changing out of my bra and into my bikini top when I felt big, warm, manly hands make their way around my waist. 

"Hazza, I'm trying to change. Go away," I giggled due to the fact he was moving his finger tips gently on my tummy.

"I know, I was observing," Harry responded cheekily. I sighed and turned to face Hazz. I put my hands on his shoulders and jumped up wrapping my legs around his waist. I moved my hand from his shoulders and wrapped my arms around his neck. 

"After this, I need to finish changing," I whispered in his ear.


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